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Mission Statement

The purposes for which it has been organized are to monitor potential environmental hazards and concerns in the Indiana and Cambria County areas; to take necessary and proper steps to remedy such hazards; to assist those harmed thereby in seeking appropriate redress; to gather information regarding potential environmental concerns; and to provide said information to local citizens and government officials.

Officers & Stated Purpose

Chairman - David Mason
Vice Chair - Linda Saxon
Secretary - Judy Hill
Treasurer - Steve Dumm
Spokesperson - Della Jean Manning

As a new organization, we have growing pains which will need to be addressed. One of our first challenges will be to locate a facility that will be suitable for our growing organization. We want the surrounding communities to be informed in the current issues that we face, the possible solutions to those issues and to hear from you, the community, with your concerns and ideas. Always remember that we are a tool to help fix problems through diplomatic, intelligent, and well researched avenues.

Important Dated Announcements & Misc. Information......

    1st Annual I.C.E. Community Picnic to be held Saturday, June 10, 2006, at Duman Lake Park (Rt. 271, 3 miles north of Belsano from Rt. 422). Go to Pavilion #2. Here are the facts:

    • Time: 12 noon until ????
    • Hot dogs, kraut, drinks and paper products will be provided. If you desire, you can bring a covered dish of food to be shared.
    • This is to be a family affair with activities for all -- some of these include a Chinese Auction, 50/50 drawings and more.
    Also, you can contact either Dave Mason or Linda Saxon at email addresses given below.

    A "news flash" sent out by Chairman Dave Mason included the following information:

    It appears as though we have won a major battle on the "Acid Rock" trucking into Indiana County, Pine Twp. Although it is not a complete done deal yet, it certainly looks like PennDOT's plan to move this acid rock here is doomed. Out children and grandchildren can be thankful for what you have done. Our two counties, Indiana and Cambria, have united to say to our elected officials, "This is not right!" You can take pride in doing it in a professional and systematic way, which has put the politicians of the state at attention to recognize (I.C.E.) as your environmental group and to be your voice in future environmental matters of concern.


    We are a non profit group, dependent soley on your donations, memberships and fund raisers to help pay for accumulated expenses that it takes to operate and fight our environmental battles. Please help .... donate, and become a Social Member.

    Over 4,000 citizens came together to sign the "Acid Rock" petitions in the first 96 hours. That is right, 96 hours! And 2 to 3 thousand more signatures were obtained in the following weeks. With just a little of that kind of effort, we can make sure that this type of injustice may not happen to us again. To voice your opinion as a Social Member or to have I.C.E. voice your opinion, we need your assistance. In standing together as a group to show big business that as one large united voice, we will no longer let someone run rough shod over us in our area. Our political power as one voice will make all the difference in decisions made in our communities. Like it or not, without standing together as an organized group (I.C.E.), we would be seeing the trucks rolling by right now. We are not here to destoy jobs in our area, but to work with companies and big business to achieve meaningful ways to get the job done, by keeping the people informed, to make intelligent decisions about their opinions on subjects to come ... and, there will be many. I.C.E. will also hold many social gatherings to talk about environmental concerns of the future. Please attend and stand proud. Although I.C.E. is gaining support, we need your memberships, for we need leaders of sub-committees as we are growing in numbers.
    Thank You,
    David Mason, Chairman of I.C.E.

    I.C.E. Inc. Public Meeting to be held at the American Legion Post #936 in Heilwood PA on Wednesday, April 26, at 7:00 PM. Update information as well as explanation as to the purpose of I.C.E. will be presented. There will be opportunity to ask questions related to environmental concerns and how I.C.E. will address those concerns in the future. Plan to attend and bring a friend with you.
    A number of persons attended this initial informational meeting. A time of question/answers took place near the end of the meeting. Appreciation is extended to all who took time to attend and to voice their concerns. A part of the discussion also involved DEP's plan to pump mine water into the west branch of the Susquehanna River as part of the "Chesapeak Bay Project" -- the effort is to raise the water level of the river as it flows toward the Chesapeak Bay. Why? You ask? The "philosophy" behind it is that the Chesapeak is badly polluted -- environmental "experts" (term used very loosely) say, "The solution to pollution is dilution!" In other words, just send more water down the river and dilute the mess in the Chesapeak! But pumping out mines in Indiana and Cambria Counties will create a new series of horror stories that will make Frankenstein seem like a very mild bedtime story for 3 and 4 year-olds by way of comparison! Still another reason you should be in contact with I.C.E. as to the latest shenanigans going on in our environment.

    A Mother's Day Ham Dinner, which is being sponsored by I.C.E. as a fundraiser, will be held on May 14th at the Strongstown Historical Building in Strongstown PA from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
    Thanks to all who supported the effort by the purchase of dinners and also to the many who donated time and work to prepare and serve the meals. Look for more fund-raising announcements to come in the future. And consider becoming a member of I.C.E. -- what happens to our environment not only affects us now, but the generations to come in the future -- anyone remember the nightmare of Love Canal in New York some years ago? Unmeasurable grief and sorrow affected a large number of families because of a company's total disregard for environmental safety and responsibility -- and this went undetected for years!

Membership Information

As a member, your support is essential in our efforts to combat environmental issues and hazards concerning our communities. Whether it be contributing with your knowledge and/or research in the various topics we are addressing, down to collecting petitions, all help will be greatly appreciated. We as a group can have a huge impact on the outcome of the issues at hand. Please help us fight for our communities' sake and our future generations by becoming a member of I.C.E.

To become a member, please send the following information to the address which is listed below:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code

Type of Membership

  • Student/Senior Citizen - $5.00
  • Individual - $10.00
  • Family - $15.00
  • Group - $25.00

Donations - all donations are tax deductible, due to I.C.E. being a non-profit organization.

Send information, membership/s, and/or donations to:

    I.C.E. Inc.
    1598 Tipperary Road
    Northern Cambria PA 15714

Make checks payable to: I.C.E. Inc.

Financial help is always needed and much appreciated!

Contact Information

For questions or comments, I.C.E. may be contacted at:

I.C.E. Inc.
c/o David Mason, Chairman
1598 Tipperary Road
Northern Cambria PA 15714

Email David Mason at:

For the latest edition of the I.C.E. Newsletter make your request by contacting:

Linda Saxon by email at


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