The USA 'gods' on Parade! Part 2

The USA 'gods' on Parade!

Pantheon Two

"You shall have no other gods before Me."
-- Deuteronomy 5:7 (NKJV)

"You shall not go after other gods of the peoples who are all around you..."
-- Deuteronomy 6:14 (NKJV)

Music Title: Great Pretender

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Hey, what's wrong, my friend? You look a little rattled -- you mean you didn't know these aliens have successfully set up shop among us? Ah, how about a special nerve pill to get you settled down? No? OK -- but remember, if it gets too much for you, just yell "Theology" and I'll be there quicker than a hundred dollar bill coming into the wallet of a Money god worshipper! Notice that your pointer is now a likeness of "Frankie" -- symbolical again, because once we start down the trail of idolatry, we always create a monster that will ultimately destroy us! Now here's the boss, CR, again to identify some more of God's "competitors!"

OK -- here is Pantheon Two, folks -- take a real close look -- just move south and view some more of these prominent "deities" of present day U.S.A. society!!

There is the very popular god named Materialism (1st cousin to the Money god!) -- this one gives us a sales pitch on not just "keeping up with the Jones" but always keeping ahead of them -- you know, get that big new car before they do, and all the other things we feel we just have to have, and then the Jones family has to scramble to try to keep up with YOU!!!

A goddess that has gained millions of followers particularly over the last 3 1/2 decades is "Perverted Sexuality" -- the scoreboard is an appropriate symbol since devotees of this goddess often like to keep "score" regarding exploits with either the same gender or opposite gender depending on how one is supposedly "oriented" coupled with that fascinating mechanism called "lust" -- and the motto being, "Sex is fun with anyone, anytime and anywhere!" Even the president of a country can give devotion to this one from time to time!

Alvin Tells How Sexuality Is on His Planet!

"Tch tch tch! You earthlings certainly have a major problem with God's sacred gift of sexuality don't you? I have been looking over this issue and to use one of your terms, I am totally "dumbfounded!" But I can see how in your fallen state with your distorted perception that this gift, like so many others God has given, has been perverted and abused. Sadly this has resulted in much conflict, heartache, and destruction! Where I come from the basic cornerstone for our appreciation of and delight in God's gift of sexuality is seen even in your God given writings where it is declared that in the beginning God made you to be "male and female." Your Savior made reference to the fact that a man would leave his father and mother and would cleave to his wife and the two would become one flesh. This clearly indicates a special design and purpose for God's creation. On my planet male and female are not in competition with each other and do not attempt to dominate each other. There is no need for "campaigns" for equal rights and we never have a problem with "sexual harrassment" -- it simply doesn't exist back home! Our view is that we complement each other -- much the same as sunshine and rain complement one another -- neither is complete by itself nor is one superior to the other -- each needs the other for balance and completeness in the creation. And following the moral code of our God we come to the point where we (male and female) become one. A very special ceremony of public witness of our fidelity and commitment to each other and to our God takes place at this moment in our lives. All join in celebrating another union of one of our females and one of our males and their union in committed obedience to our God. Even your God given writings spell this out as a basic principle of order and purpose in the creation. And so we reproduce -- our children in turn will do likewise after meeting and becoming joined to another of the opposite sex in keeping with God's plan for them. There is no unfaithfulness -- no perversion of gender purpose -- God's will is fulfilled and His full blessing is experienced continually.

Your Circuit Rider has an interesting documented account involving a miracle of your Savior's grace and power. A man who practiced the homosexual lifestyle for some time and a woman who had likewise practiced the lesbian lifestyle for some time were transformed by the Savior's saving grace. Both admit to struggles for a time in this, but ultimately found deliverance. They met, fell in love, were married and now have a child! Both testify and give glory to God for this miracle that has taken place in their lives as they are now in harmony with God's purpose for His creation. Others with this kind of problem have also experienced the transforming grace of the Savior, but you earthlings have a media culture problem on this. Inside and as well as outside your churches there is a determined effort to suppress such testimony which is a clear rebuke to those who promote the same-sex agenda on your planet! Take heart, however, for in due time God will intervene in the flow of earthling affairs and all will know the will and purpose of Him Who has been given the title of King of kings and Lord of lords! Well, enough for now -- the Circuit Rider has some more of God's "competitors" to identify! Again, I apologize for intruding, but I wanted you to know how differently this matter of sexuality is experienced on my planet!"

Oh yes -- we must recognize a very prominent god which is somewhat like ancient Roman and Greek gods -- same god with different names -- the USA version is "Science" which may sometimes be known as "Technology" -- large numbers of people believe this god will ultimately usher us into a heavenly utopia on earth!

That funny looking pretzel shaped "ladder"?? That's a DNA strand -- defined as the essential component in all living matter and known as a kind of "hereditary fingerprint."

Well, my friend, you seem to be a little wobbly on your legs! Want to rest a bit before going on? You don't? Fine -- just click on the link below that expresses pretty much how you seem to feel at this point, and move on to Pantheon Three! And don't forget to tell your fellow citizens about these aliens -- I'm sure they would want to know, or would they?

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