March for Life 2003

March for Life 2003

January 22, 2003 - Washington DC

30th Anniversary of the Infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision

For You have formed my inward parts; You have covered me in my mother's womb...Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed. And in your book they all were written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.
-- Psalm 139:13,16 (NKJV)

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; before you were born I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.

-- Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV)

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As one might expect, pro-abortion people were also gearing up for the March for Life event with one gathering featuring big names from Hollywood and big name politicians from Wash D.C. -- for a limited time a news release on this is available at Actor Questions Bush's Manhood for Opposing Abortion. Also at the event actress Kathleen Turner had some things to say such as her belief that the GOP's increased strength in Washington "scares the hell out of me." She also noted that she doubts the veracity of pro-life people who claim to be Christian saying, "Candidly, I am afraid it is very much a religious movement, a religious-right movement, which I would hesitate to qualify as Christian because to me, Christianity is about love and to be able to love and I see little of that in their actions."

Well, Ms. Turner, if you got the hell scared out of you, maybe there's some hope -- included in that which was removed from you might be the hellish (and deadly) idea that we have a "constitutional right" to kill any unborn child as we may determine -- that is, if indeed the "hell" really did get scared out of you -- you'll be a radically different person if it really happened!

We've had 30 years of Roe v. Wade as of January 2003 -- so here's a little exercise for you -- how about taking about 60 seconds or more and just gaze at the little record keeper below and see what is happening -- you see, it keeps a running tally of unborn babies who are violently murdered in the womb in this nation which claims that all persons should have the "right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!" Planned Parenthood and others who operate abortion mills in the lucrative business of destroying unborn children, while claiming to "counsel" pregnant females, seem to always manage to end up with more of those females choosing to abort their unborn children than opting to go full term and offer the child up for adoption. Of course it is more profitable for the abortion mill if the female with child decides in light of "counseling" she has received that it is more convenient to dispatch the unborn child, is it not? Not many abortion outfits are declaring bankruptcy or downsizing these days are there?

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

Don't forget - abortion ALWAYS stops a beating heart!

Now then, do you see the states on the map that are dark blue in color? The combined population of these states is equal to, or just a bit less than the number of unborn children violently murdered in the womb since 1973

There is some bit of encouragement as recent surveys reveal that the overall rate of abortions is dropping a bit -- the number of abortions reported in 2000 was 1.31 million, down from the high of 1.61 million abortions in 1990 -- for a limited time a news release on this is available at -- go to As Abortion Drops, Polls Show Americans Turning Pro-Life

March for Life Info & Links

The 30th Annual March for Life in Washington DC will be a big one -- try to get to it if you can -- most likely buses will be leaving from a location not far from where you live -- watch newspapers for announcements -- if you want information, try contacting churches in your area -- not all will be participating, but most Roman Catholic and Orthodox groups will be -- call one of them for bus information. Below are some links to check -- and since CR lives in Pennsylvania, there are some links providing information for certain areas of the Keystone State.

A year ago someone printed a "letter" from someone who was turning 29 years of age. CR has altered and updated it a bit for the year 2003. It is a tribute to the more than 42 million victims of the United States' version of holocaust!

On Turning 30...

Dear friend,

This week I turn 30.

It's hard to believe. How time flies. January 22, 1973 seems like so long ago. I'm the oldest in my family. Itís a pretty big family, but I'll explain that later.

If you're a boomer, you probably don't think much of my generation -- Gen X. But that's because we're a threat to you! My generation is changing the world! Just think of all that has happened in the world these past 30 years...

The end of Vietnam. Watergate. Jimmy Carter. Actually, I don't remember much from the 70s, since I was just entering elementary school when Ronald Reagan became president.

I loved the 80s. That's when I grew up, but I had no idea just how much the world was changing.

Then, the Berlin Wall fell. I'll never forget that day in November. 1989. I was 16 and on top of the world. I can remember my history teacher telling me that the world would never be the same. He was right.

Then, something even more dramatic developed. The Internet. If you want to understand me and my generation, then go online. When I was in college, a few of my friends saw it coming. We helped start a revolution online. And don't believe it when they say the Internet bubble has burst. The only thing that has burst is the old way of doing business.

Now, I'm working on my third business startup -- all by the time I reached 30. Not bad, eh? I got married three years ago, and we're expecting our first child in three months. A new generation begins...

Except for one problem.

You see, I wasn't actually born on January 22, 1973. In fact, I wasn't born at all.

I never was given the chance to take even that first breath - never mind then 381 million breaths that would have followed over these 30 years.

Not a single breath.

That's because of something else that happened on January 22, 1973.

Seven Supreme Court justices made a decision that would dramatically affect my life - and the lives of 42 million others who would never take a breath.

That's my family. And it's growing every day. In fact, in the next 24 hours the family of abortion victims will grow by about as many people who died when the Trade Center buildings collapsed.

The cleanup from 9/11 took a long time and finally was considered finished. But the clean up from 1/22/73 keeps going on and on!

And to think it was all based on a lie. Jane "Roe" of Roe v. Wade was lied to. And so were you - if you believed even for a moment that the mass of tissue wasn't a human life.

That mass of tissue was I!

My goal here isn't to make you feel guilty. Rather, think of me - or what could have been me - the next time the topic of abortion comes up.

Think of me graduating from high school and going to college. Think of me getting married and having children. Think of me celebrating my birthday with family and friends.

Think of me turning 30.


[Source: Originally Circulated on the Internet]

Ode to NARAL and NOW

With one mighty voice,
We proclaim, "We're Pro-Choice!"
We'll defend to the end, ma'am,
Your Right!
But that Right must be ended,
If that Right gets extended,
To those with no voice
And no might.

You're going too far,
By raising this bar,
Giving "Female Rights"
To the small.
It just isn't fair,
For the tiny to share,
In the Rights
Of the Big and the Tall!

We're informed and mature,
In our
The "good life"
We won't jeopordize!
We're Big "Ms" 's indeed...
From God's Law,
We've been freed!
Human Rights?
That depends on your size!

So please, friend,don't meddle...
This issue's been settled!
Case closed!....
It's Man's Law from on High!
(Infant life-giving womb,
To a Pro-Chooser's tomb,
In the tiniest blink of an eye.)

* * * * * *


Have mercy, Dear Lord!
Run us through with Your Sword!
Give us Grace now to mourn
This great loss!
Help us see, Lord, our guilt...
That this blood that is spilt,
Is the same that You shed
On the Cross.

Dear "Abba!" we cry!
Take this plank from our eye!
Give us faith, Father!.....
Help us repent!
Reveal Truth to the heart,
So that we may all start,
To see Jesus, Your Child...
Heaven sent.

* * * * * * * *

"If we remain silent now, we condemn not only the nearly born but also ourselves. America, if we sanction the brutal destruction of these who are not perfect, who are not chosen or not convenient, who are unseen and undefended, who among us would be spared?" - Sen. Rick Santorum, 1997

"Jesus said, 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.' And they divided up his clothes by casting lots." - (Luke 23: 34)

Other References on Issue of Abortion
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Compiled by C. D. Harriger during January 2003
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