What About Those GLBT "brothers and sisters"?

What About Those GLBT "brothers and sisters"?

It is rather common in the mainline denominations to hear reference made to GLBT “brothers and sisters.” That is, those who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered in their supposed sexual “orientation” are referred to as “brothers and sisters.” It is claimed that these are to be included in the life and ministry of the church. Another statement frequently used in the United Methodist Church is that we are to be in ministry to and with homosexual persons.

There are some deadly assumptions at work in this type of rhetoric.

First, this is nothing more than a blatant universalism which assumes that all humans are “children of God” no matter their moral, ethical, and spiritual lifestyles! Such an assumption rejects the special revelation of God which has come to us via the authoritative and inspired Scriptures by which we are specifically informed that humans constitute 2 groups – those who have truly repented of all sin and those who have not. The repentant persons are identified as “children of God” and the unrepentant as “children of the devil” or “children of wrath.”

Second, there is the assumption that we humans are fully qualified to define what is or isn’t morally acceptable and by taking that position we become the “authority” on moral issues rather than the Creator of the universe! What comes into play at this point is a malignant viewpoint known as “humanism.” This position rests on the unstable foundation of human pride and attempts to make humans the center, measure, and ultimate judge of all things relating to our existence, purpose, relationships, and final destiny. Those infected with the humanism “virus” as they attempt to profess a belief in God and in Jesus Christ are forced to engage in a precarious balancing act! While making their profession and stressing that the church must be “inclusive” by welcoming all GLBT persons into the life and ministry of the church, they reject the moral boundaries which God has clearly established! Interestingly, when this bunch occasionally refers to repentance, it is always applied to us who are labeled as “homophobic,” “mean spirited,” “bigoted,” and of course, “unloving!” We are the ones who need to repent because we refuse to endorse and accept the same gender coupling lifestyle as normal human experience to be equated on the same level as heterosexual marriage!

That is why dialog is not really possible. There are two rather simple view points that are as opposite as day and night or acid and alkali. One holds to the position that God has given us an authoritative volume of material which has its origin in the miraculous working of His Holy Spirit over a number of centuries and is commonly referred to as the Holy Scriptures. The other holds that this volume is not the final authority, that it is open to various interpretations on sexual morality, and that God is now giving us “new revelation” on same gender coupling matters. This provides a new “authority” for society and church to advance toward eventual acceptance of civil and ecclesiastical sanctioned marriage of 2 men or 2 women!

Consider what those pushing the GLBT agenda, which has the ultimate goal of the acceptance of same gender marriage in church and society, cannot do.

First, they cannot find even one positive reference to same gender coupling in the Scriptures. All references to sodomy and lesbianism are always negative and under condemnation. Never are these practices given approval or a favorable light one single time!

Second, they cannot establish an ordinance whereby 2 females or 2 males are said to leave fathers and mothers and become “one flesh” as is the case with a man who leaves his father and mother and becomes joined to his wife. Isaiah 24:5 which states:

“The earth is also defiled under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.”
reminds us of the sheer stupidity on the part of all who believe they can rewrite the laws of a holy God, establish their human designed ordinances, and violate the covenant that came into being at an extremely high price through the voluntary sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God!

Third, they cannot provide divine authority for altering the sexual moral standards as originally revealed by God our Creator. God clearly revealed that sexual intimacy is to be experienced and shared only within the covenant of marriage between husband and wife. Violations of sexual standards set forth by God include: fornication (sexual intimacy between 2 unmarried persons); adultery (a couple being sexually intimate, not married to each other, with at least one of the two being married to another person); incest (sexual intimacy between family members such as parents with children, brothers with sisters, etc); sodomy/lesbianism (2 persons of the same gender being sexually intimate); and bestiality (a male or a female engaging in sexual acts with an animal).

So, where does that leave us? We can bank on the fact that the same gender coupling juggernaut will gain momentum in both civil and church arenas in its quest for recognition, acceptance, and all the benefits and privileges now possessed by married heterosexuals, including the rearing of children! With increased frequency along with strong support from high profile and influential persons in the church, government, mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and the professions, those of us who resist and object will continue to be targeted and labeled in the most negative terms. One of those terms most often used is that we are “homophobes” and stand in need of healing and deliverance from our negative and bigoted attitudes!

How should we respond? One must avoid falling into the trap of arguing and expressing “opinions.” God has spoken and defined the boundaries of sexual expression and experience. We simply stand in agreement with that and issue the call to all who violate those standards that full repentance is demanded, forgiveness and peace with God are graciously offered, and healing through Jesus Christ can take place. In most cases, of course, this will be rejected!

For those of us who have been awarded the “homophobe” label, we do not and will not slam the door in the face of those enslaved in the same gender coupling lifestyle. Yes, they are welcome to come into our churches, participate in our worship services, and be a part of our gatherings. But on the other hand, we will not give our sanction to the same gender coupling way of life, and will insist that it is sinful even as other types of sexual activities are sinful. Just as some of us may have been involved in sexual sins (not necessarily homosexual/lesbian variety) and were called to repent, so we uncompromisingly insist by the authority of God’s revelation that those who engage in same gender coupling lifestyles must also repent, and in so doing they become our “brothers” and “sisters” in the faith that is centered in a committed obedient relationship to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In addition to being a maverick on a number of issues, I am also a realist. At some point in the future Almighty God will settle this issue and I have no doubt as to what the outcome will be! Ooops – there I went and did it again – I’m basing the outcome on a number of statements made in that book called the Bible

By Clayton D. Harriger
March 2001

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They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work.
--- Titus 1:16 (NKJV)

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