The Religious Establishment god

The Religious Establishment god!

Aha -- the Religious Establishment god -- real subtle and crafty -- can be and often is denominational -- but also can be a megachurch or an independent outfit out in the wherever! Whatever is handed down by upper level "powers" (human ones, that is), the pastors and people at lower levels are expected to march in lock step and never raise objections or questions -- to do so one would be considered very close to being guilty of committing the unpardonable sin!

And so it is, "Our church (or denomination) says this or you will do this....!"

The proper Emily Post etiquette in this is, "Yes sir (or madam, or "Dr.", or "Bishop" or ???) -- whatever you say...your pronouncement is our command!"

A common expression in denominational goings on is that whatever policy or resolution is voted and approved, we are often told, "The Spirit (uh, one can wonder at times just what kind of "spirit" this is!) is working in this etc. etc." Face it --- in far too many cases the institution has become a god -- oh, there will be occasional references to the true God and to His Son, Jesus Christ, but they sort of sit on the bench like a third string quarterback! It's the "institution" with its leadership that often demands homage -- bishops & district superintendents have been known to insist on calling the cadence -- uh, Marine Corps drill instructors do a much better job in that department -- better get in step!!!!

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