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Humor Hut Archives

Most of you remember the big excitement spree the country went on just prior to January 1, 2000. There were warnings of mass computer failure and chaos of the first magnitude taking place around the world as the year 2000 was ushered in. Below is a classic bit of humor connected with that event, and we kept it on the Humor Hut for a time after January 1st for the benefit of those who did not heed the warning of making sure that their toilet tissue was indeed Y2K compliant!

URGENT -- Are you really ready for Y2K?

Please take time out of your busy schedule to check your toilet paper stockpile. Make sure it is Y2K compliant. Experts caution that if it isn't, on January 1, 2000, it will roll back to 1900 and turn into a Sears catalog.

Rememeber, you have been warned!

See, I told you didn't I? But some of you were skeptical and now you know! What kind of trauma did you experience when you saw that old Sears & Roebuck hanging from the roller where that strategic roll of tissue used to hang??? But take heart -- all stores that handle this important commodity are now selling rolls that are in full compliance with Y2K!

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