Meet Harry

Meet Harry!

Music Title: Gentle on My Mind

Hello there! My name is Harry -- sometimes I am known as "Harry the Hammer" because of the work I do. I was the one who was in charge of helping the Circuit Rider get his Range moved into this new location. It sure was a big job -- like moving a giant house with over 40 furnished rooms of furniture from one place to another! With all that work I put in a pile of overtime, but we've got it pretty much in order now.

Some major changes were made. Personalities associated in some way with CR's Range now have their own areas where you can meet them and learn about them, and that even includes me. CR even wants me to take a break and make a few comments on things. Now understand that it's not that I'm not a friendly guy, but when you see me occasionally, I'm pretty busy and I just don't have time to stop and chat -- got to keep that jack hammer going so CR can expand this Range!

Other changes have been in some of the music that either sets a mood, or sends a kind of message. And if your browser is sensitive, you will notice your cursor changes shape. Even the cursors often send a symbolical message -- check out the one CR placed at the UMC's Creech Caper!

For those of you who have been here before, please change the address on your favorite places list -- in some cases, it may be adding the address to "Least Favorite" or "Most Hated" places to visit, as some occasional email reveals

Enjoy! Be sure to drop back from time to time. I'll be commenting on some things in the next few days. I'm among that group of people classed as "blue collar" -- see, we still have class distinctions in what is supposed to be a class-free society, and I'm stereo typed as an "Archie Bunker" type of person. That isn't true at all, and I'll be telling you why. I'm packaged that way because of the brain washing influence of the TV industry! Sad thing is that the majority of people in our society don't realize they have been brainwashed by the power brokers of the media culture, and so they have permitted that bunch with their 7 figure incomes to dictate what our value system is supposed to be! Ooops -- sorry -- didn't mean to get started already!

In case you have any questions at this point you can send an email to the Circuit Rider. Just click on Penelope, our letter eating toad, who is in charge of the mail department at the Range. She is very efficient and is highly paid for doing her job well -- only first class crickets for her daily diet plus a salary that you would envy -- one that is in the same class as politicians, both government and church!

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