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Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, and they also who pierced Him. And all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of Him. Even so, Amen.
(Revelation 1:7 NKJV)

Music Title: Twilight Time

An interrupt from CR! If you are in a hurry and want to bypass Theo's gab fest, just click on CR's Interstate Guest Book Bypass to go directly to CR's Guest Book links so you can sign and move on to other adventures!

Hello again -- as usual, the Circuit Rider is always changing things around! And here, he insisted that I dress up, rather than wear that bulky red work suit that makes me look overweight -- in fact I think he intends that I wear this outfit wherever I happen to be on the Range! You have arrived at a very important location on Circuit Rider's Range -- The Guest Book --- and we do want you to sign the guest book -- here's how it works -- just left click either on View My Guestbook or Sign My Guestbook on either side of the little rectangular box -- if you click on the box you will be offered a free guest book to set up at your own web site -- see, my boss has connections!

If you click on View, you'll see a record of those who have already signed in and then you will see a menu where you can click on Sign and enter your own signature and comments -- those comments can be public or private.

Ah, about those comments -- don't worry, you can't insult the Circuit Rider -- he'll just laugh at you -- and if you use the strongest terms possible in saying how you disagree with him, he'll probably just yawn in your face, since he's been through a heap of that stuff over the years and is used to it -- also, he has a hide like a rhinoceros anyway! Of course, on the other hand, there are some things that can make him mad, and if a big black limo carrying guys wearing sunglasses with violin cases in their hands pulls up to your place, just remember, they aren't there to play the Blue Danube Waltz, and you might as well write it down -- you pushed the Circuit Rider a little bit too far!! Or maybe he'll send his pet, "TR", after you -- then you really are in big trouble!

Seriously, I don't think he would resort to anything quite that drastic! And remember -- I am sometimes known as "T" -- the one known as "TR" is bigger than I and has more teeth! And I don't mind going to the dentist, but "TR" does -- he hates the drill and averages 2 dozen cavities per visit -- in fact, he ate the last two dentists with whom he had appointments! Anyway, we do thank you and we hope you will return many times. The Range is updated just about every day for your blessing, enjoyment and CHALLENGE!! "T"

Oh, and another thing -- you can either return to Range 1 where it indicates return to the homepage on the guestbook after signing or you can use your browser and "BACK" out, coming back here and then choose below the area to which you wish to travel on the Range. Again, as always, enjoy, be blessed and challenged in your walk of faith! Perhaps I should mention that I've been getting to know Alvin and I'm really working hard on getting past that problem we have in forming judgments of people based on physical form and appearances which he mentions at Circuit Rider's This 'n That area. You'll see him again just below here where he mentions regret at not being able to sign the Guest Book -- interesting fellow and rather mysterious! Maybe you can convince him to take you for a ride over the Range in his flying machine which is shown below -- I might even ask him for a trip over to the far side myself.

Attention Please!

Quite some time back the Guest Book underwent some changes and in the process we lost quite a few entries. By means of a download I was able to retrieve about all except 2 of them and you can view these entries at Missing Guest Book Entries If you had signed the Guest Book during that time, I request that you sign it again. For those of you signing for the first time, will you take time to check and see if your entry has been recorded under View the Guest Book. If you have any problems in this, please Email me at about it. Thank you. -- cdh

A Disclaimer!

At the bottom of the View the Guest Book page there is an animated ad which is part of the Guest Book page. The ads are changed from time to time by the network furnishing the ads. I do not own the Guest Book. It is made available to me free of charge and part of the condition for using it at my web site is to allow the ads to be displayed. The vast majority are legitimate business ads for products that are beneficial in one way or another. However, recently one signer of the Guest Book drew my attention to an ad which promoted gambling. I do not endorse this and if you should see such an ad in the future, be aware that I did not and will not sanction and approve such an ad, or any other that may encourage questionable lifestyles, morally and ethically!

Further notice: As of late afternoon 99/09/07 a visitor showed up and placed a lot material written by Marilyn Manson in the Guest Book in a series -- sort of clogged it up, kind of like trying to put a whole roll of toilet paper in the commode at once! :-( I hesitated for a day or two and then decided to go in to the Tech Page and delete the whole thing! I will respond to Mr/Ms Atheist after looking over the material. If you would like to see it, go to An Atheist Appeals to Marilyn Manson -- to ease the shock a bit I have deleted the expletives! Ah, it's quite a world, is it not, with all sorts of interesting people! Actually this isn't as bad as some of the hate mail I have gotten from some preachers -- they just didn't use the "f" word!

Hold it! If you came here to sign the guest book or to see what others have written, just forget it! CDH was unaware that apparently the people who had the guest book used here have gone out of business -- connection can no longer be made with the guest book.

So, here is my suggestion -- why don't you just send your comments to CDH (alias the Circuit Rider) by an email.

For comments, questions, or just plain old axe grinding, contact C. D. Harriger by clicking on Penelope, efficient mail hostess of CR's Range, and she will bring up the pre-addressed email form for you to fill out and send.

Don't worry -- even if you are mad at some things you saw here at Circuit Rider's Range, send him your thoughts (or frustrations) anyway. He does try to respond to all mail received, no matter how the writer may feel -- whether there is agreement, disagreement, or extreme rage hurled at him

Don't forget -- Penelope will help you in your communications with the Circuit Rider (C. D. Harriger) -- she can handle anything you decide to send -- the good, the bad and the UGLY!

"I would like to sign the Guest Book myself but it would be of little benefit since I have no E-mail address. Your technology isn't developed sufficiently yet so that you would be able to send me a message. If you want to contact me, it is best to relay your message through the Circuit Rider. I am a guest here on his Range and he has made me feel very welcome and says he appreciates my comments. So just write to him and tell him you have something for Alvin and he will see that I receive it. I still have a number of things to look over on Circuit Rider's Range and I hope you will be returning from time to time as well. Since a number of you are curious about my method of travel I have arranged for you to have a view of my vehicle just before I touched down after surveying the surface of the "rebel planet" from 100 earth miles in altitude. I would like to take you for a ride as I know you would find it far different than anything you have ever ridden in, and certainly much more exciting. Some of you earthlings get very excited about your roller coasters and how thrilling they are to ride -- you would find them very dull after a ride in my ship! For instance, I can do a 90 degree turn while traveling hundreds of miles per hour -- that is, as measured in your earth terms of speed -- do you have anything that can do that? You see, part of the features of my ship include compensation for what you refer to as "G forces" and centrifugal force factors! Yes, even when traveling at an extreme high rate of speed, I can literally stop on one of your dimes! As mentioned, I find I need to extend my stay for a while on Circuit Rider's Range, so I do hope to see you again soon. Of course, while I am here, I'm willing to give you a ride to some area of the Circuit Rider's Range -- so just hope in!"

After I board Alvin's fascinating vehicle, I want to go to:

Musings of a Maverick!

Now understand that you will be transported to an area that is related to Circuit Rider's Range by many links. This is called, "Musings of a Maverick," and is a blog started by the Circuit Rider some months back. You will leave Alvin's vehicle and then just scout out the different subjects -- sounds like real fun doesn't it? What? You're not sure about this? Aw, come on and give it a try -- you can always throw the browser into reverse and come back here

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