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Circuit Rider's Gun Cabinet

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Special Announcement: Some months back there was a lot of publicity about a "gun burning day" at the United Nations -- you can wade through United Nations stuff about meetings or special gatherings in which the topic has been the need to get small arms out of the hands of world citizens -- we can be sure there will be no let up on the effort to disarm ALL private citizens!
A bit of good news in this mess -- a member of our State Department addressed the United Nations and made it clear that the United States would not support any effort that would undermine U.S. citizens' 2nd Amendment rights to keep and bear firearms! It stirred up quite a hornet's nest! And on the heels of that announcement AG John Ashcroft has made a public statement that the U.S. Justice Department position is going to be supportive of the 2nd Amendment rights of U.S. citizens to keep and bear firearms. This runs counter to the Clinton/Gore administration which held that the 2nd Amendment does not grant the right of private ownership of firearms to citizens.

For more information on what those crazies at the U.N. are up to in their world wide anti-gun crusade, go to U.N. Conference on Small Firearms -- you'll find lots of stuff here to boost your blood pressure!

Remember the infamous Million Mom March (by the Clintons, Rosie, big names in mainstream media, movie big wigs, et al) which was held a way back when -- the movement is still very much alive! See CR's response by going to A Million Moms Marching! -- just a couple of questions or so, which haven't been answered yet by parties to whom they were directed!

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If you have roamed around in some other places on the Range you will have discovered that CR falls into the class known as "gun nuts" -- he has at least one regret in all this controversy, and that is that he couldn't get a good supply of those bumper stickers that came out some time back which read, "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun!"

Anyway, CR has placed a lot stuff here that relates to the issue of guns. As you know, everytime there is a shooting somewhere the vultures in the mass media give more than top priority prime time attention to the matter. Still remaining is the big question as to why those hypocrites don't with equal intensity dwell on all the death, destruction, human misery and sorrow caused by alcoholic beverage comsumption -- huh? You got an answer to that one? And why doesn't WJC call for a ban on that beverage if he is SO CONCERNED about the safety and well being of the citizens of our society as he claims? And of course that haunting question of banning "tools" of violence used to destroy thousands of unborn children each week in this country! Ooops - sorry, CR will get into this again in a short moment!

Ah, could it be that the alcoholic beverage industry produces a lot more revenue tax wise and a lot more revenue to the media vultures in advertising bucks than does the fiendish gun manufacturing industry? Aha -- gotcha!!

Well, friend, if you think you can take it, read on. CR will be expanding this area as time goes on -- at least, as long as he is here to do it -- with that tommygun blasting away up above the Bureau of ATF might cart him away. That is an illegal weapon in the hands of the average citizen -- the feds like to fine you thousands of dollars for having one and then lock you up and throw away the key! Of course you can kill someone with a hatchet, crescent wrench, or baseball bat and be out on the street in short order -- all it takes is getting hold of a lawyer who lacks true justice principles, and there are any number of those around! Just check the yellow pages in your phone book -- see, I told you so! Check the ones under "Criminal Law" -- these are the guys that specialize in looking for technical loop holes -- doesn't matter if you are guilty, they'll get you off the hook! Uh, for a price! And is it really true, as some have claimed, that 99 per cent of trial lawyers give the rest a bad name?

A Politician & Guns!

A while back "Dianne the Fine" Feinstein, infamous senator from sunny California held a "ban-the-gun" news conference with a very dramatic punch -- she "panned" the assembled gathering with an AK-47 in her hands -- finger clearly on the trigger and the bolt closed! Oooops! And to add some frosting to this "cake" it was learned that the "Fine" one has a permit to carry a weapon concealed and loaded! But that is typical of politicians -- they want to make the rules that apply to everyone else but themselves! More on this over in the area known as Your Mis Government in Word & Deed! But we do have a common word for those kind of people, do we not?
[Source: Premier issue of America's First Freedom, June 2000 – p 20 – photos & text under heading, "Gun Laws Are For Everyone! But Me."]

A P.S. on this one: The "Fine One" in her ignorance just violated a very basic rule in the handling of firearms - you NEVER, NEVER point the muzzle of a weapon toward any person, even if it is presumably "empty" or even if the bolt is open and finger IS NOT on the trigger! The ONLY exception is in a situation where your life is threatened and you are forced to defend yourself, which a number of people in this nation have done at times! That was a basic my dad taught me and one which I drilled into my 3 sons, two of whom have permits to carry loaded and concealed handguns. You always watch where the muzzle of the weapon is pointed, and you ALWAYS double check to make sure the weapon is unloaded when it is brought into the house, and again check it when removing it from its place of storage. Anyone want to set up a session between the NRA and the Fine One that she may be properly instructed in the use and handling of firearms -- she obviously has a lot to learn! But then again, can you REALLY teach a politician anything?

The United Methodist Church & Guns!

The United Methodist Church had its General Conference gathering in Cleveland, Ohio during the early part of May 2000. All kinds of stuff went on there including mention of guns! Bishop George Bashore of the Western Pennsylvania Annual Conference made this interesting remark in a sermon to the near 1,000 delegates in attendance:
"In the United States our streets are filled with violence, and the many, the children of God, are being scared and scarred and killed, while we bow down to the demonic forces of the National Rifle Association."

The General Conference also adopted what was termed as a resolution on gun violence within which was a statement calling on the U.S. government to ban private ownership of all handguns, plus a bunch of other stuff that attempts to pave the way for a ban on all firearms -- you know, a kind of handwriting on the wall thing as you see the "ban the gun" bandwagon getting up a full head of steam these days with support from church leaders, government officials, the members of the mainstream media ( who perhaps are among the worst hypocrites of all due to drawing fat salaries from their employers who at the same time flood our culture with violent "entertainment" featuring prominent use of firearms!)

Circuit Rider who has put this web site together happens to be an ordained elder in full connection with the Western Pa. Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church where Bashore had been the bishop until retiring as of July 2000. And CR is also a member of the NRA as are some other pastors! To see CR's response to all this go over to CR's Letter Cache #2 where you will find 2 letters written about this issue -- you will have to scroll down past the first one which has been sent to President Clinton, or hit the links at the top which will take you directly to the letters.

And if you would like to send a personal response to Bishop Bashore, who in retirement will be a kind of "Bishop in Residence" at Mount Lebanon UMC in Pittsburgh PA, write to:

Bishop George W. Bashore
c/o Mt. Lebanon United Methodist Church
3319 West Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15216

A suggestion: You might ask the bishop why he doesn't mention the demonic forces that are threatening his own denomination, or the demonic forces working WITHIN his denomination, or why he has never raised his voice about the demonic forces that result in the destruction of over 1 million unborn children per year! Maybe he will respond to you -- he doesn't reply to me any more -- perhaps because I have hammered on him quite a bit about the latter issue over the years!

A Post Script:CR and 2 of his sons did present Bishop Bashore a retirement gift for his enjoyment -- and in retirement there will be more time for reading, right? So a gift membership in the NRA was purchased for the bishop, which includes a subscription to First Freedom magazine! In a personal note to the bishop, CR appealed that he might read the magazine and learn a bit as to what the NRA is all about, including its positive programs on education, safety standards, and use of firearms for children and youth as well as adults!

Hey! How about this?

Check out this group ---

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Some thought provoking articles here -- and be sure to take a good hard look at Gun Control -- The KEY to GENOCIDE! -- and a picture there of a gas chamber at the Auschwitz Death Camp!

This all comes from a people (or their relatives) who experienced first hand the gruesome results of gun control taken to its deadly and logical conclusion when ungodly people gain control of the government! Read and think seriously folks, while you still have the time to do so!

And read the interview, Holocaust Survivor Denounces Anti-Gun Movement! -- a warning from one who made it out of Dachau alive!

How about the votes on the controversial statement coming from a NRA official some time ago? You can go to VOTE.COM|Vote Archives and check out results on voting on various issues -- on the NRA vs. Clinton war, the tally was 86% in agreement with the NRA statements and 14% opposed. The votes were forwarded to the various parties involved!

NOTE: The following was written just as a news release revealed that Smith & Wesson had capitulated to the bullying and threatening tactics of a president (Clinton) who has abused and misused the powers of his office more than any other in the history of the United States, including a barnyard standard of sexual morality! Uh, uh -- it's been well documented, including testimonies from a number of "victims!"

Lock Those Guns!

As you remember, Bill Clinton pushed hard for security locks for guns plus more restrictive gun control laws -- actually, this guy was attempting to travel down the road of a total ban -- check out what happened in England and Australia if you want a foretaste of what the anti-gun people, including the ones with the little minds in the mainstream media, are working for here! There is a link at the bottom which tells about the England anti-gun crusade and its results!

G.W. Bush replaced Clinton as president the third week of January, 2001. But that does not mean the anti-gun people are going to fade away -- Bill Clinton started something that works much like a malignant cancer, and it's continuing to spread throughout the land! There are people who want to make the 2nd Amendment null and void, but at the present time there are 2 encouraging things that have been happening:

  • President Bush went on record that he intends to press for enforcement of all the gun laws presently on the books, and punishment of offenders committing crimes with guns to the full extent of the law -- something which didn't take place under the Clinton/Gore administration -- all they wanted to do was take away the guns from the law abiding citizens! Bush's announcement on this has the full support of the demonized NRA -- you know, the NRA has been the whipping boy in the mainstream media as well as by certain religious leaders!
  • Attorney General Ashcroft has publicly gone on record as supporting the 2nd Amendment and interpreting it to mean that citizens have the right to bear and keep firearms, a position which was not held by former AG Janet "Save the Children" Reno!

Anyway, on with suggestions about locks on certain things in order to make our society more sane and sensible, huh?

Well, since a 10 year old stabbed his father to death with a kitchen knife (mid March '00) and a number of other people are stabbed with knives each year, should we require security locks on all knife blades?

And how about putting locks on the TV and movie industries which flood this country with a daily diet of violence, vulgarity, and immorality under the guise of entertainment? As most are aware, guns play a prominent role in this "entertainment" -- special effects enable us to see slow motion splattering of blood, guts and brains! Our young are given hours of exposure to this moral garbage every week and in the process are programmed to react violently to any provocation! If someone crosses you, you demonstrate that you have learned your lesson well -- kill the offending party, right? So, Mr. President, we are waiting for you to threaten those industries with law suits if they don't clean up their act -- get out the locks and secure them!

Also, in that area, how about putting security locks on the mouths of individuals who are employed by movie and TV industries who have jumped on the ban-the-gun bandwagon? Isn't it more than a little hypocritical to accept a nice 7 million dollar salary and luscious perks from an industry that produces the stuff just described above, and then piously talk about the need for gun control as many are want to do -- want a prime example? Try one named Rosie O! And there are a host of others as well!

And of course, there are huge numbers of victims each year from the use of alcoholic beverages, so let's put security locks on every bottle and can that contains a beverage with a .001 percent alcohol content or greater! And then let's throw away all keys and combinations to those locks! Now don't get upset -- if we follow through on this great idea which originated with Bill C., just think of the lives we will see saved from violent death!

Now for the BIGGIE! Let's put security locks on those stainless steel "tools" and custom made vacuum cleaners used by abortionists to destroy anywhere from 3,700 to 4,000 unborn children a day! Again, let's just thrown away the keys on these too! For some reason, Bill Clinton doesn't seem to care about these victims of a violence that is indescribable! He has vetoed the legislation that would ban partial birth abortions! Do you suppose he's getting a kickback from those Frankenstein style characters who traffic in the very lucrative business of selling baby parts? As noted elsewhere when you total up the victims of different types of violence, gun related and others, where do you find the greatest number and what have been the instruments used in those acts of violence? Huh?

And since there are quite a few thousand done in by cars and trucks each year, how about securing those vehicles with locking devices with only a few really qualified people permitted to drive them, and then maximum speed limit will be 8 mph! Hey, now you'll have to admit that the number of victims would be drastically reduced would they not? Have you ever heard of someone losing his/her life in a vehicle collision which wasn't a violent experience? Isn't that what this is all about -- Bill Clinton is out to save us from ourselves, and this security lock thing is a good step in that direction -- all I'm doing is suggesting that we be a little consistent in applying it so that we will truly save thousands and thousands of lives! But then, consistency is not a virtue demonstrated by one named William Jefferson Clinton is it? OK, OK! I admit -- this last one is a bit radical -- how about we up that speed limit by 50% to 12 mph -- we'll still save a lot of lives on the highways, right?

Anyone here want to give the anti-gun folks the following treatment?
Who knows, maybe the treatment will clear up their heads a little bit!
Uh, no pun intended on that!

Post Script after the Flush! The following note was sent off to Smith & Wesson with copies to the NRA and the Clinton/Gore outfit! The above information was also included, except for the commode -- I couldn't get that in the email, as much as I really wanted to -- especially in the copies that went to the White House!

Smith & Wesson
Springfield MA

Dear Sirs:

I see where you have capitulated to the coercion of a president who delights in the abuse of his power and whose main legacy is that he stained a perfectly good dress which was being worn by one named Monica Lewinsky in his office!

I own some of your handguns, but assure you that I will not be buying any more after this submission to the threats of one who has played the hypocrite more than any other who has occupied the White House in USA history.

If he is REALLY concerned about safety and loss of human life, then tell me why he hasn’t done something about the following areas of violence that takes thousands of lives per year? There’s more to his anti-gun “crusade” than safety locks going on!

Clayton D. Harriger
Belsano PA

If you want to contact Smith & Wesson, just click on the logo below:

Send an email to the CEO and tell him how you feel!

Now that time has passed since the S&W fiasco, reports indicate that they have suffered a serious drop in sales -- I wonder why?

Clinton Now Intends to Sue Gun Makers!
The suggestion has been made that the label, "Clintonazis," now applies!

Below is a news release providing info on Clinton's plan to sue gun manufacturers when he was president. Now that we are in the Bush presidency, things are different as stated in an update listed above. In addition, one city law suit against gun makers has been thrown out, and hopefully any others pending will go the same route! However, we need to be vigilant -- no matter how supportive a president may be of the 2nd Amendment and the rights granted by that amendment, there will always be individuals and groups, including city governments, that will attempt to sue gun manufacturers and press for a ban on personal ownership of firearms -- these are the ones who have become infected with Clinton/Gore-itis!

According to an AP release on 99/12/08 Clinton & Co. are going to participate in a national lawsuit against gun manufacturers in hopes that this will force them to negotiate with cities and of course ultimately pay huge sums of money because of criminal acts committed with firearms -- a rerun of the tobacco companies being milked financially for "damages" done to victims, and of course another message loud and clear that says, "No one is personally responsible for his/her actions -- if I kill someone with a handgun, it's the maker of the gun in my hand who is reponsible and the maker should pay!" And you know the media people, large numbers of whom live in Clinton's back pocket, will do another "overkill" on this! (No pun intended)

As previously mentioned by Theo above, how long do you think it is going to take this president and his political cronies, who profess to be SO CONCERNED about our safety and well being, to launch a lawsuit against the alcoholic beverage industry, making it liable for all the deaths, injuries, domestic and civil violence, job losses, health problems, etc. for which it has been responsible! And of course, you know how compassionately he has worked to stem the violent slaughter of the unborn at an average of 3,700 to 4,000 a day! The gun deaths quickly fade inconspicously into the background when you do a comparison of these -- the death & destruction caused by alcoholic beverage consumption and the systematic destruction of the unborn! But don't hold your breath on this one -- you'll surely suffocate!

How about a proposal to the dictionary publishing people -- where they list the word "hypocrite" -- put Clinton's picture beside it -- that way, everyone will have a clear understanding of the meaning of the word!

"A cruel and unfair judgment call!" you say? Let's get this in a bit of perspective! What's your judgment on a lumberjack who goes into the woods to cut timber -- there are trees that are 24 inches and more in diameter at the base of the trunk and all he does is cut saplings that are 3 inches or less in diameter! Better yet, if you were his boss, would you keep him on the payroll? Aha, gotcha AGAIN!

Hey, by now you know Clinton doesn't have as much spine as a jelly fish to honestly look at the following, much less aggressively do something about it! After all, what draft dodger does have any spine?

United States Holocaust Gallery

Fighting for Your Life!

Now, do you still want to debate the "hypocrite" label being applied to WJC who claims he's concerned about violence done to human beings? Do you suppose he will sue doctors (term used loosely) and owners of abortion clinics, and makers of the stainless steel "tools" and custom "vacuum cleaners" that shred to little pieces 3,700 to 4,000 unborn children per day?

Sort of makes the gun victim stats fade deep into the background doesn't it? It's a problem of what a close Friend of mine referred to as straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel in the process!

Back in June ('99) the United Methodist Reporter was another media "victim" which quickly clamored aboard the anti-gun bandwagon with an editorial entitled, "Kids & Guns" -- as you would suspect, the Circuit Rider just had to respond and was not surprised when the editorial people wrote back and indicated they would not print his letter -- ummm, wonder why they wouldn't print it? As old Harry Truman once said, "If you can't stand the heat, then you ought to get out of the kitchen!" Anyway, here is the reply to that editorial.

June 22, 1999

Editorial Staff The UM Reporter

Dear Friends:

Our recent Western Pennsylvania Conference edition carried your editorial on kids & guns with a prominent photo of a gun, etc. It appears you have jumped on the "ban the guns" bandwagon which is headed up by a president who leaves a lot to be desired in the department of morals and ethics! Is the handgun really the main culprit responsible for our violence saturated society?

I am enclosing copies of two letters addressing that issue and the fact that the problem runs much deeper than guns and access to the same. I have yet to read editorials in the mainstream media or the religious media that are facing up to the reality of this!

You like to quote statistics as shown in the anti-gun article? Do you have enough spine to give detailed (and I mean detailed) stats on the total loss of life and destruction caused by beverage alcohol in a year’s time along with shocking photos? And this will include a number of violent deaths by firearms, which is to say, that if the person had not been boozed up, he/she would not have used the gun! Don’t forget the numbers of highway deaths and injuries along with other matters as referred to in the letter to Bishop Bashore!

And here’s a good project for editorial people and their love affair with statistics. Try printing in your editorial section some week how many unborn children are mangled on a daily basis, and what this amounts to in a year’s time! Also print some photos of mangled body parts, and the gooey, mushy remains of a child in its earlier stages of development – seems both secular and religious media people prefer to suppress this violent side of our culture. Oh yes, how about printing photos of the instruments that tear these preborn children to pieces – you like to print photos of guns, and yet the guns have not claimed nearly as many victims as these medical "tools" of destruction! And it would be helpful to print a diagram as to how a partial birth abortion is performed – a photo of this would be much better, but likely hard to come by! Doesn’t look good for the "doctor" (term used very loosely) or for the female who has chosen to discard her unborn child in a rather violent fashion! And guess what? When you get done listing methods of violence and numbers of victims in this arena, your stats on gun victims are going to be quite a bit lower on the totem pole!

Your reference to ABC-TV’s 20/20 special on Fiji and its now peaceful culture, which is gun free, is most interesting. How about that? A TV network that makes big bucks out of spewing forth nightly a diet of violence, immorality, vulgarity, and anti-Christian values in prime time having a special on a "non violent" culture! We do have a common word for that do we not? I believe it is called hypocrisy! Want to call them down on that?

After you get done with the above requested statistics and appropriate photos to match, I’ll give you a few more good projects to work on and statistics to run down. But being the realist that I am, I will not hold my breath until that happens – most likely I would become another statistic!

Still contending (Jude 3 & 4)
Clayton D. Harriger

The New School Prayer:

Now I sit me down in school
Where praying is against the rule.
For this great nation under God
Finds mention of Him very odd.

If Scripture now the class recites,
It violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow
Becomes a federal matter now.

Our hair can be purple or orange or green,
That's no offense, it's the freedom scene.
The law is specific, the law is precise,
Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

For praying in a public hall
Might offend someone with no faith at all.
In silence alone we must meditate,
God's name is prohibited by the State.

We're allowed to cuss & dress like freaks,
And pierce our noses, tongues & cheeks.
They've outlawed guns; but FIRST the Bible.
To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
And the unwed daddy, our Senior King.
It's "inappropriate" to teach right from wrong,
We're taught that such "judgments" do not belong.

We can get our condoms, & birth controls,
Study witchcraft, vampires & totem poles.
But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
No Word of God must reach this crowd.

It's scary here I must confess,
When chaos reigns the school's a mess.

So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
Should I be shot,
My soul please take.

--- Circulated on the Internet

As you know, the president really whipped up a "ban the gun" frenzy and insisted that the Congress pass more anti-gun legislation. So, CR wrote to each senator addressing them personally by snail mail plus a few people in the House of Representatives as well. Don't tell him I said so, but I got the feeling by statements he made that he felt there wasn't a whole lot of difference between writing to politicians and writing to bishops -- it's amazing how similar the replies are and if the names are blotted out, you would sometimes have a problem determining whether that reply was from a political leader or a religious leader! Now mind, don't even breathe a word of this in CR's presence -- I could maybe lose my job!

June 15, 1999

Senator X X
Washington DC

Dear Senator X

How long will you people in Congress allow the Congress to be bullied by a president who has set a most tragic example for our youth by his own gutter level standards of ethics and morality? Further, he is a major perpetrator in inflicting violence on innocent people in the Balkan area of the world in recent months! He foolishly believes that more gun laws will cure the violence problem in our schools and has persuaded many others to believe that as well!

Just do a count on how many unborn children are systematically and violently destroyed daily. Then sit down some night during prime time TV and count the following: (1) number of acts of violence with slow motion splattering of blood and guts, (2) uses of profanity, noting each word, (3) references and/or displays of immorality (fornication, adultery and homosexuality), and (4) attitudes and/or conversation which mock and ridicule the Judeo/Christian system of values, ethics and morality! Check the popular TV "talk shows" and assess their output of intellectual feces!

Then listen to the "music" which is most popular with our youth and write down the lyrics of the same. After that play some video and computer games which are most preferred by the young and note the prominent themes of the occult, death, and violence! And if your brain isn’t fractured yet, then surf the Internet and see the cesspool quality material that any 10 year old can access in spite of so called "controls," parental or otherwise!

And, oh yes, look around and detail your impression as to how Sunday is used by the vast majority of the citizens of this country. Ought we not rename the day to Funday in order to more accurately describe how it is utilized? Hypocritically, the foregoing activities take place in a society that has coin & currency inscribed with "In God We Trust!"

When you write back with your detailed "garbage" list, then I will reply and tell you of remembering a time when we were NOT violently tearing apart over 4,000 unborn children in the womb each day, when movies were NOT saturated with slow motion splattering of blood and guts and naked men and women were NOT rolling around in bed or wherever, and vulgar language including the infamous "f" word was NOT used in entertainment industry productions. Are you willing to pay $1 for each time the "f" word is used in the movie, Primary Colors, (a mirror image of the present administration in Wash. DC by the way!) to a worthy charity? The charity will thank you for your generous donation!

I will also tell you of a time when TV in its brief infancy had quality programming without any of the aforementioned conscience deadening debris and conveyed a value system that contributed positively to a sane, orderly, and healthy society. And I will tell you of experiencing a time when schools were opened each day with reading from the Scriptures and reciting of the Lord’s Prayer. Ah yes, back then we did NOT need metal detectors, drug sniffing dogs, and security people in our schools and we did NOT have assaults on students and teachers, random shootings, and constant disruption of school sessions due to phone calls warning of a bomb set to explode! And I will also tell you of a time when Sunday was primarily a day of rest and worship with most businesses and companies closed!

The bitter reality is that we are tasting the harvest of a decayed value system spread over the last 40 years! There is no evidence that we are willing to fully repent and create the necessary changes to turn our culture away from its focus on vulgarity, immorality, violence, occultism, and death. The only thing left is to experience a holy God’s response to this brazen defiance of His standards for peace, prosperity, and fulfillment (see Deuteronomy 28). It is now less a question as to whether God will bring judgment upon us, and more how soon it will be! Rest assured, Senator, that the President and Congress of the United States will not "legislate" to make God’s judgment policy null and void when it is implemented!

Clayton D. Harriger
Non Affiliated Registered Voter
Belsano PA 15922 Phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx
Web Site: Circuit Rider’s Range at
Note: New web site address since above letter was written is now:

Tragedy in Littleton CO - Is it just guns?

April 20, 1999 -- massacre in a high school in Littleton, Colorado -- and also the anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birthday -- Hitler seemed to be an idol of the students who did the killing among other things -- the mass media people are scrambling to exploit this event and extract every single drop of blood they can out of this :-((

What follows is a copy of a commentary that was distributed to mass media groups & organizations all over the place. One thing, for those honest enough to face reality, there is a lot more than guns involved in this! Of course the anti-gun crowd continues to be on a roll with this one -- an example of another group that strains at a gnat and swallows a camel in the process! Ah, that expression is not original with me -- it was first quoted by a very close Friend of mine! This commentary has been revised a bit due to the media acting like piranha in blood saturated water, or like the creatures mentioned in the opening paragraph!

April 24, 1999

Media people continue to pick over Littleton, CO more intensely than vultures over a decaying carcass! Is it with the hope that maybe they can inspire copy cat happenings all over the country and keep this thing going?
Well, looks like they "succeeded" -- another shooting in a Georgia school in May!
Is the fear of some competitor "scooping" us so great that we just have to hang on to this thing with absolutely no feeling for the community and all the families (families of the victims AND families of the students responsible) caught up in this tragedy? Will the media vultures not allow those families to work through their grief privately with support from those who truly care? The following letter is being distributed to those involved in media flow of what is supposed to be "news" events and entertainment.

To Those Who Are Part of the USA Media Culture:

Another record has been set in our society with which no community would want to be identified. But Littleton, Colorado with a massacre taking place in its high school now possesses the record of having the most students killed on school property by other students.

What has happened should not really be that surprising. For some time our young have been programmed from the moment of birth to react violently at the slightest provocation. This is accomplished through our media culture by means of over dosing on audio and visual experiences.

The themes of violence, vulgarity, immorality, self-centeredness, defiance of authority, and mockery of all that is sacred saturate the consciousness of the young on a regular basis. They hear it in their music and see it played out before their eyes on television, video and computer games, and in the movies!

In hypocritical fashion many of those in the media scrambling to exploit the Littleton tragedy are a part of networks and organizations that contribute to the bankrupted value system which holds our young along with too many parents in its fatal grip.

Due to the profit motive coupled with the philosophy that dollars matter more than people there is no reason to believe the controlling powers in our media culture will endeavor to drastically change the quality of programming which would have a positive impact on the young. The type of impact which will assist in inducting them into a system of values that inspires them to become future citizens who are determined to build a sane, stable, sensible, and God fearing society.

Ironic is it not that a few decades back, with some prodding from a Supreme Court decision, the public education system is now generally considered to be off limits to Almighty God. Don't even mention His name on school property. What presently takes place on public school property with increased frequency is not a very healthy, profitable, or desirable alternative!

Clayton D. Harriger
Methodist Pastor, Retired
Belsano PA
Web Site: Circuit Rider's Range located at:
New web site address since above letter was written is now:

A PS! President Clinton in his term in office had wanted to enact new gun legislation and also had stated that parents should be held liable if their children commit a violent crime -- notice that there was no mention of Bill also suggesting that parents who become sexually involved with others and whose children become sexually promiscuous and come down with STD's should be held liable also!!!

Anyway there is an interesting source on this school violence matter -- go to Checklist of Characteristics of Youth -- there is a link at that site that will give you the tragic record of violence in the nation's schools.

Quote in Wake of Littleton CO

"Mainstream America is counting on you to draw your sword and fight for them. These people have precious little time and resources to battle misguided Cinderella attitudes, the fringe propaganda of the homosexual coalition, the feminists who preach that it is a divine duty for women to hate men, blacks who raise a militant fist with one hand while they seek preference with the other, and all the New-Age apologists for juvenile crime, who see roving gangs as a means of youthful expression, sex as a means of adolescent merchandising, violence as a form of entertainment for impressionable minds, and gun bans as a means to lord-knows-what. We have reached that point in time when our national social policy originates on Oprah. I say it´s time to pull the plug."
---Charlton Heston

You look like a person who doesn't like to be victimized by propaganda -- want to see something disturbing that shoots the anti-gun propaganda full of holes (no pun intended!). Our media people, politicians, and church leaders are on a roll with "ban the gun" propaganda, and that is precisely what it is! Take a slow and honest look at 10 Myths about Gun Control -- in light of well researched information, a bunch of that crowd just mentioned has egg all over their faces, and rotten ones at that!

Gun Manufacturers Now Liable for Shootings!

Whoa – what’s this? Quite some time back a jury in New York handed down a decision that gun makers are liable for shootings – this in connection with some shootings in Brooklyn a few years back! As mentioned at Range 1, it seems more and more to be the practice for jury members to leave their brains and common sense at home before leaving for the court house anymore as they come up some decisions that do not even qualify for placement in the idiocy category!

So here is a good precedent to follow. This type of moron logic says that if I am skiing down a hill at a ski resort and run into a tree, then my family can sue the ski manufacturer, the resort, and maybe even God Who made the tree grow there!

If my child is riding a bicycle down a hill, goes too fast, gets out of control and runs into a bridge abutment, and kills himself, then I can go on a lawsuit crusade. I can sue the maker of the bike, the tire manufacturer who made the tires for the bike, the state who built the road, the company who built the bridge, and the people who made the ingredients for the concrete – and guess what, maybe we can get God on this one too, since we can tie Him in for making the sand that went into the concrete!

And of course, there is the classic example of a justice system run amuck. My wife is walking along side the road and is run down by a drunk driver. Now I can sue the automobile manufacturer, the spark plug manufacturer who made the plugs for the car, the paint manufacturer who made the paint for the car, the maker of the beverage consumed by the driver, the maker of the container which held the beverage, and again the maker of the paint which was used on the beverage can! And if I work it right, maybe I can sue the clothing manufacturer of the clothes worn by the drunk driver. And get this, I might just get God on this one too – after all He was involved in making ingredients originally that produced oil and gas needed to run the car and the ingredients that went into the beverage!

With an unlimited amount of lawyers with no principles who have brought disgrace to what was once an honorable profession, there would be many who would come out of their holes in the ground to tackle these cases! Let’s see now – what would be their fee, if they would get a few million for the client? Likely they would have more money in their pocket than you would have in yours after the settlement – leeches take all the blood they can you know!

OK, what’s really going on in these insane lawsuits – greed, for one thing. But of far greater significance, is the fact that our culture has been for some time evading the matter of personal responsibility for one’s actions. And if we can pull it off, we will shift the blame, making it as collective as possible, especially where big sums of money are involved. One of the things the Creator of this universe has made plain in His revelation is the fact that we are personally accountable for our actions. But then, to listen seriously to God, much less obey Him in these days, is not acceptable in our culture! Come to think of it, maybe we could sue Him for even suggesting such a thing because it will damage our self-esteem! Let’s see now – in the yellow pages, out of the multitude of lawyers listed, which would be a good one to work on this?

Could it happen here?

See what happened to the British!

The Great British Gun Ban Con

To prevent another repeat of the British disaster --
Support the National Rife Association!


Below is an interesting web ring to check out on issues such as gun control, 2nd Amendment rights, etc. Don't forget -- vigilence is the word -- there are politicians who take the position that the 2nd Amendment does not grant private citizens the right to keep and bear arms! And what purports to be a drive for more "gun control" laws has the ultimate objective of total confiscation of firearms from private citizen ownership! If you didn't look into Gun Control -- The KEY to GENOCIDE! yet, then take time now!

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