The Polling Booth

The Polling Booth

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Hello there and welcome to CR's Polling Booth! Sure glad you could make it, since we really need your help in this little project. Each General Conference becomes a kind of shoot-out of the OK Corral type over the issue of same-gender coupling. Present wording in the UMC Book of Discipline states that those practicing a sodomite or lesbian lifestyle are not to be ordained as UM pastors. Further, such a lifestyle is stated to be incompatible with Christian teaching. The next General Conference will be held in spring of 2008. It will be targeted with the intent of changing present statements in the Book of Discipline -- and if the desired changes come to reality as planned, then same-gender coupling will be made acceptable and respectable within the United Methodist Church, and the ordination of those who practice sodomy or lesbianism will be permissable as well.

N O T I C E! For the second time the poll situation has changed which required new registration on CR's part and a limit to one question with a number of possibilities for answers -- the new one was set up on June 5, 2002 -- so if you did vote before, we invite you to participate again, and please pass the address on to friends, OK?

And notice that in the last selection of answers you can write in your own recommendation, suggested statement, or whatever if you feel the preceding selections are not satisfactory to you.

That address is -- just copy and paste into the email body for the message sent to your friends.

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