Abandoning Holiness!
Abandoning Holiness!

Spring 2005
A Commentary and a Prayer by
Max R. Tyner, Pastor
Good Shepherd Evangelical Church
Geronimo, Texas

The news during the past few weeks have brought us stories of sexual perversions and assaults against children that none of us ever believed possible. As we hear about the young children being kidnapped and murdered - even buried alive, none of us can help but be shocked. The event at a school in Ohio where a mentally retarded girl was physically beaten and then sexually assaulted while many watched and even videotaped the occurrence staggers one’s imagination; but even more shocking was the indifference and lack of concern of the school officials. Worried more about unfavorable publicity than the apprehension of the perpetrators, they did everything possible to cover up the assault. The shootings at a school in Minnesota, following the events at Columbine, brings forth the aggressiveness existing in so many of our younger people.

As we hear about these things many ask, “What is happening?” For some reason most Christians and churches have failed to see what has been developing in our country and its culture. Zell Miller in his recent book has referred to it as a “Deficit in Decency.” Judge Robert Bork has written that we are “Slouching toward Gomorrah.”

No matter what one calls it or how it is referred to it is quite apparent that the Christian Church has failed to instill a sense of holiness in the succeeding generation. We have stood back as “progressive theologians” and proponents of “do whatever feels good” have promoted a gospel that says it is possible to be a Christian while failing to confront conduct and behavior that is contrary to the teachings of Jesus’ and therefore a sin.

We have adopted the philosophy that there is nothing wrong with Christians acting like the rest of the world and never should a person or the church confront the matter of sin publicly. For too long the Christian Church and its followers have avoided the passages of the Bible that speak of God’s hatred of sin and that His wrath and judgment will fall upon unrepentant sinners; rather it has become the norm of modern evangelism to refer only to God’s grace, mercy and love. After all, any mention of wrongdoing could be considered judgmental and show the church to be radical and moralistic.

After years of sowing to the wind, we are now reaping the whirlwind as prophesied by Hosea. The time has come for the church to stand in front of the world and say “Thus saith the Lord!” Sin must be called sin; wrongdoing must be condemned and the righteousness of the Lord exalted. If not, we will continue to reap as we have sown.May God have mercy on the future generations of this nation!

A Needed Prayer!

Our Blessed and Loving Father,

we thank you for all that you have created and thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family. But, we must admit that we are so often confused and bewildered as we watch the world around us. You have made such a beautiful and wonderful place for us to live and yet there is so much hatred and anger all around us. No matter where we look we see such a complete disregard for human life. There is so much talk in the courts and in political speeches about the "sanctity of human life" and yet we are seeing less and less concern for the lives of others. In other parts of the world the news tells us daily of one group of people doing all they can to kill members of another group.

In our own country, doctors are legally killing hundreds of unborn babies daily and calling it abortion. Our courts have declared such deaths as legal and allow it to be done to protect a woman's right to privacy. In schools around the country, students are going on shooting rampages and killing other students and school personnel because they feel they have been mistreated. The phrases, "quality of life" and the right to "death with dignity" are more and more being used to "get rid" of elderly and handicapped people.

For some reason human life, which you created as a precious item, is being treated so cheaply. And so we come this day, Lord, asking that you give us the wisdom and guidance to return some sanity to this world. Help each of us to see the value of each human being, young or old, in your eyes. May we realize that the idea of any human being not being of worth is the teaching of Satan and not part of your plan for this world. Guide us and help us to return some sanity and decency to a rapidly deteriorating world.

In the Name of our Lord Jesus,

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