Mrs. Will on the Hill

Mrs. Will on the Hill!

Featuring the Carpet Bagger Senator from New York!

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Hi, my name is Stinky, and I really feel right at home in this area. In fact, the game of politics is my kind of game -- it's the aroma that really attracts me! Please read the notice about what is going on here in this area of Circuit Rider's Range.

NOTICE: This area is affectionately devoted to the carpet bagger junior senator from New York state. Her name is Mrs. William J. Clinton -- yes, I know -- the media people who drool over her like a love sick teen ager in the spring time always identify her as Hillary Rodham-Clinton, but here in this area she is Mrs. William J. Clinton. The exception will be quotes from news sources. Besides, you have to watch out for females with hyphenated last names -- that group often has an agenda that won't do any of us any good! And you can expect that over the next four years Mrs. H. J. Clinton will be the center of media attention -- after all, they have a lot of grooming to do -- anyone still think she wants to remain a senator from New York for the next 6 years, or might the White House be in her future plans?

More Eruptions from Mrs. Will on The Hill!

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related to Mrs. Clinton in times to come!

In the January 28th issue of Parade Magazine in Walter Scott's Personality Parade column a Dorothy L. of Los Angeles, CA asked the question, "Why have the Clintons been so criticized for buying a place to live in Washington while Mrs. Clinton attends to Senate business?

Scott's answer: Because Washington insiders believe the Clintons plan to turn the $2.8 million mini-mansion in the posh Embassy Row area into a Democratic White House-in-exile. The two are expected to entertain lavishly at their home and steal the social limelight from the new Bush Administration. Furthermore, critics predict Mrs. Clinton actually will reside in D.C., making a fiction of her claim that she lives in Chappaqua -- the basis of her legal residence in New York. (It's also rumored the Clintons will leave Chappaqua for Manhattan.)

You from New York should be interested in this incident. You do remember that Mrs. William Clinton in her campaign in New York state (after she unpacked her carpet bag) leveled a broad side in attacking Rep. Rick Lazio and accusing him of missing important votes in Congress. On Friday, January 4, 2001 the 107th Congress met in session and Mrs. William Clinton was ABSENT! She did not vote on what some describe as a "major" piece of legislation, which was Sen. Chester Lott's "sellout" of committees! You've heard that the Democrats have been crying about the "sharing of power" in all committees since the Senate is now split 50-50! Translate that to mean, "Let us run the show, and you Republicans keep your mouths shut!" Anyway, back to Mrs. C. -- didn't she make a big ado as to how she would represent the interests of the people of New York? Really, you've got to watch those carpet baggers -- usually they have other plans! Doesn't this smell good? I wish all my family were here to sniff this beautiful aroma!

The January 5th issue of The Federalist mentions: "Speaking of HILLARY!, now that she has pocketed her highly unusual $8 million book advance from Simon & Schuster, she and Bill have put their $1.5 million house in Chappaqua, N.Y., up for sale -- the one purchased solely to establish residency for her Senate bid -- and they have purchased a $2.85 million colonial home on Embassy Row in Washington. This is a first for the Clintons, who have spent virtually their entire adult life in government-subsidized housing. Columnist Wes Pruden writes, 'Hillary's first dilemma of 2001 is that, having lived on a public dole all her adult life, she has none of the household traps -- dishes, bed linens, pots, pans, bathroom plungers, brooms, mops, dust rags -- that are the due of a virgin bride, or at least a bride rarely touched by human hands.'"

"Incidentally, inquiring minds want to know about the legal implications of HILLARY!'s book deal. Not only did she skirt around potential problems with the Senate Ethics Committee, but Anthony Podesta, brother of Bill Clinton's chief of staff, John Podesta, is a lobbyist for Viacom, the parent company of -- you guessed it -- Simon & Schuster."

"Did someone mention that Newt Gingrich book deal...? Suzanne Fields notes, 'Every time I find myself wanting to give Hillary Clinton the benefit of the dubious decision, she makes it impossible. ... She's a lightning rod, like Newt Gingrich. Unlike Newt, she never pays a price. Like Newt, she landed a book contract worth millions. Unlike Newt, she won't have to give it back. Nor do you hear fellow Democrats criticizing her. Surprise. Surprise.'"

Suggested chapters which will guarantee Mrs. Clinton's book to be a best seller:
"Where I Hid the Billing Records," "What My Aides Took Out of Vince Foster's Office," "What It's Like to Testify Before a Grand Jury," "Best Velocity for Lamps," and "Hillary's Cattle Futures Trading Tips!" as suggested by Ann Coulter in the Federalist Brief of 01/01/09.

Now you be sure to come back. There will be more items added with an aroma that only one such as I could really love and appreciate

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