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I have added links thoughout the Range and in the special areas to enable you to travel to other places -- in fact, there are links all over the Range going somewhere!! However, before I turn this area over to Theo who will act as your tour guide, there are some special friends I would like you to visit -- for instance, you can drop in to Tami's Place -- Tami is a special friend who has been a blessing in a number of ways -- we became acquainted because of a controversial letter I had written with which she strongly disagreed (what other kind can I produce?) -- she had some things "bounced" off her in IM conversations that appear here and there on the Range -- at one point I told her there were some things there that would make a United Methodist bishop blow a gasket, to which she replied, "There are some things there that would make me blow a gasket!" and adding that LOL which is very typical of this West Virginian with quite a sense of humor! She showed me the neat trick of passing on the blue underlined hyperlink by IM and E-mail (for AOL users) -- she also gave some suggestions on getting around the range easier (back to previous ranges and areas or going ahead and by passing some) -- and just a lot other things she has been very helpful in doing -- in order to protect her from future reprisal to an appointment to the barren wilderness of outer Mongolia, I want it to be known that she had nothing to do with the content showing up at points on the Range which may infuriate you!! (There, Tami, you're off the hook now -- I think -- hee hee! But then, the very fact that your name appears here is grounds for being charged as a co-conspirator!).

I have met a number of friends during my Circuit Rider's Range adventure. One of these is Chaplain Michael L White who is presently ministering to our troops here in the states after having spent time in the Republic of Korea. Mike has established a web site that has all kinds of information and a host of links to many other places. Visit him at Chaplain Michael L. White Online.

Check in with Rick Ralph -- Rick is a fellow pastor I met years ago and it was my privilege to preach in an evangelistic series of services in one of his churches -- he is getting up and going with a web site which is at Reaching the World for Christ.

How about traveling to the world "down under" and looking at Fair Dink Um! -- you'll have to go there to see what that expression means as defined by brother, Andrew Craig, and members of his family who describe themselves as "every day Aussies" -- profitable information there and lots of links to sites set up by fellow believers!

I also became acquainted with another pastor, Jim Line, just recently who has a ministry going in Washington DC -- this brother, after visiting the Range, graciously invited me to place a link to Circuit Rider's Range from his site, City Line on the Web -- so take a look at this ministry for our Lord taking place in our nation's capitol. Jim's testimony was published in the recent issue of Decision Magazine. You can read it by going to Overcoming Racial Prejudice. As so clearly brought out in the article, we can claim to be prejudice free, but remarks we make and attitudes displayed can say otherwise -- but victory through a loving Savior, Jesus, can be won over this and any other form of sin!

Eric Andersen of Atlantis GA happened to stop by Circuit Rider's Range, took time to sign the Guest Book and to comment favorably -- not all persons do this, you know! He has a site that has a variety of subject matter, including politics at The Rock Reports.

Want to be blessed by a talented musician in whose life Jesus Christ has performed a great miracle? Dan Schall had a serious speech impediment early in life and eventually Jesus entered his life and called him to a ministry in music. Visit his page to see what all God is doing in his life -- learn about him and see his schedule as well as music presently available from him. Just click on Dan Schall's Gospel Music Ministry.

Many years ago I met a dedicated Christian by the name of Earl Tygert who had moved into the Franklin PA area and was involved in mission work in Japan and Brazil. His group was known as Life Ministries, Inc. I traveled to Brazil with him twice and saw God do a great work in transforming lives as people came to know Jesus Christ. This work is now known as Jesus Is Life and you can check out their web site and get the latest on what God has been doing through these Christian brothers and sisters.

Hello again, and since I'm 2nd in command, may I also welcome you to the Circuit Rider's Travel Agency -- and guess what? I'm "Tour Host" here for the many other places CR would like you to see -- another job to do and no increase in pay either! But at least he provided the hot air balloon for me to travel in so I could check all these places out! I just can't resist the temptation -- I bet he didn't have any trouble filling that balloon with hot air either, being that he's a preacher -- hee hee! We will be adding travel links as time passes. However, what better place to start with than Washington DC (???) -- how about going to the White House to tour the most famous dwelling in the country -- you can view the art, see the floor plan and look into some of the rooms -- ah, the Oval Office? -- not sure about that, usually only young interns get to go in there -- the female variety, that is :-)) -- you can see past presidents and spouses -- all kinds of stuff for free! And you just never know what might come out of that Oval Office!!!!

Go to Washington DC (Map A) to get a map with many, many sites to click on and go there to visit -- that's right -- just pick a spot, click on it, and there you are -- can't describe it all -- you can spend all day there and then you can go to Washington DC (Map B) and get into other areas -- an all day experience again!

"Oh, it's you -- I believe we met briefly in another area or two on this Range, or maybe more! So far on my visit here to earth I have seen many strange things, among which is the mystery as to why you earthlings can't get along with each other! I would like to invite you to visit my place which is many light years away, but your very primitive jet aircraft would run out of gas before you even went a few miles in your own solar system! Maybe your scientists can come up with a machine soon that will make it possible for you to travel there. By the way, tell them to incorporate a time travel mode into it -- helps you get there a lot faster! I sure would like to have you meet my family, earthling friend!"

That's that Alvin fellow -- I've learned his name and I still wonder why he's here. Since you can't even get to his place, why mention it, but the boss said we have to be hospitable, so I'm letting him speak and stir up your curiosity a bit. Come to think of it, I wonder what his place does look like? And I wonder what his "flying machine" looks like? I'm going to have to get better acquainted with this guy! Oh well, on with the tour. Now the next one is not offered by many travel agencies -- in fact, we may be the only travel agency to do this -- if you survive, you will welcome the cold waters of the North Atlantic where Titanic is after this experience -- hee hee hee! Just click on the guy that looks like he has been on a strict diet, or maybe it's that thing that's dangling out of his mouth that has made him so attractive!

How about Titanic? CR has been a "Titanic Buff" for years and has the CD Rom game, "Adventure out of Time" -- quite an experience and you can tour all over the ship -- these 3 links will take you to Titanic places -- the one on Discover the Titanic has graphics from the game and you can download short movies, get a "bubble view" of cabins, see pictures taken of the wreck and more -- you can spend a lot of time roaming at that site and it's all free!! An award winning web page is Jim's Titanic Site . And you are invited to Meet Titanic to learn more history and view photos of the ship etc.

"I know that rabbit is around here somewhere!"

In case you missed it back at Jean's Place we're also placing it here -- an opportunity for a family fun experience at Life Savers Post Office -- greeting cards, games, store -- check out the miniature golf game among others!

How about going back in time and reviewing some things related to the last DECISIVE MILITARY VICTORY our nation ever achieved in conflict -- go to World War II -- after that it was all down hill when it came to our involvement in war -- a major problem with messed up politicians, presidents & congress people, with vision limited to the end of their noses (that is if they didn't have a Pinocchio nose, which would be extended further out than they can see!) and unwilling to face reality when it came to brutal tyrants who wanted to enslave and exploit other peoples beyond their national borders -- ah, just go to the Domino Class and see further why our nation no longer can bring about an "unconditional surrender" conclusion to armed conflict!

Say -- how about traveling to another part of the world to learn some things about a lot of people that are often in the world news -- the Arab nations are quite a few in number, and many control a substance that is considered critical to industrial nations -- it's called "oil!" -- so take a ride on The Magic Carpet!

Want to take a very somber and heart wrenching trip? Then go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC! This has been mentioned elsewhere on Circuit Rider's Range, but in case you haven't made it yet, by all means do so. Another place to further explore this issue is L'Chaim: A Holocaust Web Project. What so few seem to realize is that the same perverted and twisted logic used by the Nazis in the WW II era regarding human life is being used by powerful persons in our present day society -- the only difference is that specific names or racial identities are not always used, but the sinister ideas are there -- look for them! And they are not just outside the church, but sometimes rear their repulsive heads within as well!

Travel to the American Bible Society for a variety of things to see, as well as access to their catalog for ordering copies of the Scriptures and literature which can be used in witness and ministry.

DON'T FORGET -- use your reverse (Back) on browser menu bar as many times as necessary to get back to to Circuit Rider's Range. You may want to add some of the sites you visit to your favorite places list and return later on. More travel opportunities to come :-))

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