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Great to see you here at the Shoppe -- a little bit of everything here -- well, almost -- we're still working to get more stuff here -- just click on the underlined name and you'll be off to some new place -- who knows what you might come back with!!

But for right now, your attention please! I want you to be aware of an exclusive club that a few of you may join -- not everybody will qualify -- "What is it?" you ask -- it's the The Fellowship of 'Reported' Pastors -- if you have been reported to a District Superintendent for doing something that somebody didn't like -- a complaint was filed against you, then you qualify for membership -- the officers are elected on basis of most complaints filed -- this is sort of exclusive -- pastors only -- Circuit Rider claims that he probably has the record for the most complaints lodged against him -- yet another one being a while back, and a complaint filed with GCFA (General Council on Finance and Administration of the UMC) for using the cross & flame symbol in areas of his web site! So, pastors, if some disgruntled person or persons have filed complaints against you, why not join this special group -- we may design medals to be worn with oak leaf clusters for those reported twice or more! Just send an email to Circuit Rider and detail your memorable experiences of being among the elite ones -- the reviled -- the hated -- the despised -- the reported! It's amazing -- there has been some response to this! One pastor claims to be qualified to be secretary of this unique group and one from another denomination claims he is also qualified on basis of being reported by the disgruntled ones to his superiors! Looks like we will have to have a special designed "membership card" as well for this -- hee hee eheehee! Just click on Penelope, our letter eating toad, who is in charge of our mail room!

If he doesn't have a link to it, maybe it doesn't even exist! It's the DRUDGE REPORT '99 -- ooodles of links to access latest news and commentary from a wide variety of sources!

"All the news that's fit to punt!" -- that's how The Federalist bills itself! Concise and up to date with interesting quotes for the week!

CR says that once in a while there is a flow of fresh air and a burst of bright light which rises above the media culture slime pit -- check out Conservative News Service (CNS) -- and here's a little tidbit of interest -- not all abortions are being reported -- oh oh!

Here's something a vast majority really aren't interested in looking at closely -- it's called Public Debt! How deep can you go before you go "belly up?" Check out Public Debt to the Penny or Daily History of the Public Debt or Monthly Statements of the Public Debt -- the interest on this is something -- want to raise the hair on your head a little bit, then go to Interest Expense on the Public Debt -- want to see what your personal share of the debt is? Go to Dick Armey's Page and go to the bottom of that page to see what you as an individual owe on the Public Debt! What's this thing about WJC doing such great things for our economy? Check what the debt was when he took office and what it is now?????

How about something that "everybody talks about, but nobody does anything about?" The WEATHER, of course -- go to WeatherNet and find out what's happening anywhere -- you can enter your location -- you can track hurricanes, storms etc. It's all there at that site!

Don't have close contacts with the F.B.I. or the C.I.A. to get vital information you need? Ah, don't worry check these links and find out what you want to know.

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Check in at Christianity Online for a wide variety of topics, activities, and resources -- something for people of all ages -- again, as is often the case, you can spend a lot of profitable time at this location.

Want a good source for getting going with a web site? Jason Baker has produced a very helpful book on this subject and you can get details at Christian Cyberspace Companion which happens to be the title of his book -- also, almost a zillion web sites are listed -- Christian oriented!

Do you like fish 'n chips, or chicken planks etc? Go to Long John Silver's where you can get savings coupons -- just print them out and get a discount on you next meal -- coupons are changed on a regular basis -- ENJOY!!!

Check this out -- better news information than you get with the secular "media culture" these days!!

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Why not travel to the "Land of Goshen" and discover a lot of good things there - just click on the logo below -- again, as always, we hope you have an enjoyable time exploring!

Want to find sites that are Christian, or a church, or an E-mail address? Here's the place to start your search!

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Go to Parsons Technology for all kinds of fine products you can purchase and free downloads, such as works of John Bunyan and John Milton and others -- and you can purchase many Bible versions and other Bible study tools including a Bible atlas, Nave's Topical Ref. Bible, Holman Bible Dictionary, Illustrations, etc. I use these frequently in my own study and research projects -- the Scriptures appearing in Circuit Rider's Range have been copied and pasted from Quick Verse. Give it a try -- nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!! :-))

Go to Cokesbury Bookstore to see the large number of products and books offered there -- and you can shop there ON LINE!

Want to send a greeting to someone special? Then just travel to Free Greeting Cards & Post Cards. Or you can go to Blue Mountain Arts for greeting cards also. Yes, that's right -- you can send an email greeting card or post card and even dress it up with music FREE to a friend from these sites! Hey, do it TODAY!

For those who like to research in a wide range of areas, The Master Christian Library is available with over 400 resources on a CD Rom. Travel to Sage Library for details and description as well as info on other resouce items. I have updated to the new version from an older version which "only" had 220 resources on it -- this is a valuable tool for study projects at a very reasonable price..

Abraham had 2 sons, Isaac and Ishmael -- God said the descendents of these 2 would be very numerous -- a covenant was involved -- the descendents don't get along very well with each other -- if you want to see a bit how they view things, then move to The Jerusalem Post and The Iranian -- you will get the Jewish and Arab perspectives by looking into these publications.

When it first came out its rivals labeled it "MacPaper" but it has now established itself and about anywhere you go you see copies of it for sale -- here it doesn't cost you anything to go in and catch some of the latest news -- all you need to do is click on USA Today and look over the latest updated edition.

For those having a web site and want to spread the word about it, try "Add Me" -- just click on "Add Me!" below and start the process -- have fun!

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