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As mentioned back on Range 1 by the Circuit Rider, there is a malignant problem in a majority of media organizations. For instance, if you take those talking heads seriously who appear nightly on the major network news telecasts, you're in trouble! They don't "report" news in true journalistic fashion -- this bunch in their tailor made suits with their 7 figure salaries make a vain attempt to be your superior intellectually and presume to tell you how your ought to "think" about things --eventually convincing you to adopt their value system, which is morally and spiritually bankrupt!

And as the Circuit Rider noted on Range 1, "once in a while there is a flow of fresh air and a burst of bright light which rises above the media culture slime pit." Just check out the following sources to see how different "news" can really be when reported responsibly.

Check out how the mainstream TV media gets its fingers into the political pie and influences elections at Media Fingers in the Political Pie!

By the way, while you got the boots on and are in a feisty mood and want to call some politician to task for irresponsibility somewhere, go on down to Contacting Politicians Everywhere! Enjoy!

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WorldNetDaily -- A Free Press for a Free People!

Media Research Center

Conservative News Service
It was here that a well documented report revealed that not
all abortions are being reported -- a cover up, maybe???? oh oh!

Things here you won't find anywhere else!

Another source for uncovering what is really going on in DC!

Big bunch of links here -- of some you have to be wary,
but others "tell it like it is!"

For an excellent commentator, read

Cal Thomas
Insight into national & world happenings from a Christian perspective!

In addition to Thomas, lots of other good commentators are found at the

A wide variety of information on basic issues in our nation.
Check their link to Asian Studies Center among others.

Lots of valuble information here also!

Informative articles on important issues
with a chance to post your responses!

A source of information for United Methodists who are concerned
about the health and survival of their denomination. The site has been
designed and information compiled by Pastor John Warrener. When you visit,
send him a note expressing appreciation for his time and work in this.

Just click on the familiar roll with its essential tissue and

get the truth on a lot of "legends" being circulated,
such as atheist M. O'Hair's petition to the FCC and other
wild stuff you get in an email from time to time!

This is distincly in a class all its own!

Mainstream Media Influence in Election Process!

Try on these custom "definitions" out of the Federalist dictionary so that you may better understand how the mainstream media has its fingers in the political pie, and does a masterful job of determining the outcome of a presidential election more than any of us realizes -----

Pollaganda -- n. 1. Media polling used to manipulate public opinion and advance a particular bias. This is primarily accomplished by television networks, on which most people rely for daily news. (Those who rely on print media for information are less likely to be subjected to extreme bias, and more inclined to discriminate between balanced and biased reporting.)

Pollagandize -- v. 1. To engage in pollaganda. 2. The systematic propagation of television media polls to manipulate public opinion by: first, saturating viewers with "reporting" which reflects a doctrinal bias; second, designing and conducting public opinion surveys which reflect that bias; and third, further proselytizing viewers by treating media poll results as "news." 3. Using pollaganda to induce "bandwagon psychology" (the human tendency to aspire to the side perceived to be in the majority), thus driving public opinion toward an original media bias.

Most people answering early polling questions about who will receive their vote do so on the basis of name recognition. And, of course, name recognition is driven primarily by the television media -- both media buys and free media bias. Then the media conducts and reports its outcome-based polling, setting up the bandwagon momentum, which greatly influences the outcome of elections.

[Source: The Federalist Digest vol 00-07 18 February 2000]

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You Can Contact Politicians Everywhere!

Politicians of the World

Write to the Potentate of Timbucktoo before you are sent there!

United States House of Representatives

Got a politician on your back -- loading you with taxes -- write and protest!

United States Senate

Watch it -- that little tap on the shoulder means only one thing!
They're going to sock it to you -- when was the last time you called them on the carpet for it?

Contacting Members of Congress

Good source here in locating elected officials by state!
Don't wait for someone else to tell them -- YOU do it!
Hey, the grand rip off has gone on long enough!

The White House - 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - DC

Under the Clinton administration we had a monkey jumping on a
bed here -- appropriate for that pair in their time at the White House!
Now we have the link by which you can check in at the White House,
get updated information on President Bush, V. President Cheney, etc.
For making contact with the president or vice president, go to
Email President Bush and express your concerns and words of
encouragement to a man who is in a very tough situation!

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