The Changing Church!
The Changing Church!

A commentary by
By Max Tyner
February 23, 2007
(Used by Max Tyner's permission on CR's Range)

Recent years have seen a scourge moving across our country bringing great changes in the culture of the United States. The concept of “Political Correctness” has taken over and tolerance in all areas is put forth as being the norm. Any concept or idea contrary to what political correctness deems proper results in the speaker being considered hateful, bigoted, or some other term that can be used to degrade or humiliate the person making the statement.

These developments have brought about a great amount of criticism of Evangelical Christians. Unfortunately, many of our Christian churches have strayed from their basic course and their pastors have softened the message of Jesus Christ. Many churches now expound the idea that Christianity must be relative to the present time; it must adjust to the modern world, modern thinking, modern morality. While that sounds good to some people, one wonders how those handle the words of Jesus which say: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” As they endeavor to explain this by saying, “times are different,” he was speaking to a different time and people, I would ask how they understand the words in Malachi 3:6 which says, “I the Lord do not change.”

As one studies the teachings and calls of Jesus Christ, it is quickly seen that Christianity is not a tolerant religion. Nor was it ever meant to be! Jesus calls for the absolute truth, total faith and complete loyalty. He calls sin exactly what it is: a failure to live up to God’s teachings; and tells us, in no uncertain terms, that we are to turn away from our sins and repent of them. Christianity can never be tolerant of the things which God calls an abomination.

A person can’t help but wonder what some of our modern liberal preachers and church leaders would do if they were face to face with God as he handed down the Ten Commandments. Would they question his sincerity? Would they ask if he were kidding? Would they ask if they were suggestions instead of commandments? After all, why should adultery be condemned if it is a relationship between consenting adults?

It is no wonder that the Christian church today has lost much of its influence in the world. Too many preachers a nd too many church leaders are standing back from the moral and ethical struggle in the world and trying to placate those working to destroy it. The early Christian church was never afraid to face the onslaught of the world and, thereby, brought about great changes in the life of individuals. The time has come for the Christian church to once again stand up and tell the world that “Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.” There is no compromise, there is no “soft peddling” of the message.

Someday each one of us must stand in front of God for His Holy judgment and explain why we did or did not take seriously his standards for the World and why we retreated from the battle being waged for the souls of mankind..

Max R. Tyner, Pastor
Good Shepherd Evangelical Church
Geronimo, Texas

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