Yes, Virginia, There Is An Attack on Christmas!
Yes, Virginia, There Is An Attack on Christmas!

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For almost 200 years this country followed the Judeo-Christian principles and ideas that had been existing since its founding. Of course, along the way, there were a few minor objections and comments of dissent but nothing came about that truly threatened the foundation of our culture and nation.,

Suddenly on September 11th , 2001, a group of mad men, religious fanatics, haters of America and all it stood for, attacked. In this unprovoked event, 3,000 Americans lost their lives and the lives of their families were changed forever. At first, there was anger toward the attackers and America seemed to unite in its desire to recover. Then political correctness set in and we were told that the perpetrators of the attack were not terrorists nor starting a "jihad" against Christian but were men whose actions had been caused by American arrogance and incorrect foreign policy. Rather than directing our anger toward "terrorists" we should try to understand the reasons for their actions and do all we could to see that we did not give them cause to continue in their distrust of us.

Along with this, we have seen renewed and stronger assaults against Christianity and prayer in the schools the last three or four years. And this year the complaints and attacks against Christmas have become stronger and more widespread. More and more objections have been raised to any religious symbols anywhere outside of the private home. Washington, D.C. even claims front lawns as public property and objects to any religious displays there. Homeowners Associations have forbidden Nativity Scenes in front of homes. Many of the large retail stores have completely ignored the words Christmas and gone to Holiday Celebration. Some schools have changed the words of Silent Night, to "Wintry night, snowy night." Others have banned red and green colors during the season as they consider them to be religious symbols.

While the battle against Christmas continues, we must understand is that it is only a battle. The actual war is against Christianity. Although many pundits and self proclaimed experts proclaim that the Christians have nothing to worry about, the actions of the world around us belies that idea. We are in a holy war. While Christians may not be in a war against other religions there is no doubt that many others, including the ACLU, homosexual activists, organized atheist groups and radical Islamists are waging a war against Christians and the Christian faith.

What must be realized is that the secular humanists have an agenda for this country. They are pushing hard for same-sex marriages, polygamy, euthanasia, more liberal sex laws, sexual indoctrination of very young children, legalized drugs, more reliance on government and less respect for families. They realize that the only way they can ever accomplish these goals is to destroy the Christian faith and the strong values it espouses. The radical Islamists want to enlarge their control and have the world living under Islamic law They, too, realize that the Christian faith is the main obstacle standing in the way of their plan. Yes, there is a war being waged against Christianity and it is coming from more than one direction. It is time for all believers to realize it and to act upon it.

Max R Tyner, Pastor
Good Shepherd Evangelical Church
Geronimo, Texas

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