The Money god

The Money god!

There is the god named Money which has multitudes of all ages firmly in its grasp! You do realize, do you not, that much of what is considered personal "wealth" is merely paper? Yes, there is the "hard" stuff, such as real estate, and precious metals such as gold and silver or jewel items such as diamonds, etc. But the average family does not have lots of this kind of stuff locked up in its possessions. Further, the real estate thing can be real shaky sometimes! And guess where Almighty God may start when He feels that the god of Money has gone far enough -- why, where else but the stock market -- one stab from God's "pin of judgment" and the bubble of so-called American prosperity will shatter -- it's not a matter of whether it will happen, but just how soon?????

Hmmmmmm -- what will those financial "experts" have to say when it happens -- you know, those people you see on news channels such as Fox and CNN -- the guys and gals with all the expertise as to how you are to invest your money and make a "killing" in the process!

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