Sedgwick Reunion Album
Sedgwick Reunion Album

Descendents of
Calvin Wesley and Margaret Jane Sedgwick

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Special Announcement
Gathering for 2002 will be - August 4, 2002

Parker Dam State Park - Pavilion #1

Apology for not getting this updated sooner
I do have a few pictures from 2001 to post
I'm working on it

A Past Gathering - August 13, 2000
Parker Dam State Park - Pavilion #1

A photo of the group.

Seated is Aunt Anita Sedgwick who had just been
released from Philipsburg Hospital a bit earlier.
Standing behind her at her right shoulder is Aunt Phyllis (Sedgwick) Swartz.
Standing behind Aunt Anita's left shoulder is Aunt Hazel (Sedgwick) Myers.

Hello, and welcome to this limited effort to put something together for the Sedgwick clan! In August of 1999 we made the effort to establish a Sedgwick Reunion which would be held each summer with the standard date to be the second Sunday of August. Quite a number of the descendents of Edward J. and Estella (Robb) Sedgwick were able to be present. A kind of organizational meeting was held and the Amtrak procedure was followed with Clayton D. Harriger [son of Russell and Helen (Sedgwick) Harriger] being elected as president, Shirley Gregorchik [daughter of Ernest and Anita (Stephens) Sedgwick] being elected secretary, and Tim Sedgwick [son of Edward L. and Georgia (Fowler) Sedgwick] being elected as vice president.

In the months since the first gathering much has happened. Email contact was made with cousins descended from Calvin and Margaret's daughter, Laura, who married Melvin Rhea. That family was in the Sligo area for years in a business enterprise known as M. T. Rhea & Sons, distributors of Penzoil gasoline and oil products. Cousin Shirley (Rhea) Slater, who is a granddaughter of Laura (Sedgwick) Rhea was able to attend this year with husband, Roger. Roger and Clayton were classmates at Clarion HS many moons ago.

In order to keep the connection straight, Edward J. Sedgwick and Laura (Sedgwick) Rhea were brother and sister.

Items of information will be added here from time to time as well as photos which become available. Through time the reunion album will be expanded to additional pages. We hope to have some older photos scanned and placed here eventually.

A financial matter.... The rental on the pavilion was $62.00 which cousin Shirley and husband, Ron, paid in advance -- being experienced in taking offerings over the years, cousin Clayton passed a tupperware container (or something akin to it) around for donations -- counted by the Vice President of the organization, the amount collected was $71.00 -- a bit later another member added some cash to that amount. Thanks to all who helped with the expense of the pavilion rental.

Lots & lots of good stuff to eat as
the center table is loaded with everything
from the main course dishes to the sweet stuff!

There seemed to be no hesitation when it
came time to load up the plates!

"I knew you were coming, so I baked a cake!"
Cousin Tim arriving -- he didn't really bake that one did he?

Special Notes on Reunion 2000

  • No exact count was taken, but our estimate is that we had somewhere around 60 or more -- last year we were in the 30's -- give or take a couple!! We had a number attending this year for the first time.

  • Cousin Victor Robb (nephew of Estella (Robb) Sedgwick has done a great job of compiling records, photos, and Sedgwick information. This was shared at this year's gathering.

  • Cousin Randy Sedgwick and wife, Tammy, have done a lot of research on the Sedgwick family, going back a number of generations. If you want to check into this, go to their web site at Randy and Tammy Sedgwick.

  • Cousin Randy sent me a photo he scanned while here on his visit with family and friends -- this will show you the potential we have for sharing those treasured photos of more ancient times as you take a look at Photo Page One in the Sedgwick Reunion Album.

  • Traveling some distances to get here:
    • Randy & Tammy Sedgwick & family from Frisco, Texas
    • Phyllis Swartz from High Springs, Florida
    • Albert & Linda David from Seven Hills, Ohio
    • Ruth Brulinski from Maple Heights, Ohio
    • Emily Houck from Nyack, New York
    • Roger & Shirley Slater from Poland, Ohio
    • Darl & Sandra Eaker from Claymont, Delaware -- accompanying Darl & Sandra were granddaughters, Laura, Emily, and Rebecca Basson from Newark, Delaware
    • Stacey Banks and daughter, Rachel, from Johnson City, Tennessee
    • plus a bunch from the land of taxes, Pennsylvania

Email Addresses of Sedgwick Kinfolk

NOTE: If you do not want your email address published here, please inform me (CDH) of your desire. Also, mail addresses will eventually be placed here, but if you prefer that yours not be published, please let me know on that also. Purpose of this is to make it possible for members of the family to be in touch with each other. Down the road we can publish birthday and anniversary dates as well. It's still a good practice to send greetings and let people know you are thinking of them.

And if there are misspellings of names, or the email address is not listed correctly, be sure to let me know as soon as possible.

Just click on Penelope, my able mail assistant, who helps me
at my web site, Circuit Rider's Range, and she will bring up the
preaddressed email form for you to fill out -- she just has one
bad habit and we haven't been able to break her of that!

The List -- as we presently have it -- notice that these are hot links -- so a click on the address will bring up the email form. Also, indentations of names are children and grandchildren under a name at the left margin. Not all of these with email addresses have been able to attend yet -- maybe next year

If there are corrections to be made in any information,
including the email addresses, or any other comments or
questions about the Sedgwick Reunion page
please Email cousin Clayton at


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