Presidential Inheritance

Presidential Inheritance!

Just What Has George W. Bush Inherited from Bill Clinton?

We are familiar with what an inheritance is -- it can be most anything that has been passed down to us from someone who has made a departure (usually from this life!) -- but even presidents receive an inheritance from their predecessors! Consider a bit of what George W. Bush has inherited from his predecessor, William Jefferson Clinton, who was in the Washington DC driver's seat for 8 long years!

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A nation plagued with the spiritual, moral, and ethical flames of destruction which has:
  • spent itself deeper into debt than at any time in its entire existence -- it comes down to thousands of dollars laid upon the back of each one of its more than 281 million citizens as a result of a national debt that is moving toward 5.7 trillion dollars!

  • further abandoned the Judeo/Christian values that are absolutely essential to the health, well being, moral stability, preservation, and positive future expectations of a culture!

  • by that abandonment, created a "trail of blood" unmatched by any other culture claiming to be "civilized," equality for all its citizens and "justice for all," making a public profession of being a "nation under God," and upon whose coins and currency bear the inscription, "In God We Trust!"

  • also, because of that abandonment, been open to the massive invasion of "deities" of a new kind which have captured the affection of millions of Americans of all ages. Come on -- take a look at these which are individually identified below:

Popular Deities of American Culture!
The Convenience god!
The Money god!
The Pleasure god!
The Perverted Sexuality goddess!
The Instant Gratification goddess!
The Pro Sports god!
The TV god!
The TV Talk Show Host/Hostess god/goddess!
The Materialism god!
The Science/Technology god!
The Secular Humanism god!
The Government god!
The Rock Music god!
The Religious Establishment god!
The Self god!
The HillBilly goddess/god!

    Or if you prefer, you may go to areas where the alien deities are grouped together. The Instant Gratification goddess is not in any of these groupings yet -- it took a while to get her properly identified and to obtain the appropriate symbols which confirm her identity! However, please be advised by our friend, Sammie Snail:
    "I ask you to be patient as it takes me a while to download some of these alien gods and goddesses of the USA variety!"

  • USA gods on Parade - Pantheon One!
  • USA gods on Parade - Pantheon Two!
  • USA gods on Parade - Pantheon Three!

The big question, of course, is this: Can George Bush, along with the leaders whom he has appointed to help him, with deep conviction and commitment to the faith in Jesus Christ he has professed, exert the necessary influence that the destructive flames mentioned above will be soon extinguished, and our nation regain a strong position of spiritual, moral, and ethical stability? Or will he prove to be A Josiah in Modern Garb? After all, the Bush Administration has a monumental task ahead of it -- it has to Undo the Clinton/Gore Avalanche! (Use return feature on your web browser to return here from those areas).

George Bush will have to overcome a number of obstacles -- a majority of those in the mass media culture who continue to be enraptured with Clinton and Gore, and the frenzy of elevating to even higher heights (if possible) the object of an 8 year love affair, Mrs. William J. Clinton!

The hostility which will more openly manifest itself in weeks and months ahead from the Democrats as they lick their wounds, and again -- the media will play this to the hilt and then some! It's a given that piranha element in the mainstream media will constantly attempt to reduce Bush appointees to mince meat!

The evenly divided Senate in which some Republicans give evidence of already caving in -- which amounts to "selling their souls" rather than take a strong stand for what is right and the restoring of values and principles which enabled this nation to survive throughout its history!

And of course he'll have the "religious leaders" to deal with. There will be a group that will be in opposition to what he represents and the goals that he will have as he and his administration attempt to get the country back on an even keel! To see an example of some of the flawed leadership one denomination is experiencing, go to Episcopal Endorsement of Same Gender Coupling! -- these obviously will not be too supportive of George Bush -- at best, it may be feeble lip service! Although George Bush is a member of that denomination, it has already been pointed out that he is in disagreement with some of its so-called "social principles!"

What to do? For each person who takes his/her faith in Jesus Christ seriously and the commitment to fulfill God's purpose here on earth, there will be the exercise of intercessory prayer, the ongoing witness to God's revealed truth as to how He deals with individuals, nations and their leaders, and the living of a lifestyle that consistently reflects the fact that our God is a holy God!

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