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Hi! Stinky is my name, and politics is my game! Once in a while you hear it said that politics stinks! Not to me it doesn't -- the odor makes me feel right at home. So you will understand why some of these areas on CR's Range are very much to my liking!

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NOTICE: This area will be left as is, with possibly some additions later on, as well as other areas that have subject matter related to Bill Clinton -- if for no other reason than to remind us that the Bush Administration, after taking over on January 20, 2001, will have a monumental task in simply cleaning up after 8 years of spiritual, ethical, and moral pollution imported into Washington DC by a group best identified as "Clintonistas!"


As the media toast to the Clinton years commences, we must remind them why the informed opposition will demur from clinking glasses. From the top, here are twenty-five good reasons, at least half of which could not only have gotten a Republican impeached but also convicted:

    1. The transfer of missile technology to what Clinton once aptly called "the butchers of Beijing," either directly or indirectly for campaign cash.

    2. The most notorious church burning of them all, Waco, and the destruction of its 80 good souls, more than 20 of them children, more than half of them minorities, for no reason anyone can rightly understand.

    3. The undeclared bombing war on Serbia's civilian population, presumably to punish them for a "genocide" that never took place, led by a president they would soon vote out of office.

    4. The brutal, unnecessary, illegal, unwarranted seizure of Elian Gonzalez and the beating of the NBC crew who got in the way, all to appease Castro and his corporate allies.

    5. The gratuitous, wag-the-dog bombing attack on Iraq on the very eve of impeachment.

    6. The gratuitous, wag-the-dog bombing of a Sudanese aspirin factory in the wake of Clinton's grand jury testimony.

    7. Operation Citizenship, the mass herding of immigrants, thousands of them felons, through the naturalization process in time for the 1996 election.

    8. The coercion of countless women into signing affidavits falsely denying that Clinton had seduced, molested or raped them, and the harassment of those who refused to sign.

    9. The often brutal suppression of reports from those who either saw too much (the 755 eyewitnesses) or knew too much about the crash of Flight 800.

    10. The flagrant witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and perjury surrounding the Monica affair and the seven preposterous public months of denial, aka impeachment.

    11. The $500,000 plus payoff to Webb Hubbell so, in his own words, he would "roll over one more time" and refuse to cooperate with Ken Starr.

    12. Using the IRS and the FBI to replace the White House Travel Office, and the personal destruction of Billy Dale, to avoid the appearance of patronage politics.

    13. The misdirection of troops in Mogadishu and the denial of the armor a score of them needed to get out alive.

    14. The blatant obstruction of justice in the very strange death of Vincent Foster.

    15. The hiring and promoting of that international man of mystery, John Huang.

    16. The unexamined death of the man for whom Huang worked, the utterly corrupt Ron Brown, and the punishment of those military officers who sought the truth of his death.

    17. The callous exploitation of the Oklahoma City bombing and the conscious failure to seek any answers beyond "right-wing terrorists."

    18. All the missing things: billing records, e-mails, Republican files, etc.

    19. The Janet Reno's failure to investigate the Chinese connection, White House fund-raising calls, and other campaign abuses, despite requests from senior Department of Justice investigators.

    20. The Los Alamos debacle and the Wen Ho Lee affair.

    21. The blatant political use of IRS audits.

    22. The secrecy violations in the HillaryCare debacle.

    23. The unpunished Defense Department confidentiality violations in the smearing of Linda Tripp.

    24. The illegal 1996 DNC campaign cash swap with the Teamsters union.

    25. In a final flurry, Hillary's $8 million book deal, Clinton's quiet rescinding of his very public 5 year prohibition on lobbying, the promotion of Terry McAuliffe to head the DNC so the good times will continue to roll, and unfortunately, there's still time for more.

Source: Federalist Brief 01/01/09

Quotes that underscore the challenge to the Bush Administration:

"Soon we can, like Hercules, clean out the Clinton equivalent of King Augeas' legendary stables." --Doug Bandow

"(Clinton) degraded virtually everything he touched: the White House, the Oval Office, the staff, the cabinet, the country, the legal process...He is a symbol of decadence." --- William Bennett

From the guy with the growing nose who claimed to have the "The most ethical administration"...

Bill Clinton issued an executive order revoking his first executive order --"Ethics Commitments by Executive Branch Appointees" -- signed 20 January 1993. The original order claimed to "establish the most stringent ethical requirements of any administration ever," according to Mr. Clinton, by restricting administration officials from lobbying the federal government until five years after they left government employment. Interesting, is it not, now that his administration is coming to an end, the revocation opens the door for thousands of Democrats to cash in as lobbyists.

Source: The Federalist 01/01/05

NOTICE: This editorial was written by a Lehigh Grad and former Attack Sub Lt. from Bethlehem, PA - Editorial [Circulated on the Internet 00-11-04]

In another ninety-five days a new President will be sworn in as the forty-third President of the United States, thus ending the most disgraceful and scandal-ridden Presidency of the past two hundred and twenty-four years of our nation. This gives cause for a celebration and a reflection upon things that I never, ever again will have to be witness to.

For those West Point, Naval Academy and Air Force Academy friends of mine, I recognize the pain that you in particular have endured these past eight years with this loathsome Commander-In-Chief in the White House. To my honest, hard working friends and family members who value honesty and integrity among our elected officials, you have endured more than United States citizens should ever have to endure.

But alas, in ninety-six days, the thoroughly disgusting and shameful occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. will be cast aside and hopefully forgotten by the nation that he has so terribly dishonored.

In order to celebrate his upcoming departure I have drafted the following piece which I have appropriately entitled, "Never Again."

Never Again!

Never again will I have to watch Bill Clinton walk down the steps of Air Force One while a proud Marine in full dress uniform crisply salutes him. A Marine who fully comprehends duty, honor and country in a way that the man he is saluting never will.

Never again will I have to watch Bill Clinton on Veterans' Day place a wreath on the hallowed Tomb of the Unknown Soldier while he dramatically bites his lower lip in an effort to appear that he cares or even appreciates what this place is all about. A place where truly brave men and women who personally paid the ultimate price for freedom are forever remembered.

Never again will I have to watch Bill Clinton on national television wag his finger at each and every American and unconscionably lie to us.

Never again will I have to witness Bill Clinton sending young men and women of the military into frivolous but life-threatening action to deflect attention from the personal scandals that confront him at home.

Never again will I see Bill Clinton's name on a ballot. Never again will I be embarrassed by Bill Clinton's disgusting and abhorrent behavior with a twenty-four year old woman in the Oval Office.

Never again will Bill Clinton have the power to conduct an eight year "social experiment" with the United States Armed Forces, driving the best out while systematically crippling the overall capability, effectiveness and morale of the remaining troops.

Never again will I have to be embarrassed to say Bill Clinton represents me, a proud citizen of the United States of America.

Never again will Bill Clinton be able to sell the historic Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidder, the Chinese, felons, and other disreputable characters.

Never again will I have to watch Bill Clinton departing church with his equally pitiful wife, clutching an oversized Bible in his hand as if to make us believe that he has repented for any of his misdeeds.

Never again will I have to see a joint session of Congress rise to their feet in the Capitol when the deceitful and shameless Bill Clinton enters the chamber.

And finally,

Never again will I have to refer to Bill Clinton as "President of the United States."

A most accurate and truthful response to rave reports about Bill Clinton's "speech" at the DNC in LA.... and Al Gore's could be added as well!

And He said to them, "You are those who justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For what is highly esteemed among men is an abomination in the sight of God." -- Luke 16:15 (NKJV)

The above words spoken by One Who holds title of King of kings and Lord of lords, and before Whom all presidents, kings, prime ministers, and dictators are as nothing! His name is Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, and the One destined to judge the whole world including its leaders!

(See Psalm 2, John 5:22-30, and Revelation 20:11-15)

Response #2......

"I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said, 'I will not hear.' This has been your manner from your youth, that you did not obey My voice." -- Jeremiah 22:21 (NKJV)

While Bill Clinton has made reference to God from time to time, he would be much more on target if he identified the "god" to which he is referring as the "god of Humanism" which is prominent in our culture, and especially embraced by many powerful leaders in government, business, education, and even churches!

Watch out! Don't be a victim! Be aware of
The Media Manipulators!
They are hazardous to your intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health!

If the statement about Clinton caring for the American people as Hitler cared for the Jews seems harsh and unfair, consider this:
  • Under the Clinton/Gore administration at least 9 million or more unborn children have been brutally murdered in the womb with no protest on their behalf, but rather statements time after time that have supported this abominable practice! Hitler's Nazi outfit eliminated approximately 6 million Jews plus about 8 million other people whom they considered unfit to live! By the way, take a look at Justice Denied!

  • Clinton has vetoed legislation that would have banned the gruesome practice of partial birth abortion -- have you ever read a full description of what goes on when a baby is almost born except for its head and then the doctor (read that "executioner") does a "procedure" that ends its life! If you dare, take a look at Almost only counts in horse shoes!

    And since WJC has a few Supreme Court justices in his back pocket, they have helped to perpetuate the "shedding of innocent blood" with their rulings such as the one a while back that struck down a state law that banned partial birth abortions! Want to think on a most disturbing question? Some of you may want to dismiss it without consideration -- anyway, how do you think these people are going to handle themselves before the Judge of this whole universe, and they suddenly discover that they are no longer sitting in their comfortable chairs wearing their judicial robes! The only thing now is to try to explain why they were part of one of the most heinous administrations in the history of this country and did nothing to protect those for whom the Creator of all persons had a high and noble purpose? If you haven't done so yet, take a look at Justice Denied!

  • And, as you know by now, the FDA with the blessing of the Clinton/Gore administration has now legalized the use of RU-486, the infamous "abortion pill" imported from Europe! When used in conjuction with another drug a woman can get rid of the child being formed in her womb in what is highly touted as the "privacy of her home!" This is supposed to be done in the early weeks of pregnancy and documented evidence is clear that there are considerable risks involved, including severe bleeding -- a fitting result in those cases where one is resolved to ignore the claims of the Creator on that conceived child.

  • Clinton has also vetoed legislation (with no objections from V.P. Gore) that would have reduced taxes and lightened the load a little bit on the citizens of the country. He vetoed the bill that would have eliminated the "marriage penalty" tax -- you know, if you are married you are penalized by paying proportionately more in taxes than if you are single! Worst of all he also vetoed legislation that would have cut the estate tax (again, no objected from Al Gore)! And he claims he's FOR the American citizens?????? As the old saying goes, "With a friend like that, who needs enemies?"

    Think about it -- if a couple works hard all their lives and accumulates a measure of possessions and property, is it really fair and just for the government to take a big portion of that in taxes before it is then handed on to the members of that couple's family? Now then, do you think politicians still have the best interest of their constituents at heart -- or is it more a matter of thinking up additional ways to get increased revenue (including the obscene estate tax) from the citizens, and further increase their own royal style of living, while throwing an occasional bone or two to the public to deceive us into thinking they really care? Look up the history of taxation and see how it used to be decades ago and what percentage of our income is now used to satisfy the unquenched thirst of the taxation monster! It has to be fed constantly at the local, state, and federal levels!

    And while you're at it -- check what the salaries, health care benefits, retirement packages, and ooodles of other "perks" we can't even imagine that our elected "representatives" receive as compared with what the average citizen they claim to be concerned about receives! Oh, oh! Is your stomach suddenly intensely nauseated? I have strategically placed a very helpful object just below so you won't have to run very far and thus avoid messing up the carpet!

    Don't worry -- thanks to all those taxes, we have something called EPA and DER which give their approval to the way the above object functions in maintaining a sanitary environment -- will it work if we place the politicians in it, press the handle, and watch them disappear -- or will it clog up and pollute the environment?

    The Clinton/Gore administration has sold us down the river to China -- in effect, they have handed over to that country the rope with which the Chinese leadership hopes to eventually hang us! Uh, uh, now don't get yourself too bent out of shape about that statement until you check out the merchandise you buy and see where a huge amount of it is made -- start with a host of small appliances (with "brand" names), not to mention tools, decorative items, furniture, electronic stuff, etc. And this Christmas season, see where a MAJOR portion of the stuff comes from! Isn't it interesting that the majority of labor unions who think the Democratic party is the savior of mankind, seems to have no objection to this -- weren't they always the ones screaming about "buying American" and keep our jobs secure and all that kind of rhetoric? Come on labor leaders, what do you say about us buying "Chinese" almost every day! And this doesn't include the missile technology that was either handed to them, or they obtained by theft!

A Letter to the Editor, Again!

Friday, September 29, 2000


As the presidential campaign races toward election day at full throttle there is no end to claims and counter claims as to our being “better off” since the Clinton/Gore gang took control of the White House years ago.

Many have been deluded into thinking we have never been so prosperous, with Clinton/Gore claiming credit, due to unprecedented stock market expansion which has produced overnight millionaires and huge projected budget surpluses. What is forgotten is that all this “prosperity” is basically paper and can be wiped out in a matter of a few hours! Claims are made that there are built in safeguards so that October 1929 does not repeat itself. Yea, and Johnstown was considered a “flood proof” city after extensive engineering was done following the flood of 1936 – that is, until July 1977!

Life is certainly not better for at least 10 million unborn children who have been brutally murdered in the womb during the Clinton/Gore administration. It is also this administration that has vetoed legislation that would have banned the murders of children who are nearly born except for their heads. What happens at this point is so horrible that a majority in mass media communications refuse to publish photos or give the gory details. But it’s perfectly OK under the Clinton/Gore standard of ethics and morality!

It is the Clinton/Gore administration that has sold us out to the People’s Republic of China. It not just the missile technology which was given away or what they gained by theft, but it is the flood of a wide variety of consumer goods from China that is now inundating this country! Strange isn’t it that labor unions and their leaders who have long regarded the Democratic party to be the messiah and savior of the human race seems to be so silent now and no longer vehemently insists on “Buying American!”

It is the Clinton/Gore administration that vetoed two vital pieces of legislation that would have given some measure of tax relief to the citizens of this nation. Those are the estate tax and the “penalty” tax on couples who are married. You can live together in a state of immorality and fare much better when it comes to the taxes you have to pay than if you are married!

And it is the Clinton/Gore administration, with strong support from mass media personalities, that has mounted a full scale assault on our Second Amendment right to keep and bear firearms. This bunch is resolved by strategic increments under the guise of “gun control” legislation to ultimately disarm all citizens. That can be documented in an exchange between U.S. Circuit Judge William L. Garwood and the administration’s lead attorney, William Meteja. Part of Meteja’s response was, “Exactly!”, to Judge Garwood’s question, “It is the position of the United States that persons who not in the National Guard are afforded no protections under the Second Amendment?” Meteja claimed that the Second Amendment does not shield citizens from the possibility of having all firearms removed from their possession.

The Clinton/Gore pair claims to be our friends and to have our best interests at heart. Why certainly, in the same way a ravenous wolf has a lamb’s best interest at heart!

Clayton D. Harriger, Pastor (Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Gipsy Christian Church, Gipsy PA
and Non-Affiliated Registered Voter
Web Site: Circuit Rider’s Range at www.crrange.com

Hello -- in case you forgot my name, I'm Harry -- or some refer to me -- Harry the Hammer! I work all over CR's Range and now I'm including this one. I think I'm going to need more than chest waders for this one! Anyway, over time there's lots more to be added here. You know how it is whether it's a presidential election or just day by day happenings with politicians and the talking heads of the mainstream media reporting on them -- it's like being flooded with tons and tons of raw sewage! So keep coming back as we will be adding more and more of that sweet smelling stuff in days ahead!

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