The Secular Humanism god

The Secular Humanism god!

Extremely prominent in influence in our culture is the "Secular Humanism" god -- this one has "missionaries" in just about every level of our society! They are in the powerful and influential mass media outlets, they are in the educational systems, in business, in high echelons of government -- why, these "missionaries" are just about everywhere! And what is the "gospel" of this god? It is that "man" (pardon the offence in not being politically correct) is the center, measure and judge of all things that have to do with human existence, experience and destiny! It is for us humans to determine our core value systems alone -- no authority beyond that of self appointed human authority is permitted, and of course, there are no absolutes regarding moral and ethical standards! If there should be a God, He can go along for the ride if He wants to -- but remain inactive in the back seat of our human designed life vehicle and keep His mouth shut! There are some humanists who say there is probably a God, or they may claim to believe in "God" but they don't want to be subject to His authority and His clear revelation which He has made available to the human race!

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