Clarion High School Class of ??
Clarion High School Class of ??

"Eh? What's that? Clarion HS Class of what? Never hear-ed of such a thing!"

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Hello! Welcome to the area which originally was devoted to the Clarion HS Class of '50. Over time we hope to expand this site to include other classes and information related to Clarion High School. We've been expecting you!

A word from CDH -- my apology for neglecting this area for some time. Our last reunion for the Class of '50 was in the year 2010 as we celebrated our 60th class reunion. Always a kind of bittersweet experience as we learned of some who had passed away. We were unable to meet for a 65th reunion in the year 2015. Some of the more recent deaths of class members which I have heard about are:

David Martin Erickson
James Stewart
Charles Alexander
Dean Summerville

Hey there, how about stopping for a bit? My name is Theo and I work for the Circuit Rider at his web site, Circuit Rider's Range. He and I got acquainted many years ago, and he is still greatly disturbed about the trouble and chaos I have caused -- but that's another story which you can check into later at the Range. Most of you know him as Clayton H. and many, many moons ago most of you in that CHS Class of '50 called him "Tex" for some reason -- I think it started when he began wearing those skinny legged western jeans to school! Anyway, as mentioned above, this area was originally set up for the Class of '50. But we would like to expand it to include other classes and information related to those classes as well as historic photos related to the community of Clarion.

SO, if you have photos of past reunions or other photos which relate to Clarion High School and/or the Clarion community which you can scan and pass on to C. D. Harriger, please do so. And if possible, please send them in .jpg format. They can be attached to an email sent to the address given at the bottom of this area.

OK, enough annoucement stuff -- back to the subject -- it was very obvious from the beginning for those Class of '50 members who took the "tour" of Clarion High School that computer technology is a prominent part of the school. Were it not for this type of technology, the Clarion High School Class of ?? web site area would not have been possible.

Clarion High School -- Vintage 1950 as CHS Class of '50
and classes of other years remember it!
Uh, you do remember it, do you not??????

And here is Clarion High School -- Vintage 2000!
Creating More Memories!
50th Class Reunion - September 22-24, 2000 at Clarion, PA

Taking a look around inside that "Vintage 2000" High School building!

We were honored with the presence of Mr. and Mrs. William Lafranchi
Mr. Lafranchi was a member of the faculty at Clarion High School in 1950

A long overdue apology to Mr. Lafranchi -- "I am very sorry for giving you nightmares and causing you more than once to probably ask yourself, 'Why did he have to come to this school?'" --- from a repentant cdh!

Recognize this lady who qualifies for title, "Ms. Bubbly?"

A very beautiful setting in which to visit and eat a very delicious meal!

Don't forget now -- you've got to come back -- you never know when there might be some changes here, in spite of the webservant's poor memory and it is getting worse as time moves on -- I think I remember that time moves on!


CHS Class of '50 - Golden Anniversary at Clarion Holiday Inn

In Remembrance of Classmates No Longer with Us - Class of '50

CHS Class of '50 - Journey Back in Time!

CHS Class of '52 - Golden Anniversary at Clarion Holiday Inn

And if you want to see how the Class of '52 looked to the Class of '50 seniors --
you were such innocent looking sophomores at that time at CHS --
go to Class of '52 Sophomore Pictures
NOTE: this is a .pdf file requiring Acrobat Reader.

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A Disclaimer of a Sort!

Space for the Clarion HS Classes web site has been provided by Clayton D. Harriger in the domain where he has his web site, Circuit Rider's Range. Viewpoints and commentary on that web site are not necessarily those of his fellow classmates, nor members of other classes shown here, nor are those viewpoints and commentary to be considered as being those which are shared and/or endorsed by alumni nor faculty (past or present) of Clarion High School.