Circuit Rider's Range - A Bird's Eye View!
Circuit Rider's Range - A Bird's Eye View!

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I repeat, as mentioned in the Range 1 area, you should know that there are things here at CR's Range that may really infuriate you and your blood pressure may quickly rise to the explosion level -- you are bound to consider that CR is really Public Enemy #1! So to relieve some of that toxic stress, you need to make certain that you visit Circuit Rider's Humor Hut before you leave -- you'll make the interesting discovery that CR actually does have a sense of humor -- wierd, perhaps, but he really does laugh once in a while, as you will see at CR's Humor Hut -- so note that link

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for a subject on the Range -- for example, enter names or topics such as God, Jesus, Jean, Theo, Alvin, Methodist, peace, hope, politics, gun, abortion, sin, sex, gods, bishop, same gender, theology, government, hypocrite, Clinton or some other and see what happens!

Unborn Children Brutally
Mutilated & Murdered in USA

since USA started "liberating" Iraq
from the brutality of Saddam Hussein

March 19 2003

Watch this for about 60 to 90 seconds
and see what happens!

For a detailed follow-up, go to The Gaping Hole in Casualty Reporting! -- return links are at bottom of the page to bring you here or to other locations on the Range.

New Additions & Updates

Family Matters

  • Circuit Rider's Closet
    • 6 Doors -- that's right, 6 to peek into!
    • A lot of twists and turns as you start out in Clarion Co. PA!

  • Jean's Place"
    • Jean now has a special Recipe Box and guess who is fascinated about it!
    • See "photo" of Jean and Circuit Rider
    • Our "Special Angel"
    • Read about our "Family Miracle"

  • Jean's Recipe Box
    • Jean has some special "goodies" for you including recipes for those special occasions!
    • That special visitor drops in -- drawn by the fragrances of Jean's kitchen!
    • Routes to all kind of food adventures!

  • Jean's Photo Album
    • A couple in their younger years!
    • A very special day in June 19??
    • Same couple -- still honeymooning a bit later in life!
    • And more to come in days ahead....

Some Good Things Happening!

  • Cherry Run Camp Meeting
    • An experience for the whole family!
    • Why not plan to attend the next summer session?
  • Mission Utility Vehicles, Inc.
    • Are you supporting mission witness and outreach?
    • Consider this project -- good for individual, group, and church involvement!

    NOTE: Use the "back" on your browser to
    return here from Cherry Run Camp Meeting and
    Mission Utility Vehicles -- no return links at those locations.

Issues for Time & Eternity!

  • Popular Deities of American Culture!
    • A graphic display of the real aliens destroying our culture!
    • Victims range from the very young to the very old in the sunset years of life!

  • The Way - The Truth - The Life
    Life's Most Critical Questions Here!

  • Abstinence: I Rest My Case!
    • Is "abstinence before marriage" still a good thing?

  • A Crisis in Value of Human Life in USA Culture!

      Human Life Is Sacred

      • How abortion benefits our society!
      • The abortion industry is very lucrative!
      • A prayer each pro-abortionist should pray!
      • How soon does God identify us as a "person?"

      The United States Holocaust Gallery!

      • Sometimes too much salt is not a good thing!
      • Pieces scattered for puzzles are OK, but....!
      • Who will give a quarter?
      • Close only counts in horse shoes, does it not?

      Fighting for Your Life!

      • Samuel Armas did something no other human has ever done before!
      • Moral wrongs vs. constitutional "rights!"
      • Counting the dots!

      Justice Denied!

      • Question: Why are the greatest number of acts of violence that take place each day in our society never reported in the mass media?
      • Question: Why do our political leaders, many of our religious leaders, and influential persons in the media culture have their priorities badly mixed up when it comes to addressing acts of violence and seeking justice for the victims of that violence?
      • Question: Why do a majority choose to remain silent on this rampant injustice which our Attorney General, judges, district attorneys, and law enforcement personnel intentionally avoid?

  • In Pursuit of Peace!
    • Discover the perfect formula for all peace!

  • The Heart of the Matter
    • What is the REAL issue in the U.S.A.?
    • Well, it's not the economy as mistakenly believed in a place called Washington DC!!!!

  • Circuit Rider's Domino Class
    • See why nations die!
    • Is the U.S.A. on the ailing list?

  • Theo's "Special Place"
    See the real name of his place when you get there!!!
    Now in case you came directly here and have not yet met Theo, you can make acquaintance with CR's Administrative Assistance by jumping over to Meet Theo.
    • See how Julius W. made a significant "contribution"???
    • Even Alvin stops by here and makes a statement!

Commentary, Letters, & Controversy!

  • Is there any hope? Take a trip to Circuit Rider's Reflections

  • Circuit Rider's Shooting Range
    • What if your planned new home were destroyed?
    • A horror story from Pittsburgh PA!
      • Featuring the antics of Dr. "Gum Chewer!"
    • Ah, yes, about those politicians.....

  • Circuit Rider's Bare Knuckle Arena!
    • Is the tobacco industry the only one that should pay?
    • What about UMC "connectionalism" and those who insist on loyalty to it?
    • How about the UMC "Caste System" that is kept secret and nobody discusses it?

  • Circuit Rider's Gun Cabinet
    • Check out Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -- solid food for thought!
    • Locking those guns, plus some other items for our protection!
    • WJC & Co. planning to sue the gun manufacturers!
    • A favorite of editorial writers -- the "Kids & Guns" theme!
    • How about the "bone picking" vulture media and Littleton, Colorado?
    • Has something been happening over the years that has helped produce the constant series of shootings all over the country?
    • Will "banning the gun" really do it?

  • Ciruit Rider's Letter Cache!
    • Letters to bishops, senators, editors -- was asbestos used to write those on? (Ooops! Sorry to mention that EPA!)
    • UMC Bishop Joe Wilson some time back received a lot of publicity in his appeal for an end to executions in Texas -- how far does his concern for human life extend? Read Questions for Bishop Joe!
    • Clear proof that we have to endure a mainstream media that has TWO faces -- that's right, not just one but TWO!! Certain news happenings bring out that second face :-(

  • Circuit Rider's Archive Center
    • More stirrings of the cauldron!
    • Being selective in condemning violence????
    • On teaching kids how to kill!

Prayer Challenge!

Ah, A Bit of Politics!

Variety Is Spice of Life, Even Here!

  • Circuit Rider's This 'n That Den
    • A little bit of everything here!
    • Drop in and Look Around :-)
    • Pick up a quote to use!

  • Circuit Rider's Humor Hut
    • Why did the chicken cross the road? Some new answers to consider!
    • Potomac River incident!
    • Solving the great lipstick crisis!
    • Plus some other gems to chuckle over :-)

United Methodist Church Related Issues!

If you wish, you can go to A Mainline Called the United Methodist Church which is devoted entirely to details related to information and issues pertaining to the United Methodist Church as discussed on Circuit Rider's Range.

February 11, 2000 (another date which will compete for living in infamy!) Sacramento 3 Ring Circus Concluded! (and what a "conclusion!") For UM's who want to read the new "obituary" of the UMC go to Sacramento 67 Hearings

  • For a commentary on this go to Requiem!

Be sure to note the "prediction" made by John Wesley
about the future of the people known as "Methodist."

  • Circuit Rider's United Methodist Connection
    • Everything you've wanted to know about the United Methodist Church but maybe were afraid to ask! hee hee! :-)
    • The United Methodist Church's GCFA "leaned" on me about using the official cross & flame symbol at this area, so I substituted another for it -- hope you like the new one -- see it along with "skirmish" details at Touching the UMC Sacred Cow!

  • The official "stamp of approval" -- you'll be impressed at UMC Episcopal Endorsement of Same Gender Coupling!

  • Circuit Rider's Behind the Scenes Peek!
    • You'll find this hard to believe! But there are prayer meetings, affirmations of faith, gospels, "marriages," etc. of another kind floating around in the mainline churches these days, including the United Methodist Church!
    • Check a solid reason as to why UMC bishops should add a strong "PS" on to their "Initiative" on behalf of children!
      • Is there a "hush hush" conspiracy going on among the bishops?
    • We got so much stuff shipped in that it has been necessary to add Peek #2! And there's more to come!

  • A House Divi\/ded!
    • Take a first hand look at the war -- no improvement in sight either!
    • And here is where the skeletons come out of the closet -- hee hee!

  • The UMC's Creech Caper!
    • A new milestone in UMC history and what a web has been woven!
    • Trace it from the beginning!
    • Review the avalanche which Creech started, with a 'holy union' thing just another rumble along the way!
    • Eventually Jimmy went on trial the second time around for being part of a 'union' thing for 2 men -- for him it was a win-win situation no matter what! He was convicted, but it's still a "win" of a kind for him! Hey, he's not going to go away until God Himself says, "This defiance has gone far enough!" See how he is "crusading" now and involved in a group that is waging "unholy war!"

  • The UMC's Version of the Energizer Bunny!
    • Can't describe it here -- you'll just have to come and see the little critter for yourself -- it just keeps hopping along better than Peter Cottontail!

  • No-No Same Gender Coupling Badges!
    • Spice up your conference, district, sub-district, and local church meetings by giving out some "No-No Same Gender Coupling" badges -- they send a clear message -- order some today!

  • Circuit Rider's Cauldron!
    • Just what might we expect from that Jan. 16th 'union ceremony' in CA?
    • And what about those adjectives used with the term "Christian"?
    • How about amending the UMC statement on gambling?

  • Jesus & Lines in the Sand!
    • Should we draw lines in the sand?
    • Did (or does) Jesus always walk along side everyone?

  • The Prophet!
    • Want a REAL challenge? Whatever denominational label you wear, you might be stirred a bit by reading about The Prophet! Do we need one or more in our troubled culture?

Miscellaneous Items

  • Circuit Rider's Nuts & Bolts
    • What this thing is all about...
    • About those personalities...
    • About the music and graphics...
    • About the negative stuff...
    • About those shocking abortion photos...
    • And those special "Selah" moments...

  • Circuit Rider's Information Center
    • Bright light & fresh air rising above the media culture slime pit created by what is commonly identified as the "mainstream media" -- or more appropriately the "socialist propaganda media!"
    • Check much more reliable information sources before you become lobotomized by the "mainstream media" crowd and can no longer think effectively!
    • AND a listing of sites through which you can contact politians everywhere -- the homegrown bunch in the USA as well as politicians in other parts of this deeply disturbed planet!
    • Also check out how the mainstream TV media influences elections -- a couple new terms you need to become familiar with to describe it!

  • Circuit Rider's Book, Magazine, Newspaper & Potpourri Shoppe
    • Real variety in this place!
    • And check out at the Shoppe the exclusive club being formed for some pastors -- you have to be real special to qualify!

  • Circuit Rider's Travel Agency
    • Only place where a train is faster than a plane!
    • Links to Friends' Places
    • And take a trip to some other interesting places!
    • Including one no other travel agency includes on its itinerary!
    • Oh, oh! Alvin popped in with an invitation!

  • The "Lost" Guest Book Entries
    • A number of Guest Book entries were deleted during a technical change some time ago -- see what others are saying about Circuit Rider's Range!
    • A Mr or Ms "Atheist" left a lengthy amount of material recently at the guest book. CR went in to the tech page, deleted it, deleted the expletives and then placed it here! Want a challenge? Read this and ponder how you would respond to this individual!

  • Circuit Rider's Sources
    • Acknowledgement of Helpful Sources

  • Sign Circuit Rider's Guest Book
    • You can return here after signing!
    • A special treat here -- a view of Alvin's vehicle!
    • Want a ride? He discusses that possibility!

Circuit Rider's Range Personalities

There are some special personalities you will be meeting as you tour Circuit Rider's Range.

  • First, as mentioned above, there is Theo who is CR's Administrative Assistant. He has a very shady past and while he doesn't like to admit it, he is still on probation here. You can make your initial acquaintaince with him by going to Meet Theo.

  • Then there is Alvin who comes from a place that is far, far away. Alvin is amazed and perplexed at how it is with us, and makes his comments from time to time, usually emphasizing that things are much different at the place he calls home. If you haven't seen him yet, go to Meet Alvin.

  • You will be impressed with Penelope, who provides a vital service on Circuit Rider's Range. She never says anything, but just goes about doing her work very efficiently without complaint. Of course, she is very well paid for this, as you will see when you cross paths with her from time to time. She does have one rather bad habit, but we've been unable to break her of that. Anyway, go ahead, land the Boeing 747 on her, click the mouse and see what happens!

  • And back when we made a major move to, and he was prominently involved in our move to this new location, there is Harry. He has always been around since he is involved in construction work here on the Range. He is going to be making comments from his perspective in life in weeks to come. But you can meet him now by going to Meet Harry.

  • There have been a lot of changes since Circuit Rider's Range was launched in March of 1998 and we are now in our own domain. You are not here long until you notice the use of graphics and photos in addition to use of music in most areas. He doesn't have a real high profile and he certainly doesn't move very fast -- the kind of a fellow you would not want to pay by the hour, but he has a purpose for being one of our Range personalities. So take time to Meet Sammy.

  • Another newer addition to the staff here at Circuit Rider's Range is Stinky -- when you see him, you'll be able to determine why he has that name, so come on over and Meet Stinky!

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