What Happens When....?
What Happens When....?

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What happens when, after 25 years of cultural "acceptance" and tolerant blessing for the "rights" of same-sex couples to be "married" and raise children, it is discovered that...(lo and behold!)...the children raised in these environments are found to be, say, 50% bi-sexually and/or homosexually inclined?

Will it make a difference then when the social scientists suddenly discover that...Hey! Non-heterosexual proclivities aren't really so genetically passed on after all... (ie., not divinely "gifted"or "born this way")....but are rather largely environmentally determined.

If that discovery is made.... (and I'd be willing to bet that it will).... will the "well-intentioned" liberal theological/social and cultural experimenters and "progressives" have the integrity to admit their error and call for the lid of Pandora's Box (that they demanded be pried open) to be closed again?

(Somehow, I doubt it.....)

OR will the social "progressives"....as the current practitioners of the Neo-pagan Wiccan religion loudly and proudly proclaim today...instead begin to tell us that human beings are really divinely gifted and designed to have sex on a sliding moveable "pleasure scale" and that there really is no "right and wrong" and really no such thing as sexual perversion at all? To each his own. Find your bliss. Experiment. Enjoy......?

Tom Graffagnino
Hamilton, Georgia
You may respond to Tom at TGRAFFGA@aol.com

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