"Bedtime Likely Stories" (An Epicurean Delight)
"Bedtime Likely Stories"
(An Epicurean Delight)

"There seems to me to be too much misery in the world. I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created the... [parasitic wasp]... with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars, or that the cat should play with the mouse." -- Charles Darwin

* * * *

It has been observed that since Charles Darwin presupposed that God would never have created such a messy and often cruel world, he [Darwin] was driven to posit his evolutionary theory, in part at least, to get God off the hook. After all, if Chance, Time and the mindless mystery-force of Natural Selection can be "scientifically" coaxed to 'take the heat' for Evil and injustice in the world, then the issues of Sin and Moral responsibility before a Holy God begin...quite conveniently...to fade into the Phylogenetic Fog of Evolutionary "Science".

Spiritual conjuring of redemption in The Laboratory Temple.

"Mr. Wizard" does religion.

It appears that the goal of science is not simply to learn more about physical reality and the world around us. It is just as true to say that ultimately the guiding spirit of Darwinian Evolution is to allay our fear of death and the afterlife....and to sweep a Holy God (and, too, our guilt before Him) under the rug, out of sight, out of mind.

The Epicurean instinct prevails:

"If our suspicions about heavenly phenomena and about death did not trouble us at all and were never anything to us...then we would have no need of natural science." -- Epicuras

* * * *

"If one already agrees with the metaphysic, then evolution is compelling; otherwise the theory is a failure. The difference comes down not to scientific arguments but to one's metaphysical presuppositions."-- Cornelius Hunter

* * * *

"Bedtime Likely Stories"
(An Epicurean Delight)

If there's a "god" we must imagine,
A friendly Butler... or a Nurse.
One that caters to our wishes...
A "Smiley Face" that would not curse.

After all, We've got requirements
That any god of Ours must fill...
He must be willing to take orders,
If he expects to fill Our Bill!

He must be a willing servant;
The Silent Type one rarely sees;
Milque-toasted and submissive...
...A mute Rin-Tin-Trinity.

He should always entertain Us,
Like a pet that's well-behaved;
Wag-tailor made and faithful...
A 'puppy-god' who loves to play!

Better yet.....
A Cuddly Teddy!
Like a Brown Bear stuffed with Fluff!
We could stick him in the corner,
Next to Magic Dragon, "Puff".

Just a roly-poly "Pooh-god"!
With lots of soft synthetic hair....
Nestled next to Ken 'n' Barbie
In Our Dolly's rocking chair!

Say! I think that might be perfect!
.....O, Happy Plan!
One created for Our Pleasure!
What a coup!...
Ascent of Man!

* * * *

There at last! This room's in order!
All picked-up like Mommy said.
Maybe now she'll read a story,
Before she tucks us into bed!

"Read the 'Uncle Wiggly' story!"
The one that gets us off the hook!
Phairy-Tale Phylo-genetics
From Darwin's Evolution Book!

We just luv his clever stories!
"Just So" adventurous and good!
How we jumped from Leapin' Lemurs...
To Mr. Roger's Neighborhood!

We love that "Story of Three Monkeys"
Who pretend No Evil's here...
"Darwin Tales" that Mommy reads us
Of "The Luv-God" no one fears.

The tale of "Mr. Trilobite"
Who bit off more than he could chew...
He evolved into a marmoset,
Then morphed into me and you!

That's always been my favorite!
A classic Magik Fantasy!
Such a wild imagination!
....Mr. Darwin's Legacy.

We luv all his "Likely Stories",
That Mommy reads at our bedtime...
Those heroic Evo-Legends...
"Lucky Man Climbs from the Slime!".

Mommy swears it's "scientific"...
But, you know... I'm not so sure.
Mr. Darwin's metaphysics,
Seem "scientifically" impure.

Darwin's "Uncle Wiggly Theory"
About The Way life came to be,
Was predicated on this notion:
....God needs help from you and me!

If we toss God in the corner,
And there fill him full of fluff,
We avoid the fact we're guilty,
And other inconvenient stuff.

If we neutralize The Maker
And erase Him from the scene,
We can sidestep "certain issues"...
And so declare:
"We're squeaky clean!"

* * * *

Lord, we wish it were that simple,
But The Cross says it's not so...
Epicuras had an inkling
Of The Way...
.... You'd come to show.

* * * *

"If this universe and all things in it are the unintended result of the purposeless ebb and flo, expansion and collapse, explosion and fusion of matter and energy, then we have lost the grounds to complain about all the evil in the world. The dust cannot complain to the cosmic wind that blows it recklessly hither and thither."--Benjamin Wiker

* * * *

"The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom,
and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding."
(Proverbs 9:10)

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