I Share Jefferson's Intuition of Designed Abuses!
I Share Jefferson's Intuition of Designed Abuses!

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By Chuck Baldwin
July 8, 2005
(Used by Chuck Baldwin's permission on CR's Range)

There are so many things happening today, things that are tearing at the very fiber of our nation, that it is very difficult to keep up with them all. Beyond that, I confess to sharing the deep intuition of Thomas Jefferson when he wrote in the Declaration of Independence, "But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security. Such has been the patient Sufferance of these Colonies."

I, too, believe there is a "Design" behind the "long Train of Abuses" to which the American people have been subjected. It is incomprehensible that these abuses are coincidental. The various and sundry abridgments of our liberties and attacks on our national independence must be deliberate and planned. Nothing else makes sense!

For example, common sense demands that the federal government's official "one gunman" theory explaining the assassination of President John F. Kennedy be rejected out-of- hand. Such a conclusion strains the limits of logic!

Also straining logic is the politically correct interpretation of the life and influence of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That all the upheaval and turbulence of the 1960's was the result of one man's gallantry is the kind of stuff from which fairy tales are made!

Moreover, the sheer volume of "coincidences" which have collectively shaken the very foundations of our republic stagger the imagination and serve only to further augment the conclusion that designers must be at work.

There must have been a design to turn American education upside- down. Our Bible-based curricula, which had been in place since the days of Noah Webster, could not have been supplanted with John Dewey's secularism accidentally.

Was it an accident that a country which was built upon a revulsion toward foreign entanglements could become as mired in internationalist institutions such as the United Nations as America has become today? And is it a coincidence that ever since being yoked to the UN, America's borders are disintegrating, and our troops are continuously called upon to fight and die, not to protect America's national interests, but to protect the economic and political interests of global concerns.

Furthermore, design is the only explanation for the fact that no matter which party controls the White House, the president's cabinet members and chiefs of America's top agencies commonly share membership in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Would anyone believe that such an occurrence was a meaningless coincidence if such people commonly shared membership in the Christian Coalition?

The list goes on almost without end. Is it a coincidence that no matter which network one watches, he or she is spoon-fed the same regurgitated news stories? Is it a coincidence that Hollywood continues its attempt to pervert the conscience and morals of our country even when they repeatedly lose money in the process? Is it a coincidence that the political leaders from both major parties repeatedly ignore the Constitution? Is it a coincidence that the national news media never give a fair shake to Second Amendment advocates? Is it a coincidence that pro-life proponents are always referred to as "anti-abortion" advocates? Is it a coincidence that Jesse Helms was constantly called a "far right" Senator but Ted Kennedy is never called a "far left" Senator?

Yes, Thomas Jefferson and America's Founding Fathers believed that a design was behind the Crown's long train of abuses and usurpations. Accordingly, can any thinking person not be convinced that a design is behind the pursuance of the same object today? I'm convinced!

Chuck Baldwin

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