The Camel Is Almost In Except for a Part of His Hind Leg and His Tail!

The Camel Is Almost In Except for a
Part of His Hind Leg and His Tail!

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Isaiah 5:20 NKJV

August 11, 2003 -- It is a kind of crude proverb that's been around for a long time and it has to do with a warning. Don't ever let a camel stick his nose inside your tent because if you do, before you know it he'll just push himself through the opening until he's completely inside! Common sense tells us that room inside the average tent is extremely limited -- there really isn't any extra room to accommodate a camel, and besides they don't smell very pleasant either!

For quite some time the sodomite/lesbian cartel and its many sympathizers in government, church, business, entertainment industry, and mass media have been aggressively pursuing a clearly defined agenda. The "camel's nose" was pushed inside society's tent with little notice and no serious objections as the effort got underway.

2003 isn't over yet as of this writing and already this year the sodomite/lesbian connection (no pun intended) has solid grounds to party and dance in the streets due to developments which provide unmistakable evidence that the goals of redefining moral sexuality, marriage and family are now being reached. Further, full participation in church life including ordination into the ministry is a reality in some groups and likely will become a way of life in many others in the not so distant future!

Here are a few significant events thus far as of August 2003:

    January - the country of Belgium followed the Netherlands (2002) in legalizing same-sex marriages!

    June - court ruling in province of Ontario, Canada declared marriage for sodomite couples and lesbian couples to be legal with no required residency status. Shortly after that ruling came one out of British Columbia in Canada which also granted sodomites and lesbians the right to marry. At the same time the Supreme Court in the state of Massachusetts is poised to hand down a decision which many believe will grant marriage rights to sodomites and lesbians here in the United States. Similar lawsuits such as the one to be acted on in Massachusetts have been filed in a number of other states. Do we have a potential "domino effect" in the making? The rallying cry now being heard about the country is "Equality in marriage!"

    August - news media people, church and secular, were having a field day with the election of the first sodomite priest to be a bishop in the Episcopal Church in the United States. Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who is 56 years old and a divorced father of 2 children, has lived with his partner, Mark Andrew, for 13 years. After another priest was placed in charge of checking into some allegations at the last minute which held up the process briefly, it was determined that there was nothing to the allegations and so the election proceeded as planned. One thing to remember, when one bishop is in charge of checking into complaints, charges, or whatever in regard to another bishop or a person in process of becoming one, you can be quite sure that the charges, allegations, complaints, or whatever will be dismissed on the basis of "no grounds" or some other political double talk! We see this in the United Methodist Church rather frequently. Bishops always look out for one another -- a kind of religious form of the practice in Washington DC -- "scratch my back and I'll be sure to scratch yours!"

In a letter to an editor of a newspaper in Texas, 2 United Methodist pastors expressed their delight at the election of Gene Robinson to be a bishop in the Episcopal Church -- here is part of their statement which clearly expresses what has happened and what they hope will happen later on down the road:

"Congratulations to Episcopal Church leaders for having the courage to stand up for Bishop Gene Robinson and his full acceptance as New Hampsire's New Bishop. Several sources quoted in the xxxxxxxx have stated that if you accept the authority of the Bible, then homsexuality is clearly wrong. To allow the statement to stand unchallenged is insulting, misleading, and inaccurate. ...We pray that our own denomination will some day be counted among those willing to stand against the legalist and literalist interpretations of Scripture that at best distort and at times actually deny the gospel Jesus came to proclaim."

At the same time in recent months, including August, in addition to the election of a sodomite bishop mass media activity has been spilling over in one way or another with information and/or entertainment related to sodomites and lesbians. A new program on the Bravo channel features the "make over" of a heterosexual by 5 sodomites. It is reported that the program is one of the most talked about programs ever to be launched! In a Sunday edition of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat a featured article on the new look in families focused on the adoption of children by sodomites and lesbians. A large photo displayed one such "family!" So the "propaganda & conditioning" campaign goes on in an effort to force all people everywhere to accept sodomy and lesbianism as being perfectly normal without a breath of protest!

In the church arena there have been all manner of discussions, studies and committee explorations taking place on the subject of human sexuality and particularly on same gender coupling. We should not think it to be unusual if conclusions suggest that indeed some people are "born that way" -- that 10 per cent of U.S. population is so "oriented" in spite of the fact that accurate studies done now indicate that this is a lie being used very effectively by the sodomite/lesbian crowd -- and that same-sex committed relationships based on "love" are just as meaningful and legitimate as are heterosexuals in their marriage relationships!

Dialog, a very significant and widely used strategy employed by same gender couplers, is bringing increased numbers of church people to the point of acceptance of sodomy and lesbianism. Part of the pressure for acceptance is the desire to avoid the negative labels which have been effectively used against opponents of sodomy. A number of people who profess the Christian faith simply do not want to be embroiled in controversy nor do they want to be known as "homophobes" or "bigots." And at all cost they want to avoid being accused by the sodomite/lesbian cartel as being "prejudiced," "unloving," or "unchristian!"

Looking to the future, one of the big "nuts" yet to crack is the United Methodist Church and the altering of certain statements in its Book of Discipline. At the present time the "official" position of the UMC states that homosexuality is not to be condoned and is considered to be incompatible with Christian teaching. This statement will be the focus of much debate and appeals to change it next spring when the General Conference of the UMC meets in Pittsburgh PA.

The hosting conference, Western Pennsylvania, has had "dialog" sessions going on between those sympathetic to the sodomite/lesbian agenda and those who claim to be "evangelical." Will this great "example" be held up as a model as to "how we should do it in order to get along" and will this have a measure of impact on what the General Conference decides regarding the future of sodomites and lesbians in the life and ministry of the UMC?

The camel, with a ribbon around its neck reading "Sodomite/Lesbian Agenda," successfully got its nose poked through the opening of U.S. society's tent and has moved right in and is making itself at home with only part of his rear leg and his tail remaining outside! It appears to be but a matter of time until he's totally inside. And when that happens, here is how it will be:

    Civil and church ceremonies will "unite" sodomite couples and lesbian couples in legal marriage! November 18, 2003 - as expected, the Massachusetts Supreme Court handed down a ruling that essentially gives the OK for same-sex couples to marry! Details are to be worked out by the MA legislature, but in effect this all means that same-sex couples will have all the rights and privileges, including the right to legally marry, in the state of Massachusetts.

    Sodomite and lesbian "couples" will adopt children and be considered "family" in every sense of the word as is a heterosexual married couple with children at the present time!

    Sodomites and lesbians will become increasingly high profile in church life and activities, including ordination into the ministry -- the "pioneers" who early on tried to break down the barriers will be held up as "heroes" willing to have made great sacrifices for the cause of recognition, equality, and acceptance of sodomite and lesbian lifestyles!

    Sodomites and lesbians will also become increasingly high profile in government, the military, business, and even more so in the TV and movie industries. And lest we forget, they will be very high profile as well in the many news media outlets -- the very same news media that greased the skids in the first place to bring us to where we are at the present moment! Too bad they can't look far enough ahead to see where our greased skids are going to take us as far as our final destiny is concerned!

    "Hate Crimes" legislation very likely will be expanded to include "hate speech" -- that is, it will not just be a crime to commit some act of violence against a sodomite or a lesbian (special protection that we heterosexuals do not have), but to even speak against them and their sexual immorality or to quote Biblical prohibitions against sodomy will be considered a criminal offense! In some foreign countries there are already cases on record concerning charges brought on basis of words spoken against sodomites and lesbians and their way of life.

    Further, a Christian who owns an apartment which he rents out cannot refuse to rent to a pair of sodomites, even if the pair claims to be legally "married" as likely will be the case in the future -- that would be considered discrimination and he could be charged with a criminal offense!

Crazy? Sure it is -- but in case you haven't noticed, our society has reached the point where it more than qualifies as being a "basket case" headed straight for judgment from a holy God and then on to a devil's hell!

Anybody out there in this nation which makes a claim of being " nation, under God..." want to buy a tent, camel included?

August 11, 2003
by Clayton D. Harriger
Elder in Full Connection
W. PA Annual Conference
The United Methodist Church
and presently pastor of
Gipsy Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Gipsy PA

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