Still Another Letter to a United Methodist Bishop and His Cabinet Members!

Still Another Letter to a United Methodist Bishop
and His Cabinet Members in W. PA

Writing letters is almost a second nature thing to cdh as you can see by roaming about a bit here on Circuit Rider's Range -- he thinks he has inherited this particular trait from his mother! He recalls as a young lad at home a time when the telephone system wasn't working too well and mother complained to the local phone company, but they didn't do anything about it. So mother took the issue a step higher and wrote to the PUC in Harrisburg PA -- guess what? The phone system was overhauled very quickly but then something else developed -- mother H. probably could have nailed them on a harassment charge because every day for a time the phone people would call and ask this question, "Is your phone working OK today, Mrs. Harriger?" And mother would politely respond, "Just fine, thank you," and then hang up!

At the present time Mrs. Harriger's son is involved in a number of letter writing projects -- regularly to the president and vice president (which can be viewed here on the Range), personal letters to each member of Congress in which a copy of the letter to the president is enclosed, personal letters to United Methodist bishops with a copy of the letter to the president enclosed, and personal letters to world leaders with a copy of the letter to the president enclosed!

But I digress -- below you will find a letter written to cdh's bishop, Bishop Thomas Bickerton and the members of his cabinet. The letter deals with a statement made in a rather lengthy "Strategic Plan" for the West PA Annual Conference in years to come. All kinds of meetings and extensive discussions have been held on the subject of getting the conference "moving" "revitalized" "revived" "back on track" etc. The "Strategic Plan" including the resolution statement to be presented at the June 06 session of the conference contains 88 pages -- lots and lots of details which might even make a Washington DC bureaucrat envious!

So, here it is ------------

Wait a minute -- cdh mentioned about that resolution being 88 pages long -- he was in error on that. In fact all the material about the RS-801 Strategic Plan for the W. PA Annual Conference was only 44 pages. When he became aware of this, he did respond by first, admitting he was in error on this and said he falsely assumed 88 pages were the number when he observed a page or two only having one number at the bottom, but he hadn't looked at every page to see if there were numbers on the back side too. But then, as usual, he had to comment further -- according to cdh, when you start to wade through United Methodist legislative matters, the pages can easily seem to be at least 2 or 3 times as long as they actually are anyhow! Now then, on to that letter.........

Friday, June 02, 2006

TO: Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton and Members of the Cabinet, W PA Annual Conference:

The Rev's La Mar Carlson, Charles Fowler, Patricia S. Harbison, Robert W. Higginbotham, Jr., Richard D. Markle, William Meekins, Jr., Dr. Martha M. Orphe, Donald Scandrol, Sharon L. Schwab, Frank M. Sherman, James L. Tubbs, Dean Ziegler

Dear Bishop Bickerton and Cabinet Members:

I received the 88 page RS-801 - Proposed Annual Conference Strategic Plan and spent a considerable amount of time attempting to sift through it. A first impression which came to me was Paul's statement to the Corinthians about their minds being "corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ." But that is not what this letter is about -- the "simplicity in Christ" matter is for another time and place.

Under Goal 4 it is stated, "Increase local church involvement in mission, justice and outreach ministry, locally, regionally, nationally and globally." Point C under Goal 4 reads, "Advocate for those who suffer injustice and work to change unjust systems, including injustice in our own church community."

In light of the stated goal and its sub point C, the question is this -- will you who are leaders get specific on this matter of injustice and go on public record advocating justice for the unborn victims of the United States' unique version of "Holocaust?" To date we have brutally mutilated and murdered nearly 46.5 million unborn children since 1973, and under the leadership of President Bush, over 4.2 unborn children have been exterminated since March 19, 2003, the date in which the Bush administration initiated a war against Iraq, insisting that we needed to liberate the Iraqi people from the brutality and cruelty of Saddam Hussein. Most accurate figures of the number of victims of Saddam's brutality number about 1 million! Ever hear an old saying that goes something like this -- "The pot calling the kettle black?"

There is obviously a vast chasm between our view of the unborn and God's view of the unborn whom He identifies even before conception takes place, His claim to involvement in the formation of the unborn in the womb, and His clear revelation that He has a special purpose for each unborn person after birth takes place. Our culture, with little serious objection, chooses to ignore what God has revealed about unborn persons by relegating them to merely a status of some tissue and blood, an impersonal identification such as "fetus," and a convenient disposable commodity which stands on the same level as unwanted garbage standing in 90 degree summertime temperatures! This approach could be expected by secular carnal minded people, including elected officials and judges, but when it invades the ranks of a group of persons who claim to follow Jesus Christ and they either go along with the rationale for destroying the unborn, or choose to remain tongue tied when it comes to protesting, then we are in far bigger trouble as a nation than we can begin to imagine!

There is at times lamenting over the loss of membership in the UMC -- has it ever dawned on our leadership which raises this issue continually that the UMC would have a larger membership if millions of unborn children had not been destroyed over a 33 1/2 year period? At least some of those millions would have become members of the UMC and who knows what contribution they would have made, IF they had been permitted to live.

Actually we are no better than the President and the U.S. Congress at addressing this grave injustice in a republic which prides itself on the fact that all persons should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness! Only with the politicians it's an issue of economics and their pitiful whining over the financial "crisis" involving Social Security. Again, our brand of "Holocaust" has wiped out millions, the older ones of which would be paying millions of dollars into Social Security monthly but for the fact that millions of females decided at some point to contract some character in a white coat to be prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner of their unborn children.

So, I ask you again -- shall we boldly identify and work to change as quickly as possible an unjust system which callously and coldly sanctions the destruction of thousands of unborn children every week of the year in our republic?

As tragic as the loss of millions of unborn children has been over past decades, that tragedy pales into a state of insignificance compared to what will happen when God makes His direct response to our massive "shedding of innocent blood" just as He has done to cultures of the past which took a very low view of human life and its special significance. They didn't get away with it and neither shall we, and anyone who thinks it through will come to the conclusion that he or she definitely will not want to be found within the boundaries of the U.S.A. when that response comes. A good summary of a culture unraveling at the seams and refusing to repent of its sins and abominations (including "shedding of innocent blood") is found in 2 Chronicles 36:11ff.

Still contending at

Clayton D. Harriger, Elder in full connection, W PA Annual Conference

cc: Mrs. Nancy Denardo, Lay Leader of W. PA Annual Conference

Now as a bit of follow up -- notice the unpleasant picture appearing here -- most people would agree that it was an extreme act of violence which took place, and in the process, one unborn child was brutally murdered. In fact, cdh was hauled over the coals by a member of the Western PA Annual Conference Board of Ordained Ministry for posting such pictures on the web site and the question asked, "Do you think God approves of you posting such pictures on your web site?" cdh responded to the question in this way -- "The issue is not whether God approves of me posting pictures of aborted children on my web site, rather the issue is this -- does God approve of this nation destroying over 1 million unborn children a year -- that is the issue!"

Now after you view the picture, check the latest tally of victims of the United States' version of "Holocaust!" And remember the United Methodist Church bishops have been very, very silent about this -- ask them about the "evils" of gambling or the death penalty and they'll go on and on non-stop about that, with the hope they will be photographed and quoted all over the country! But the kind of "death penalty" inflicted as portrayed below leaves the bishops with a serious malady known as "lock jaw!"

Unborn Babies Brutally
Mutilated and Murdered

since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

Watch this for about 60 to 90 seconds
and see what happens!

For further reference on UMC related & other relevant issues see:
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NOTICE: Soulforce is a gang made up of a group of persons of different denominational backgrounds, including Mr. Jimmy Creech, defrocked United Methodist pastor of some time back. Soulforce's goal is to force full acceptance of sodomy and lesbianism in all churches without any restrictions. Be sure to read an interesting challenge to Mel White and members of Soulforce to take their crusade to new heights they may not yet have considered -- see Open Letter to Mel White and Others of Soulforce, Inc.!

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