Meet the Circuit Rider

Meet the Circuit Rider!

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Hello and Welcome to the Circuit Rider's Range :-)

Time Always Moves on, Folks, and Keeps Nudging Us Toward Eternity!

My name is Clayton D. Harriger and I reside in the outskirts of the great metropolis of Belsano, Pennsylvania which is just a little north of a town called Nanty Glo (Welsh, meaning "rivers or streams of coal") and about 20 miles due north of Johnstown PA , which is also known as Flood City!! Some gross person printed T shirts with a score board on it after the last flood which read "Flood - 3 Johnstown - 0" (A crude reminder of the 3 major floods of 1889, 1936, and 1977! Johnstown is also home to WJAC TV, a local TV station that gave extensive coverage to a "funeral" that was conducted for Jesus on April 10, 1998. Funny thing -- they did not give "balanced" coverage to His resurrection! Maybe it is true with many in mass media communications as it is with a majority of members in our society, that it is better to try to confine Him to a grave -- if He's alive, He has a way of confronting you and troubling you if your lifestyle is not conforming to the holy purposes of Almighty God!!

I am a retired United Methodist pastor and as mentioned in my AOL profile, I have the battle scars to prove it after 37 years of active ministry!! :-) I live in the Johnstown District of the W. Pa. Annual Conference. Our sister district on the east is the Altoona District of the Central Pa. Conference -- and on the west our sister district is Indiana District.

There is more background information about the family and me at Circuit Rider's Closet -- yes, you can peek in the doors of the closet and see all kinds of stuff

Why the name, "Circuit Rider" you ask? It comes as a result of having spent my life working with small congregations. Methodist preachers in colonial times rode from church to church on horseback serving their appointments to "circuits" -- a cluster of churches for which they were responsible and were known as circuit riders. While I don't have a horse (and really don't care for them ever since I fell off one when I was a kid) I have adopted the name out of my experience of traveling "circuits" to which I was appointed over the years -- one involved traveling over 30 miles on a Sunday morning before I got back home. The commentary at Circuit Rider's Cauldron contains a letter which will give background as to where I am coming from in all this and my choice to be a pastor to small congregations.

Now here is the layout of my spread -- bear in mind there is a lot of construction going on constantly throughout the Range -- so go slowly as you proceed through the zones -- fines are high in PA for speeding through construction areas -- they may even hang you! If you wish, you can take shortcuts to move from this range to other areas or places outside and beyond the Range. Be careful, however of the cows on those shortcuts over the back roads -- the price of beef is high on the Circuit Rider's Range! But even worse, watch out for those whitetail deer -- we knock off more on Pennsylvania highways in a year's time than are killed in 7 other states in their hunting seasons combined! And if you didn't take time as you came in to check out the Who's Who of CR Range, I want you to meet my Administrative Assistant, Theo -- most of the time he does a pretty good job in helping out, in spite of his very shady past! He certainly messed things up when he became corrupted! But you will learn all about this eventually. You can check under the Who's Who as you are moving south on Range 1 and click on his name for more information about him.

Take a look now at another individual, because you will see him from time to time around different areas of the Range. He is Harry -- sometimes referred to as "Harry the Hammer!" We plan to give him some time off and and permit him to make some comments from his perspective in life. He has been a great asset here at the Range.


Most of you visiting will notice that your cursor changes shape and this will vary, depending on what area of the Range you happen to be visiting. In most cases the cursors as well as the music are in themselves symbolical of a message being sent -- you may have to scratch your head at times trying to figure that out -- just don't get too frustrated! And if you do find yourself needing some relief, it is good to stop by Circuit Rider's Humor Hut -- maybe you can smile a time or two

And now, a point of clarification -- I use the name "Circuit Rider" for a reason -- it's origin goes back into the 19th century -- as you may recall I mentioned the reason for the name earlier. I am not a part of, nor employed by Circuit Rider Magazine which is published exclusively for United Methodist pastors, and this web site is not in any way connected with that publication -- is that clear????

Also -- I have attempted to give recognition to copyrighted materials in my Circuit Rider's Sources area of the Range -- this includes printed, musical and graphic materials. Many other graphics and music are considered public domain, but if there are any being used here that should be acknowledged, please inform me immediately and I will take the necessary steps to recognize the person or company holding the copyright. My Email address is:

--- CDH alias the Circuit Rider

Special Announcement!

Once upon a time my web site went through a kind of "analysis" and it appears that I have broken about all the "rules" (??) in the book for having an acceptable web site! I'm not too much concerned, however, since my intent is not to please experts in this area or any other for that matter! If you have not fallen victim to the constant barrage of the mediocre and low level intellectual, spiritual, and repeated anti-Christian diet which the mass media culture throws at us on a daily basis -- if you have not simply become a passive zombie that blinks your eyes once in a while and takes everything in without thinking or questioning, then maybe your soul can be stirred a bit and you can be challenged at Circuit Rider's Range -- this site is not intended to amuse and entertain, although there will be a few areas that can bring a smile to the face -- you will have to READ and READ and you will have to THINK -- you will have to PONDER and CONSIDER your position on issues of the day -- and most critical, determine the FOUNDATION for your position -- the number of persons who can do this are few in number, but I hope you who read this will be among that number, and that when you leave after having spent time here, you will be resolved and determined that you will fulfill completely the amazing and exciting plan that Jesus Christ has for you while you walk the surface of planet earth! God's best to you each day as our Lord tarries in His return! CDH.

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