The Real Terrorists
The Real Terrorists!

Press Release for Immediate Release – 8/30/02
The National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists
Rabbi David Eidensohn - Director - Contact - 1-845-352-7267
(Used by Rabbi Eidensohn's permission on CR's Range)

A Commentary by
Rabbi David Eidensohn

On September 11 2,002, we will recall the bombings at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, as well as the planes filled with passengers forced down by Islamic fanatics. Three thousand people died at their desks and in desperate rescue efforts at the World Trade Center. The economy was devastated. Whereas the year before September 11 had almost two hundred billion dollars in surplus, the year after the bombing will probably have almost two hundred billion dollars in deficit. America took its revenge in Afghanistan, waging a war that costs billions of dollars, but without in any serious way disrupting the threat posed by Islamic militants. Experts discuss the possibility of new attacks, and there seems no way to stop them.

While we fully applaud the present efforts to contain the threat of Islamic militancy, there may be bigger problems. The war against terrorism is about the death of three thousand people. The Gay Lobby has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people from HIV and AIDS. These diseases used to be eradicated by state health officials, but now are off the list of infectious diseases. Why are we not concerned about such a waste of human life? The economic disruption from AIDS and HIV is enormous, HIV/AIDS ruins private health insurance, threatens the viability of hospitals and the entire health care system. Any expensive new drug for HIV and AIDS simply drives state and local government closer to bankruptcy.

Why then is America not fighting the Gay Lobby? Why is it sponsoring it with large funding? Why does it call anyone who opposes the Gay Lobby "hater"? What essentially is the difference between the Gay Lobby and militant Islamists?

Recently (according to the Center of Disease Control update publication), a man with TB was chained to his hospital bed, because he was caught sneaking out of the hotel to buy a beer. Tuberculosis is on the state Infectious Disease List, and anyone who violates quarantine and exposes the public to danger can be literally chained to his bed. The gays did not want to be chained to their beds. They want freedom to infect, and the politicians in New York State, California, Florida and other Gay Lobby states gave it to them. These states took AIDS and HIV off of the list of Infectious Diseases. The gays then went out an infected hundreds and thousands of people, and nobody can stop them. Only recently, have states begun to retreat from the most egregious failures of the HIV Confidentiality Bills. At one time, mothers had babies in hospitals in New York, and took blood tests for HIV and AIDS. The mother did not know she was infected, but the hospital and the state knew that the mother had HIV. They did not tell her, and she went home, nursed her baby and killed it. The New York Times thundered against this baby killing, but nobody listened for a long time. This is the power of the Gay Lobby.

This part of the HIV Confidentiality Law has recently been revised, but HIV and AIDS are still not on the Infectious Disease list of New York State. The result is a massive epidemic. The Gay Lobby rejoices at its freedom to infect, but for those infected, and especially for those who died, there is no rejoicing. The political terrorism of the Gay Lobby has resulted in the known deaths of almost half a million people, according to the Center for Disease Control. Only 3,000 people died at the World Trade Center, less then one percent of those killed by the Gay Lobby! Why do we make war on the Islamist militants and yet support, with billions of dollars, the Gay Lobby? Here are the facts ( from the Federal Center of Disease Control, as of June, 2001: 1) Cumulative number of AIDS cases reported to CDC is 793,026. Adult and adolescent AIDS cases total 784,032 with 649,186 cases in males and 134,845 cases in females. Through the same time period, 8,994 AIDS cases were reported in children under age 13.Total deaths of persons reported with AIDS are 457,667, including 452,111 adults and adolescents, and 5,168 children under age 15, and 388 persons whose age at death is unknown."

Notice that the Center of Disease Control does not say that 793,026 people have gotten AIDS in America. It says, "The cumulative number of AIDS cases reported to CDC is 793,026." The truth is that nobody knows how many people have AIDS in America, and the educated guess is that there are almost a million people with AIDS. Since state law does not regulate AIDS, there is no accurate way to determine how many people have AIDS. Unlike syphilis and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS and HIV are not regulated by the state and therefore we have no accurate statistics, only a number of cases "reported."

Why did the states agree to take AIDS and HIV off of the list of infectious diseases? The Gay Lobby complained that if state medical officials knew that someone had HIV, this information may be released, and would lead to bigotry and discrimination. Is this a reason to kill over 5,000 children? These laws have been around since the eighties, and the states know exactly how dangerous they are, and yet, the states continue to keep HIV and AIDS off of the list of infectious diseases, leading to more deaths.

Do American children have a mortal enemy on the par of the Gay Lobby?

The Center of Disease Control stats at tell a terrifying story. In 1993, there were 173,984 living people in America with AIDS. By 2,000, the number of people with AIDS hit 338,978. Thus, from 1993 to 2000, in only seven years, the AIDS population doubled, from 173,984 to 338,978. (Double 173,984 is 347,868.) What country knowingly passes laws to permit the spread of a terrible and deadly disease? Diversity does not mean dealing death. The Gay Lobby defines diversity as the privilege to kill.

The key is to remember that the government can stop a disease by two methods, reporting and quarantine. If someone has TB, such as the fellow chained to his bed we mentioned earlier, he cannot infect others. He must report people he could have infected. Every Sexually Transmitted Disease on the Infectious Disease List of a state is controlled and eventually may disappear. Every person who comes to a doctor for help for a listed disease reports partners and acts to insure that the infection is not spread. Had HIV and AIDS been on the Infectious Disease Lists of New York State, California and Florida, decades ago when the disease first appeared, today there would be very, very few cases. Instead, we have fifty thousand new cases in the past year, a rise of 25% over the early rates of 40,000 per year. Of these, from July 2000 to June 2001, a 12-month period, 194 babies got AIDS, an utterly unnecessary tragedy.

Many states had zero cases of pediatric AIDS, but guess who had many cases? Of course: the states with large number of pediatric AIDS were those who took AIDS and HIV off the Infectious Disease Lists. Here are the figures ( New York – 38 cases, Florida – 27, California – 18. Let us pause and think what pediatric AIDS means. A baby is born with AIDS, and will probably have a hideous and tortuous life, filled with powerful medications that will utterly destroy any hope of a normal life, many hospital stays, and the probability of a lingering and wasting death. Thus does the Gay Lobby snuff out an innocent and sweet human soul. As for those who don't care about human life, look at it this way: A baby with AIDS costs the taxpayer a fortune, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars. A state with 37 pediatric AIDS cases must spend millions of dollars.

There are two categories of AIDS victims, one cumulative, including all of the people who had died as well as the living, and the other, a list of those living with HIV. We mentioned before that the CDC lists over 700,000 people who have AIDS or who have died of AIDS. Another chart at tells us how many living people in America have HIV/AIDS. The total is 466,023. Where are the HIV/AIDS victims concentrated? Of course, they are concentrated in Gay Lobby states, like New York, Florida and California. New York, Florida and New York are far out in front in the pack, with 58k in Florida, 54k in New York, and 44k in California. These three states, only three, have one third of the entire HIV/AIDS cases in America. The 58,000 plus people in Florida struggling with HIV and AIDS owe their condition to the Gay Lobby and the politicians who voted to remove HIV and AIDS from the regular list of infectious diseases.

The Islamist militants are evil because they kill, but the Gays kill far more people. The militant Islamists are reviled for their hate of the Infidel. However, the Gay Lobby is right out there in hate, spreading the lie and calumny that biblical people are inciters, and that anyone who opposes the Gay Lobby is a homophobe. In our culture, someone who is a hater or inciter might as well leave town, if he can escape without injury. Eventually, such a person can lose basic civil rights. The Gay Lobby wants to marginalize religious people.

Google is the major search engine on the Internet. I applied to advertise my site,, and Google refused because I am a "hater." I objected, and asked where the hate was? Is opposing the Gay Lobby's political agenda such as HIV Confidentiality Bills "hate"? Does Google refuse to advertise Gay sites that are anti-biblical? The great goal of the Gay Lobby is to control the media, something it already does on television and the major newspapers. Now it wants to silence family people on the Internet. The Directory project called DMOZ, used by major search engines, in an opportunity for the Gay Lobby, and there are others. Do you think the Directories that select sites will select those not politically correct; especially those considered "hate" sites?

The Islamist terrorists killed people and burnt buildings. They did not destroy families, marriage or children on a national level. The Gay Lobby destroys marriage, families, women and children on a national level.

What civilization allows perverse people to raise their children? The Gay Lobby in New York City and throughout the country is teaching little children confusing things about homosexuality. Doesn't anyone care? First, we give the Gay Lobby our health, and allow them to kill babies, children and adults with HIV and AIDS. Then we turn our children over to them for education. The Gay Lobby teaches children to hate people who are biblical and eschew homosexuality. Is this not terror? The Islamists are known to kidnap American children and sell them as brides, and right now, our State Department is doing its best to maintain proper relations with the Saudis even if some women have to suffer. This is terrible, but the Gay Lobby is ruining the health and lives of millions of children, and we support it.

What civilization in history surrenders its women and daughters to perverse people? Lesbians and radical feminists have succeeded in creating an atmosphere in America whereby a woman is ashamed if she stays home with the children. Only 14% of American women are full time housewives. It has become a disgrace. Of course, women who imbibe all of this feminism cannot function as wives or mothers, and they don't. Fifty percent of new marriages end in divorce. Most Americans (49%) simply refuse to marry; it is that awful. We don't even reproduce ourselves, because having children in such a society is a rough experience.

What civilization turns over to its perverts the power to create the culture? According to Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, ABC television has no family shows, only gay and dysfunctional families. We send our children to public school to be brain washed by the Gay Lobby, and then to college, where our children are taught all kinds of things, including the imperative to offer their bodies for free sex. How can people who have slept with a hundred (maybe a thousand) people by the age of twenty-five marry and raise a normal family?

September 11 is about evil fanatics who mass-murdered people and destroyed buildings. When will we remember the fanatics who attacked and destroyed our children and families, our culture and civilization?

Can we truly fight the Islamist killers when, in our own country, people are converting to their religion in order to escape the disaster of Western family life?

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