Meet Alvin

Meet Alvin!

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Music Title: Fly Me to the Moon

"Pardon my intrusion here as you are in the midst of exploring this unusual place known as Circuit Rider's Range. I am more than a little curious about it myself and the governing authorities where I come from want me to get a complete description of it and give a full report when I return home. So it is likely we may cross paths from time to time elsewhere on the Range. I don't have time now, but later I'll tell you more about who I am and how it is at my place. I'm going next to Circuit Rider's This 'n That Den and will tell you more there and then I've got to get over to 1600 PA Avenue and some other areas as well. I know one of those will be that "special place" of Theo's -- you'll find him to be very interesting, especially with his background! And for sure, I'll have to check out those other "aliens" at Popular Deities of American Culture! One thing for certain, we don't have anything like this back home -- honestly, to put something like this on my planet might throw it off its axis! I will look forward to seeing you later my earthling friend! Oh, you can get a view of my vehicle in the Guest Book area -- you will see that it is a bit different from the ones you use for getting around!"

Alvin's Itinerary

After allowing some time to pass I have turned in a report on Alvin's itinerary. There are a number of places on the Range where he has dropped in and made some comments, most of which reveal how different his world is from ours! So here it is, in case you want to follow up a bit on this fellow


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