"Court-Jesters Gone Wild" or ("Big Daddy, Get Outta Our Face!")
"Holy Priests of Twisted Info!"
("Yes, We Have No Designer Genes" )

"Let's not kid ourselves, we're all concentrations of molecules containing DNA, hard-wired into a chemical analog computer known as the human brain, which as software has a certain genetic code. And your idea that you have a soul or even a self, much less free will, is just an illusion." - Tom Wolfe

"There is at the bottom of it all no good, no evil, no purpose, nothing but blind pitiless indifference. DNA neither knows nor cares. DNA just is, and we dance to its music." - Richard Dawkins

"We are survival machines--robot vehicles programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes." - Richard Dawkins

* * * *

"The prospect that structures as complex as the 6-billion-unit strand of DNA could arise by chance alone [seems] phenomenally improbable." - Gregg Easterbrook

"There is no way you can establish that a bacterium is the parent of a complex animal. There is no mechanism to make the change, no historical fossil evidence that such a change ever occurred, and there's no way to duplicate the process in the lab." - Philip Johnson

"The language of life--the DNA code-- supports the conclusion that the biotic world reflects the logos of its Creator." - Nancy Pearcy

* * * *

Recently, some within the scientific community have had the sheer audacity to suggest that there is detectable evidence indicating that "Intelligent Design" exists in the living order of things around us....They have claimed that the design we see simply cannot be adequately accounted for or explained by the orthodoxies of traditional Common Descent/Darwinian Evolutionary models ("Natural Selection"). This radical claim, that intelligent design may be scientifically detectable, has been met with panicked shrieks of horror within the hallowed halls and tabernacles of Metaphysical Naturalism where The Cult of Enlightened Scientism reigns supreme.

But shriek as they may, the dog eat dogmatists of Macro-cadabra Evolutionism are having a hard time containing the controversy. They are having a difficult time countering the erosive effect that the "ID" suggestion is having upon the deterministic Fundamentals of their Faith.

And, by God, they cannot...they will not... tolerate debate or criticism. After all false religions detest examination and challenge.

Scientism's High Priests cannot adequately explain how blind, purposeless Forces of Nature could possibly have come up with the unimaginable and gloriously complex informational system that is buried within each living cell.

For instance, the "Twisted Information" of the DNA molecule has become, in many respects, both their God and their Accuser. The irreducibly complex machines found throughout nature may seem to be 'intelligently designed' (they tell us)....But of course, (they quickly add), they simply cannot be! The "design", you see, is just an illusion.

Now you see it...now you don't!

Mostorganize themselves into encyclopedias and libraries, but the High Priests of Materialism insist upon following this bizarre epistemological rabbit hole into 'Scientism Wonderland' where the Queen of Hearts waves her sceptor and tells her loyal subjects to believe in "...as many as six impossible things before breakfast".

The shamans of Scientism are caught on the horns of their own dilemma. In order to remain true to their 'No Debate Allowed" designer-less hypothesis, they must deny the obvious. The Deacons of DNA and the High Priests of The Twisted Information have a serious public relations problem. Even small children can see through their charade and sleight of hand. Their problem is anything but irreducibly complex...It is very simple, very plain and very straightforward:

They are avoiding the Truth....(hardly a defensible position and tactic for true and honest scientists to take.)

"Holy Priests of Twisted Info!"
("Yes, We Have No Designer Genes!")

Holy Priests of Twisted Info
Are convinced there's no design...
Since "design" implies Designer.
And "Designer" screams...

They say simply God's a "No-No"...
They simply know "No-God" is true!
And they know their special knowledge
Is what's best for me and you!

'"What design?"' they say....
"What you think you see's not real!
"Twisted Info, sir, has spoken...
"Naturalism's where we kneel."

Yes, this Twisted Info System
Just popped up from
Nowhere, sir.
Evolution reigns among us....
(We just lost our monkey-fur!)

What's behind this tangled Info?
Evo-Priests say...."Never Mind!"
We're Bi-Pedal Accidentals...
Lucky Meat Bags....

That's The Way of Twisted Info!
Man is just a "lucky break"!
Come, sir, join us in this Black Hole....
Where "truth" hides......
For Heaven's Sake!

There's no Purpose...
There's no Reason...
There's no Why....
There's only how!
Learn to trust Nucleic Acids...
And to Protein Folds we'll bow!

There is no "Other"
Who will judge, sir,
What you do!
You're The Boss, Man!
You're The Captain!
Moral Law?....
Illusion, too!

So, come on...
Trust your Gut Instinct...
Replicate! Ye Meat Machines!

Naked Apes....Now hear your calling:
Just pass on those Selfish Genes!

You can trust this "Twisted Info"
(These High Priests are authorized!)
Protein sequences have spoken:
Lucky Life.....Self-organized!

Sacred Twisted Information
Brings to light all that we see!
While High Priests of Twisted Info
Swear to God 'twas luckily!

Chance has guided us today, sir...
To this Scientific Peak!
Here we gaze into "The Empty"...
And we hear The Vacuum speak!

This Twisted Info Theory
Law of Darwin's writ in Stone;
We're the Faith-based Humanistas...
On this Rock we stand....

* * * * * * *

Preach it, Brother Darwin!
Keep the Faith!
Our hearts are stirred!
Fossil Fools fall at your altar,....
Where we really dig Your Word!

Feed the Flesh, nature's selected..
Take your hymnal...
Let us sing!
Daily Wonder-Bred Genetics!
To these Chromosomes we cling!

* * * * * * *

Since we know life has no Meaning
And design can't be divined....
Put your Faith in Human Reason,
Twisted Info's Holy Shrine!

Welcome home!
Enjoy The Vacuum!
Better life through Chemistry!
Where we're all made in the image
Of this Dark Vacuity.

Join the Church of the Enlightened!
Yes, our Dog eat Dogma's true!
Standing in this darkened food chain....
Bio-Soup Line straight to you!

Pilgrim's Progress!
Flesh Computers,
Just enjoy this lucky break!
Our Epistle?
"Meat 'n' Gristle"...
(Really Nothing here's
at stake.)

Mutant Machinations!
Blessed truth...
Red Tooth 'n' Claw!
Tar-Pitiless Man-euv'ring...
Now deposes Sinai's Law.

* * * * * * *

Cell-Mass, ma'am, inside the oven?
Tiny Meat Loaf in the womb?
Just abort that Flesh Intruder
To avoid parental gloom.

Ma'am, today it's not an issue...
"Choice"... is now our Twisted Game.
N.O.W. that Moral Law's illusion...
We avoid both
Guilt and Shame!

It's your Natural Selection!...
Suit your Self!
YOU draw the line!
And our Priests have all convinced us...
That it's all quite by design!"

It's a "flesh-thing" that we're into...
"I, Me, Mine"...
Yes, now we see!
Chance Mutation's Gospel message...
Man's un-Holy Trinity.

* * * * * * *

Naturalism, Lord, has left us
With this Twisted point of view.
We're The Coerced Protoplasms,
Who have all been turned from You.

Lord forgive us!
Pride is blinding!
Help us see the mess we're in!
Give us meek and mournful hearts*, Lord....
Help us see this
Wicked Sin!

Please then give us Grace to see why,
By design You came to die**.
Incarnate...Truth among us!
Shine The Light on this Dark Lie.

* "Blessed are those who mourn,
for they will be comforted.
"Blessed are the meek
for they will inherit the earth."
-- (Matthew 5:4,5)

** "He was chosen before the creation of
the world, but was revealed in these last
times for your sake."
-- (1Peter 1:20)

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