Face Off! Rosie O'Donnell Enters Bill O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone!"

Face Off! Rosie O'Donnell Enters Bill O'Reilly's "No Spin Zone!"

Good Friday, March 29, 2002
An observation by
Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor
Elder in full connection
W PA Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church

March 25, 2002 plus at least one rerun of the episode a few days later -- and isn't it interesting that the rerun took place on Good Friday! It was one of the big media events of the day as Rosie O'Donnell made an appearance on Fox Network's highly rated show, "The O'Reilly Factor."

It is widely recognized that Bill O'Reilly has been making waves by inviting big name people to enter what he calls the "No Spin Zone." There have been a number who have refused to take the challenge. And among those who have, there have been a few who went away licking their wounds hoping they would survive and return to fight another day!

There was quite a bit of hype about Bill's impending eyeball to eyeball confrontation with Ms. O'Donnell since she had made headlines a few days earlier in a prime time special which featured her going public as being a lesbian, her being a "mother" of adopted children, and joining in the protest of Florida's ban on sodomite or lesbian "couples" adopting children.

The setting for the O'Reilly/O'Donnell get together was a bit different -- no sitting on opposite sides of a table as is the usual format for guests who come to the studio -- no, these high profile personalities sat in chairs with no physical object between them as though they were simply having a friendly visit in a home environment.

O'Reilly trod more softly with O'Donnell than he does with most guests. The most pressing question he threw out to Rosie was that same gender "couples" are going against "nature" in efforts to adopt children and form a "family" -- that a real family as taught by nature consists of a mother and a father, etc.

Ms. O'Donnell says that 10% of the population is same gender oriented and that such persons are born that way. The 10% figure has been successfully challenged on basis of intense studies and surveys, and is now considered to be over inflated. However, the sodomite/lesbian cartel uses the false percentage figure in its attempt to force its agenda on American society.

O'Reilly tragically failed to mention the supreme authority of God's revelation regarding this issue of those choosing abominable lifestyles and then proceeding to redefine human sexuality, marriage and family!

O'Donnell at one point made reference to her belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ with a major emphasis on the word "love." A winning candidate for the most abused word in the English language is the word "love" and when the attempt is made to tie it to the teachings of Jesus Christ, one can come out with about anything, depending on the person making the appeal to "love" -- it can be even interpreted to mean that just about anything goes as long as it is done in "love!"

People in O'Donnell's position are fond of referring at times to Jesus and His teachings, and relish using the word "love." Since she specifically used the term "teachings of Jesus Christ" in the futile effort to lend weight to her position, a few legitimate questions can be raised as what extent she has responded to the totality of Jesus' teachings.

For instance:

    has she responded to His demand for repentance? Otherwise one will perish according to Jesus (Luke 13:3).

    has she met His demand that one must be born again? Otherwise one cannot see the Kingdom of God according to Jesus (John 3:3).

    has she met His demand that one must be converted and become as a little child? Otherwise one cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven according to Jesus (Matthew 18:3).

    has she really demonstrated her love for Him by keeping His commandments as He said we ought to do -- Jesus summarized all commandments into 2 great ones -- love God supremely with one's total being and one's neighbor as one's self! (Mark 12:28-31). BUT loving God supremely cannot be done unless one respects and obeys God's moral code as well as staying within the clear boundary lines God has established for human sexuality, marriage and family! Yes, yes -- I already know -- there are heretics by the hundreds running about who say that God is now giving us "new revelation" in an effort to justify what God labels explicitly to be an abomination!

    has Ms. O'Donnell considered the clear teachings of Jesus regarding the moral tailspin in which the human race will eventually find itself prior to His glorious personal return to this world? On this subject Jesus mentioned that the human race will duplicate dominant characteristics such as existed at the time of Noah before the judgment of the flood and that which existed among the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah before God brought judgment upon them! (Luke 17:26-37).

    and has Ms. O'Donnell taken any real heat because she is so closely identified with Jesus Christ and His radical demands upon the members of the human race and His equally radical claims about Himself (the "I am" statements) rather than for publicly announcing she is identified with a lifestyle which God labels as an abomination? Jesus was quite specific even to the point of saying that those who truly love and obey Him will be universally hated among all nations, and the time would come that those who kill His followers will think they are doing service to God! (check this out in the Gospel of John).

What really came out of the O'Reilly/O'Donnell tete-a-tete?

First, they both got a lot of ego boosting publicity which will pay off in ratings and ultimately more money in the pocket book!

Second, because Bill took it a bit easy and stressed "respect" for Rosie's position, both came away in a fairly favorable light -- there will be some who will be distressed at one or the other, but the big picture will be that these are a couple of pretty good people -- further it pushes the highly flawed idea that we can "agree to disagree" and we'll all be one big happy family, whether children have a male father and female mother, 2 sodomites or 2 lesbians for parents! By the way, can anyone provide documented facts where Almighty God has ever said in effect, "I don't agree with you, but we'll just 'agree to disagree' and we'll get along just fine!"?????????

Third, the same gender coupling agenda will benefit immensely and the drum beat continues with an ever growing intensity -- join the march -- the time is coming in our diverse and politically correct society when 2 sodomites will legally marry in eyes of state and church -- likewise 2 lesbians -- they will be ordained as pastors of churches -- they will adopt children -- and they will be considered as being "family" on an equal level with a married heterosexual couple raising children!

But before we break out the champagne, raise our glasses in a toast and shout, "We've finally arrived!", let's do what O'Reilly does to at least some guests -- "We'll let you have the final word." Only let's say, "God, you have the final word!", and see what God says -- and more importantly, what God may do! The pessimistic view expressed above about eventual "marriage" of same gender couplers etc. may be prevented, but at this stage it will only be by the direct intervention of God in an act of judgment -- the ranks of Christians who are willing to stand up and be counted in this battle are thinning rapidly!

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