Jerusalem Gay Parade '06
Jerusalem Gay Parade '06

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A Commentary by
Rabbi David Eidensohn

From all over the world, the gays want to inundate Jerusalem this summer with a massive weeklong program of festivities, despite the fact that three quarters of the Jerusalem population, including major religious leaders, oppose the parade. The gays say that "love without borders" is their goal. They want to do in Jerusalem what they did in Rome in the year 2000. They want to stick religious people in the eye, and proclaim, "love without borders," so nobody is safe from their debauchery, naked antics, and perversion.

Gay activists claim that to prevent their parade is an effort to stifle freedom of speech. If people want to go to the holiest city in the world and do for an entire week what the bible considers to be "abomination," this is "free speech." These very same gays, when dealing with the efforts of biblical people to be heard, proclaim that what biblical people say is "hate speech," motivated not by valid reasons but by an insanity called "homophobia." Therefore, when the gays want to attack religion, this is "free speech." When religious people want to express their views, this is "hate" and "homophobia."

The leaders of the gay parade proclaim on their website "Jerusalem WorldPride 2006" will bring a new focus to an ancient city through a massive demonstration of LGBT dignity, pride, and boundary-crossing celebration. In these times of intolerance and suspicion, from the home of three of the world´s great religions, we will proclaim that love knows no borders."

Google won't publish ads for this website, because "if you aren't for gays, you are against them," and "if you are against gays, you are a hater." Thus, Google and gays are intolerant and suspicious about anyone who is not pro-gay, regardless of how they present their thoughts. Either back gay rights, or you are out! But when the gays want to come to town, a religious town, and religious people don't want them, suddenly, religious people are "intolerant and suspicious."

One of the great goals of the gay lobby is to ban all anti-gay thought from the Internet. Now, how is that for the gay demand to be allowed freedom of speech?

How would the gays like it if biblical people from around the world came to San Francisco and spent a week bashing gays? What then is the difference between that and an international parade of gays bashing the bible?

There were those who mistakenly assumed that the gay movement was about civil rights. The gay movement is about the rights of gays to do what they want, anything, and everyone else get out of the way. Slowly, this is dawning on even the most naive people.

Biblical and family people may not ignore the hypocrisy of the gay lobby, its selfish standards of free speech and one-sided perversion of human rights.
--- by Rabbi David Eidensohn

NOTE: The web site to which Rabbi Eidensohn refers in the third paragraph is located at -- the scheduled dates of Jerusalem WorldPride are August 6 -12, 2006 -- this note entered by cdh, web servant of Circuit Rider's Range.

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