Can Bush Undo the Clinton/Gore Avalanche?
Can Bush Undo the Clinton/Gore Avalanche?

Most agree that once an avalanche begins its destructive course of travel down a mountainside it is impossible to stop it, much less reverse it! Upon election in 1992 the Clinton/Gore administration set in motion or intensified certain policies already in place that have had a devastating impact on our nation. We have yet to see the final outcome of some of these. The big question is whether or not the Bush/Cheney administration can effectively reverse and/or end those destructive policies and practices! Or is it too late and we have passed the point of no return so far as the God Who Created this universe for His glory and pleasure is concerned?

For starters, consider what the Bush/Cheney adminstration must tackle:

  • The issue of military strength -- the question was posed, "Do you recognize this Superpower?" and it was widely circulated with the following numbers:
    • 709,000 regular (active duty) service personnel
    • 293,000 reserve troops
    • Eight standing Army divisions
    • 20 Air Force and Navy air wings with 2,000 combat aircraft
    • 232 strategic bombers
    • 13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3,114 nuclear warheads on 232 missiles
    • 500 ICBMS with 1,950 warheads
    • 4 aircraft carriers, and 121 surface combat ships and submarines, plus all the support bases, shipyards and logistical assets needed to sustain such a naval force
    • If you try to guess which country it is that has such a military force, you are wrong with any country you might name, including the United States!

    • These are the American military forces that HAVE DISAPPEARED SINCE THE 1992 election of Bill Clinton and Al Gore!

  • the Clinton/Gore administration's sanction and constant encouragement of the mass destruction of unborn children, including the heinous partial birth "execution" of those just seconds away from being born -- Clinton vetoed legislation that would have outlawed the murdering of those about to be born -- Gore stressed during his campaign that he would make sure that a woman's "right to choose" (translate - "destroy her unborn child") would be protected, in part by his appointment of judges, including those to the Supreme Court, who were in agreement with this position!

  • the legalizing of the use of RU-486, the notorious abortion pill, which when used with another drug, causes a "spontaneous" abortion in the privacy of a woman's home -- interesting that the FDA with much publicity in the waning days of the presidential campaign gave the "green light" to RU-486 which Clinton and Gore also sanctioned -- and anyone sensitive to the game of stinky politics can ascertain why it was at that precise time that the drug was legalized!

  • The Clinton/Gore sellout to the Chinese over the years of its administration -- if you haven't done so, start looking at where those consumer goods are made which you are purchasing -- the odds are heavily in favor of that product being made in China as opposed to some other foreign country -- on very rare occasions you might find something still made in the USA -- and did not General Motors just recently forge a deal with the Chinese to build a car in China -- if Clinton and Gore would have had another 4 years, our children would probably have had to take up the Chinese language in school as a secondary language! And the hypocrisy of labor unions and their leaders is seen in their silence about the flood of China produced goods inundating our market place -- did they not fight past Republican administrations and scream loudly that we needed to "Buy American" and keep those jobs in the USA -- hey, union people, what happened to your vocal cords? And you know who pulled out all the stops for Al Gore in his bid for the presidency -- yea, that guy that accepted a lot of Chinese contributions to his campaign -- the guy that is for union labor -- yea, sure!!! Will the Bush/Cheney administration be able to do anything about this sellout to the Chinese?

    More to come in this area -- lots of Clinton/Gore mess to undo!

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Compiled by Clayton D. Harriger beginning December, 2000