The TV god (or is it goddess?)

The TV god (or is it goddess?)!

Well, well -- the "Pleasure" god family connection really branches out -- there is a cousin -- the "TV" god! This one really does a number on people of all ages -- he or she (not sure of the gender on this one!) can get people to sit for hours and passively drink in all that stuff it spews out -- eventually one's conscience and moral sensitivities become dulled -- our Judeo-Christian value system becomes undermined and we are ushered into a zombie-like state with no real sense of right and wrong, adopting the media culture's value system wherein everything is a dull gray, with a fellow named William Jefferson Clinton leading the way like a modern Pied Piper over an eight year period while holding the office of president of the U.S.A! While many lament the violent acts often committed by our young, remember that they have been conditioned and "programmed" to express themselves violently, profanely, selfishly, and immorally! The "TV" god has made a significant contribution in lowering our society to a Sodom & Gomorrah level of life!!

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