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Question -- On April 13 it was reported that the relatives of Elian Gonzalez were refusing to "surrender" him -- and there are all kinds of court antics going on as well, with El Presidente erupting a bit on this from time to time -- do you suppose J. Reno and her henchmen of the Department of Justice (term used loosely) will resolve this one the way they did at Waco -- you remember, they killed the children in order to "save them!" Oooops! A headline on April 21 indicated that Reno and company may use "force" to get the little fellow out his relatives' hands -- hmmmm -- if that happens, how much of the "Little Havana" part of Miami do you believe will still be standing after Janet and the American version of the Gestapo use "force?" Well, a miracle of a sort -- early hours of Saturday, April 22, the force was used with no loss of life -- at least for now! But the Gestapo type tactics certainly apply with the following information substantiating it:

"In the bedroom, an agent in green riot gear and goggles pointed an automatic rifle at a man holding the frightened child, an image captured by an Associated Press photographer and broadcast around the world. Agents then took Elian out of Dalrymple's arms...."
Ah yes, you got it folks -- this took place in America, the "land of the free, and the home of the brave!" And on Easter weekend of all times you know, when a lot of people are making plans and getting ready for a very, very special time of the year -- but then, Clinton, Reno, and their automatic rifle armed henchmen from D.O.J. couldn't care less -- if the fact of Easter and it's eternal significance had REAL meaning to them in their personal lives, this whole thing would have been handled differently, rather than adding to the putrifying stench that has been intensifying in Washington DC for over 7 years now!

Were Janet's "Stormtroopers" right in breaking in and threatening relatives with such an expression as "Hand over the boy, or I'll shoot you!"? One witness claimed the expression was a profane one (..the XXXXX boy...." Go to Commentaries on the Elain escapade at bottom of this area to see what others are saying.

Sure is interesting -- in some "voting" polls, a substantial number of people seem to vote in favor of the Clinton "Police State" with residents in Free (?) America subject to late night invasions, destroyed property, threats to a person's safety and well being by low brow individuals toting automatic firearms -- yes, Bill, maybe we do need some extensive gun control -- how about starting with the guys pictured below? Note: In a larger view of the photograph there is another one of the "low brows" with an automatic weapon in the background!

Photo Associated Press

One of Janet's compassionate "baby sitters" at work!

He was very persuasive, telling the fisherman who had
originally rescued Elian out of the ocean last November,
"Hand over the boy, or I'll shoot you!"

Pssst! Want to see who that goggled goon really is? Go to Goons Unmasked!

Ah, that is "compassion" as defined by the Reno's Department of Justice!

Hey, did you see that "Oh so happy!" looking photo of Elian and his dad which was widely circulated and supposedly proving a joyful reconcilation? Was the photo a fake which had actually been taken at a time much earlier in Cuba or somewhere? Take a look at Faking it??? -- and this photo supposedly came from office of super "lawyer" Greg Craig -- could the issue of honesty and ethics be raised here?????

Cal Thomas tells it like it really is in Profiting from Elian Gonzalez -- for his response to the night time seizure of Elian by INS "people" toting automatic weapons go to A knock on the door -- also take a look at Castro's mouthpiece: The American media -- these should be read by every American citizen who values freedom and basic values of truth and righteousness!

Read a powerful comment by Peggy Noonan in Wall Street Journal titled Why Did They Do It?

Another excellent comment by Chuck Colson at The Case of Elian Gonzolez

Also by Colson -- Gestapo Tactics -- Putting Our Liberty in Peril"

Additional commentaries:

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A Conclusion in the Elian saga???? In the waning days of June 2000, with court appeals exhausted, Elian and his "father" returned to Cuba -- Fidel was jubilant -- certain United Methodist Church officials were jubilant -- National Council of Churches officials were jubilant -- and a lawyer hired by church officials won one, got a bunch of great publicity -- is his bank account a bit larger, or as some claimed -- "He would do this for nothing!" (of course there are those living high on the hog expenses that somebody pays for!) -- and you get more than a million dollars worth of publicity, so you can really sock it to the next client/s! We can expect much favorable publicity also to be fed to us from the "People's Paradise of Cuba" as to how excellent Elian is doing under the guidance of father, Fidel -- yes, Fidel claims to be the "father" of all in the Cuban "paradise!" And children do not really belong to parents, but to the state -- that's how it is under communistic totalitarian outfits, didn't you know? Paul Greenberg put it this way in citing a reason to still be optimistic:
"Some cases are lost. But memory is not lost. Hope is not lost. And as long as people hold on to such things, freedom is not lost. As long as Elian is remembered, neither he nor all the other tempest-tossed are lost. This is not the end of the drama, but only of the second act, as night falls. Some of us still believe in third acts, and morning. Some of us think of freedom as essential to human development, not as one more legal consideration to be weighed against others, like the over-arching claim of a bureaucracy. And certainly not as a bargaining chip in international relations. We think this case is about certain unalienable rights, rather than, as the court in Atlanta put it, 'the President's conduct of our nation's international affairs.' We think, we believe, that no president, no court, no bureaucracy can forever ignore those rights. That is the great advantage those of us who believe in freedom have over those who just want to get this case over with. We remember. We will remember Elian, and all the other Elians. We won't give up on this captive boy anymore than we gave up on the captive nations. And one day The Wall will fall again."
[Source: Federalist Brief 00-07-11]

Those "masked men" finally unmasked!

This can't be real -- in the United States of America?
I need convincing -- take me up to see it again!

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