Epworth UMC of Berkeley CA - "Let Us Eat Cake Celebration!"
Epworth UMC of Berkeley CA - "Let Us Eat Cake Celebration!"

Hello there -- Theo, CR's administrative assistant, here! Epworth UMC of Berkeley CA had quite a celebration which was announced for June 12th. This marriage thing is getting more and more confusing. You'll see why when you read details and follow up on links listed below. Keep in mind that a lot of things will be happening with eyes turned toward General Conference of 2008 which will be held in Forth Worth, Texas.

Celebrate Marriage is dedicated to the support and renewal of committed Christian relationships.

Its website is Celebrate Marriage.

On Saturday, June 12th, Epworth United Methodist Church of Berkeley, California will Celebrate Marriage by opening its Sanctuary to couples who wish to renew their commitments. We're calling this celebration "Let Us Eat Cake!"

Epworth invites both heterosexual and same-sex partners and everyone who believes that God's love extends to all couples who are committed to loving each other.

The "Let Us Eat Cake!" marriage celebration will include:

  • clergy to hear and bless your commitment

  • a variety of music to grace the event

  • a wedding reception on the lawn with a giant "cakes of cakes"

  • a photographer for wedding photos

  • an opportunity to make a gift to help defend the rights of all

How to Take Part

Please register by June 9th if you wish to reaffirm your vows or celebrate your committed relationship. E-mail the Epworth registrar at mailbox@CelebrateMarriage.us.

You can also donate a cake for our giant community wedding cake, volunteer your artistic or musical talents, help serve and clean up, or simply witness and support the celebration.

Go to the "Let Us Eat Cake!" information page for more details.
Let Us Eat Cake Information Page

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