Circuit Rider's Nuts & Bolts

Circuit Rider's Nuts & Bolts

Translation: Some FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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As usual, I have the job of introducing this area. There have been a lot comments and questions which the Circuit Rider receives from persons who tour the Range. The ratio of feedback of personal email and comments made at the Guest Book has been running at about 25/30 to 1 -- that is, for each negative (usually a "I hate your guts!" type, and this usually from a United Methodist pastor) there are 25 to 30 "positives" that express agreement, offer words of encouragement to keep at it, etc. To try to help explain some things about which there may be questions, the "Nuts & Bolts" area has been put together. So here are some answers passed on by Circuit Rider himself with the hope you will better understand what's going on with Circuit Rider's Range

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What's it all about?

  • Circuit Rider's Range is a new "ministry" into which I believe God has placed me. It started with a burden to get involved in this way along with sleepless hours at night and this matter being constantly brought to my attention. One big problem -- I knew absolutely nothing about web page development and working with HTML and all that pleasant kind of stuff! It is amazing how God worked this all out. That does not mean I am now an "expert" in this, but something has been happening, and God has blessed in many ways

What about some of those "personalities"?

  • I admit my imagination runs wild at times, especially with the web site. As I think about content that will be placed on the Range, ideas and thoughts begin to flow. Early on Theo was a product of that and the fact that his real name is "Theology" and then we just sort of took off on that. Using this to illustrate theological corruption and the devastating damage it has caused in the church has not set too well with some people -- especially some pastors and church leaders! This is simply another example of the constant cycle of history -- the persistent problem with those who claimed to be God's people was the tendency to drift from the truth and adopt their own standards mingled with a perverted interpretation of God's clearly defined standards for a stable, sane, healthy and purposeful society!

  • Some have wondered about Alvin, who is another product of my imagination. I admit a bit of fascination with certain works of science fiction, especially older works, such as H. G. Wells' "Time Machine" etc. I couldn't care less about Star Wars and the newer stuff. I do not believe in little green men from Mars and am skeptical about the claims of abductions involving flying saucers. But on the other hand, Alvin became an opportunity to speak of how things might have been on our planet if the fall of Adam and Eve had never happened -- literally a heaven on earth -- and when Alvin speaks, it is a painful reminder of the fallen state of the human race. And we've been suffering the hangover ever since they were kicked out of Eden. Mercifully God provided the perfect cure for this in His Son, Jesus Christ.

  • And what about Penelope, who is in charge of the Circuit Rider Range mail department? What can I say but that my imagination may have fallen into an "unsanctified" state of affairs! But you have to admit that comments about her salary from time to time probably grind the gears of some people!

  • In due time you will be hearing some comments from "Harry the Hammer" who is our construction worker and has some insight into issues as a result of his work. He hasn't had time yet to put those down, but you can be sure that Harry will also "have his day in court!"

Why all those graphics, all the music, and those odd cursors?

  • On the graphics: I like pictures, things that move, and spiced up with color -- I still like to read in books that have pictures in them. Some of my recent favorites are a series of books that have cross sections of things ranging from buildings to aircraft with detailed artwork as to how they work. I also have a similar one on Titanic showing a cut away as to the lay out of the ship and its many decks. So I have attempted to "dress up" the Range a bit and use the graphics to send a message as well. And, yes, I still read books without any pictures in them too!

  • On the music: I like music, both sacred and secular. In my growing up days we had some easy stuff to listen to, some of which is in certain areas of the Range. But even the music sends a message in a number of cases such as "I Never Promised You a Rose Garden" in the area devoted to Bill Clinton, or "Mr. Sandman" in areas devoted to the same gender coupling issue, or "Crying" in the area entitled "A House Divi\/ded" which deals with the divisiveness in the United Methodist Church. Ah, ah don't say it -- I know already -- my critics will say that I am helping to foster that! How about we wait and let God make the final call on that -- OK? I can wait till then if you can

  • On the cursors: That same little white arrow shifting over the screen all the time is a bit boring! So thanks to Comet Zone, when you are at Circuit Rider's Range your cursor can change into some interesting shapes. Some of you may be prompted to accept Comet's offer to make your browser sensitive to these new designs as long as you are at CR's Range. But even the cursors are often symbolical such as the ones at "USA 'gods' on Parade!" or the "Your Mis-Government in Word & Deed" area! And the ones at the "The UMC Creech Caper" and the "UMC's Version of the Energizer Bunny!" are interesting - take a look and see!

Why the negativism?

  • Yes, there are negative things dealt with in areas of the CR's Range. What a lot of people, including too many church leaders, are unwilling to do is to honestly face up to what is happening in our culture and our world and what the consequences of this will lead to if there is not MASS REPENTANCE soon across all levels and in all realms of our society! I stand by my illustration of the use of cancer as a symbol of the spiritual apostasy which is destroying our nation, and point to numerous examples of that. My encouragement when someone rips into me about that comes from the fact that far better persons than I will ever be faced the same thing in their times. Check out the experiences of Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, John the Baptist, et al! And our Lord Jesus spoke of His followers being hated and despised as well, but then, the preference of most people today is to have a Jesus image molded by their perverted imagination which permits them to live a rebel lifestyle and still claim to be "Christian" -- unhuh, sure! I challenge anyone to go through ALL of Circuit Rider's Range and then say, without chopping your tongue in half, that it is totally 100% negative!

Why those shocking abortion photos?

  • Call it the "shock treatment" approach -- our society has been effectively brainwashed and numbed into believing that abortion is merely a "medical procedure" that removes a small mass of "tissue and blood," while at the same time eliminating a "problem" for some female! The proof of this is seen when advocates (both religious and secular) of abortion come upon such photos -- they scream, protest, and yell "foul" -- like a little child, they close their eyes and cover their ears, trying to evade reality of what happens when an abortion takes place! Again, the mainstream media has made its contribution to the ongoing practice of abortion by refusing to tell and SHOW the truth about the unique United States' version of Holocaust!

  • I will do whatever it takes and be involved in whatever way necessary to try to wake people up concerning this abomination, and further to sound the warning that if this mass destruction of the unborn is not stopped very soon, we have nothing to look forward to but the pouring out of the full, undiluted fury of an angry God as a result of our past destruction of millions of individuals for whom He had a very special purpose in His creation!

Why so much text -- just words, words, and more words?

  • OK -- you got me on that one! Along with graphics there is a lot of text on just about anything that is discussed. As one person commented -- "very wordy!" Just blame it on my German ancestry! They are notorious for wordy detailed stuff. As the story goes about a German student assigned to do a BRIEF research paper on the elephant -- 2 weeks later he turned in 2 thick volumns entitled, "The Elephant - An Introduction," with the explanation to his professor that the main body of his report would be turned in within the next month! Welcome to wordy and detailed Circuit Rider's Range

Why did you move your web site?

  • One main reason that prompted a rather fast move was the fact that Angelfire Communications began to arbitrarily throw pop up ads at all members' sites. We used to have the option to display ads or not. In order to show appreciation for my free web space I provided links to Angelfire with a graphic and encouraged people to check out the services offered there. I felt the ads would be very distracting, and at the time of trying to decide where to go, I checked out and found out I could pay a small monthly fee, get 20 mb of space, and no ads would be displayed. This gives me a lot more breathing space since I was approaching the 5 mb limit at Angelfire. Now they are offering up to 30 mb of free space, but the pop up ads are a part of the deal.

What about those "Selah" things we see from time to time?

  • The word, selah, is a Hebrew expression which basically means to stop and think about what you have just read. The word appears from time to time in the Psalms. As you move through some of the content of CR's Range you will find a quote from God's Word to ponder over for a bit. Whatever the subject at hand, the Selah Moment is intended to think about what it means in the light of God's revealed truth!

What are your expectations?

  • One sentence sums it up concerning my expectations -- "I am a short range pessimist with a long range optimism!" That is not original with me -- I picked it up many years ago in my faith journey. As mentioned, if there is not mass repentance soon in our culture, we have nothing to look forward to but the fury of an angry God dealing with our culture in devastating judgment. Our moral, ethical, and spiritual condition is strikingly and disturbingly parallel to the ancient kingdom of Judah in its last years. There is no indication that we are willing to fully pay the price of true repentance. Our prevailing national mood or spirit is more properly one described in Jeremiah -- " have a whore's forehead -- you refuse to be ashamed!" And while there are pockets here and there where there are people coming to know Jesus Christ, it is not a nation wide thing impacting the majority of persons, especially those in positions of power and influence! And that was especially what was singled out in the prophets as a major factor leading to the judgment of God!

  • But I am also most optimistic -- in spite of the very strong possibility that God may allow professing Christians to experience some very agonizing trials and tribulations, particularly in this nation (it cetainly will separate the wheat from the tares!), the promise and hope of Christ's return for His own still outshines all other events. I eagerly look forward to the time when He will set things right side up in this chaotic world, administer His justice, and at long last peace, joy and love will be the common shared experience of all people who are privileged to be citizens of His Kingdom! The closing chapters in the Book of Revelation clearly spell out the fact that our side is going to come out victorious! AMEN!

"Even so, come Lord Jesus!"

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