Lessons from Barney!
Lessons from Barney!

By Jerry A. Kane

When the three-year-old daughter of The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked her who had won and who had lost the election, the token conservative on the morning television chat show replied, “No one lost … today is a victory for this country.” The View’s conciliatory co-host, who campaigned with Sarah Palin during the election, let her viewers know that she would “get in a long line of supporters … for this president.”

Unfortunately, the “warm and fuzzies” are not exclusive to only audiences of The View. During a heart-felt moment of candor on the Dennis Miller radio talk show, the generally jocular columnist and editor, Andrew Breitbart, extended the olive-branch and gushed, “This is our president and we should treat him accordingly. It’s no longer about Bill Ayers; it’s no longer about Reverend Wright. The American people heard about those people and they’ve moved on to a different place, and I think we can’t continue this cycle of hatred towards our elected officials.”

Exhibiting a more cerebral tone, National Review columnist, Victor David Hanson, admonished his readers to “quit the bickering, appreciate a fair and peaceful transference of power, and unite behind [the] new commander-in-chief.” Such genial platitudes suggest that it’s time for our nation’s healing to begin and for non-Obama voters to pursue the high road, adopt a magnanimous attitude, and let bygones be bygones.

Notwithstanding the perspectives from such enlightened mainstream opinion-makers, the time has come to ignore their platitudes and put into action the rather toothy example bared by Barney, President Bush’s terrier. During Barney’s stroll the morning after the November 4 debacle, some obtuse reporter reached out to pet him and was promptly bitten on the finger; obviously, the wily canine sensed a threat for any affable gesture offered by a journalist.

Barney’s keen sense for identifying a potential threat to his liberty and reacting decisively to combat that threat is an example of an experienced warrior’s strategy for winning on the political battlefield. To combat the advances of socialism and to win the political war, liberty loving Americans must follow Barney’s lead and react promptly to stop the socialist agenda of the progressive Democrats that threatens to destroy America’s electoral process and way of life.

Without a free and fair electoral process, a democratic government of the people, by the people, and for the people does not exist. States have established rules to conduct free and fair elections, but “when elections lack integrity, the people no longer rule.” In Minnesota, Democrat Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is overseeing his party’s apparent theft of incumbent Republican Norm Coleman’s Senate seat for challenger Al Franken. Bear in mind that Ritchie has summarily dismissed thousands of voter fraud accusations in the wake of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now’s (ACORN’s) filing of 43,000 new voter registration forms in Minnesota.

The tally at election’s end had Senator Coleman leading Franken by 725 votes, but now it has been whittled to 206 and the recount has not even started yet. Franken’s jackpot of votes materialized when election officials had audited their initial results and discovered that absentee ballots had been left unattended in the back of a car for three days after the election, and that exhausted election clerks had made typos or had accidentally underwritten Franken’s total. Coincidentally, nearly all of Franken’s increases came from heavily Democratic areas, and from one small town in particular.

ACORN’s unbridled behavior, scandalous practices, and fraudulent abuses, which has burgeoned out of control during the 2008 election cycle, suggest a most unwelcome prospect that America’s democratic form of government shows signs of impending collapse. America’s government is based upon free and fair elections, and the electorate must perceive them as free and fair. When the nation’s presidential and congressional election is based upon subverting laws, intimidation, and massive Democrat voter fraud, especially in swing states across the country, the universal proposition of “one person, one vote,” adopted by democracies throughout the world, has absolutely no distinguishing value whatsoever. CNN’s Lou Dobbs put it succinctly, “we have debased our right to vote.”

ACORN’s victim culture is extremely illiberal; given that, intimidation is customary, the interests of groups judged powerless (blacks, women, gays) take precedent over those considered powerful (whites, men, Christian heterosexuals), and no dissent is permitted. Akin with ACORN and the other radical groups funded by the Annenberg Challenge and Woods Fund, Obama and the progressive congressional Democrats judge America at fault for ignoring the advice of the United Nations and blame America for Islamic violence on its homeland and around the world because of its support for Israel. As champions for victim cultures worldwide, Obama and the progressive Democrats must make America atone for its “sins of slavery and racism, and its … sins against the world of Islam.”

The main purpose for a democratic government is to protect the voter’s right to a free and fair election. Once a government abandons the ideas and principles of freedom that gird a democracy, and no longer safeguards the voter’s free exercise of these practices and procedures in a fair electoral system, the electorate has both the right and the obligation to rise up against that government.

The enlightened mainstream opinion-makers, who are pining for the non-Obama supporters to get in line with open arms and embrace the Obama presidency, fail to realize the necessity for preserving the nation’s precious electoral process and for protecting its democratic form of government against the socialist agenda of progressive Democrats. Consequently, it’s time for the non-Obama supporters to follow Barney’s example and obey their native instincts to react promptly when their freedoms and liberties are being threatened by an outstretched hand from a smiling socialist feigning bipartisanship.

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