Circuit Rider's Trophy Case

Circuit Rider's Trophy Case

Music Title: Marie Elena
Surprise, surprise! An angel visited Circuit Rider's Range recently and decided that an award should be given! No, it really did happen! Even Theo got stirred up a bit over this...hey, wait a minute...I'm not finished yet...!

Sorry to butt in, boss, but after all when it comes to who is REALLY doing most of the work around here, you sort of fade into the background! And most of our guests who visit the Range would agree! Maybe we should ask the folks to vote after their visit -- that is, if they are not in a state of shock, and they could indicate whether they believe that if it were not for me, this place probably wouldn't even exist!

Yes, it really is so! But I was working over on the other side of the Range when she visited and so I missed her. I have done some checking and this lady is indeed an angel of the first magnitude. Just look at the award she has presented to us -- isn't it great?

In presenting the award this is what she said:

After viewing your page, I would like to inform you that you have qualified for my Angel's Inspirational Award.
This award is given to pages that express Love, Poetry and/or Spirituality.

And then in the Guest Book she had these very kind words to say:

You have one of the most organized and well-put together pages I have ever seen... I love the music also... Your pages are very inspirational... My father is originally from Harrisburg, PA... we used to go visiting very often before moving out here to Arizona,.. it is a beautiful state... Thank you for your inspiration... With Angel Hugs, Angel

And you should see what she does when she signs a guest book -- not just comments, but she adds to the decor and throws in some music too! We never had anyone sign our Guest Book like that! You can see it by going to the Guest Book which is linked at the bottom of this area. Now as time goes on, you may have to go back a bit to previous entries, but it is worth it

Say, would you like to meet her? Why sure, I knew you would! Then just go to Visit with An Angel! She has all kinds of good things there for your enjoyment and blessing! Look at those grapics with the moving water -- how about that?

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