Will These Ads Persuade You to Vote for John Kerry?
Will These Ads Persuade You to Vote for John Kerry?

Hello there -- Theo, CR's administrative assistant, here! As you know, the presidential campaign is in overdrive with millions and millions of dollars being spent trying to persuade us where to put our "x" when we enter the voting booth in November. By the way, at the grass-roots level there is wide agreement that the amount of money spent in election campaigns could be more wisely and sanely spent to help those in need -- how about starting with senior citizens and their health needs -- families without any health insurance -- relieving the tax burdens of low income families, just for starters!

Below are some ads which are circulating on the internet featuring a couple of guys named Kerry and Edwards -- source is unknown -- if someone wants to take credit for these, please email cdharriger@hotmail.com and proper credit will be given immediately.

A little post script here -- have you noticed that both presidential candidates do have things to say about terrorism and the war in Iraq. Also, there are still some references from time to time about September 11, 2001. What NEITHER candidate will tell you is that more unborn children were brutally mutilated and murdered that day than the total number of victims of the terrorists' attacks! And look at how many unborn victims there have been since that fateful day -- go ahead look at the record keeper for a few seconds, or are you like the presidential hopefuls who don't have the guts to say this abominable practice has got to stop and if it doesn't stop soon, then Almighty God will put an end to it His way -- none of us, including all elected officials from the president to the lowest elected office of this republic, will want to be around when that happens!

Unborn Children Brutally
Attacked & Murdered in USA

since the terrorist attacks
which murdered U.S. citizens

September 11, 2001

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Do you find yourself at times wishing you could take all political campaigns and the people involved and put them in the familiar object you see below????

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