Reply to a Gay: Stop Hurting Homosexuals
Reply to a Gay: Stop Hurting Homosexuals

Press Release for Immediate Release – 1/21/03
The National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists at
For contact write: Rabbi David Eidensohn, Director or call 1-845-352-7267
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By Rabbi David Eidensohn

Dear M,

I thank you for your attempts to enlighten me as to the justice of your cause, the Gay Lobby. I say this not facetiously: those of us who write for the public are thrilled when anyone responds, even if we are criticized. As they say in media, "As long as they spell my name right!" So much for my ego, and now, I will talk about your ego, although I can't tell much about it through an e-mail. I talk to you in the second person, but I refer to people who are gay activists in general. I criticize you for hurting homosexuals and for threatening traditional family and religious people, as I will explain.

I thank you for letting me understand somewhat what it is to be in a society where people consider you sick and perverted. That, indeed, would make a lot of people upset, angry and worse. So, there is a Gay Lobby, people who are sick and tired of being marginalized. Here I am, along with many others who are not ready to accept you and your demands. Why not? Are you not human beings "in the image of G-d" just like me?

I thank you for forcing me to respond to a real human who is going to be offended by what I say. That puts a control on my words. I surely am not interested in hurting anyone, and I anticipate you are going to respond if I do. I will present you my thoughts. First, is homosexuality a disease? And, what difference does it make? It makes a lot of difference to homosexuals, if not to me. If homosexuality is a disease, society must help them recover. If homosexuality is not a disease, it is not necessary to help homosexuals recover. When a century of therapy, without disagreement, found homosexuality to be a disease, it spoke science, not bigotry. Indeed, one of the great therapists was probably a homosexual. They found homosexuality to be a disease because it caused much pain and discomfort to the homosexual, not because it bothered anyone else. In all societies, in all times, homosexuals functioned along with everyone else. Nonetheless, in much of Western society, where having a wife and children was so important, homosexuality was a condition that hindered a person. A lesbian recently adapted children and said, "I hope they won't be gay." Therefore, when therapists considered homosexuality a disease, they had to help cure homosexuals who wanted to become heterosexual.

When the Gay Lobby, in 1973, with threats and "activism," "convinced" therapists to delete homosexuality from the list of diseases, this was a grave blow to homosexuals. Now those who wished to change had a problem. What if the therapist refused to cure them? What if therapists in general no longer pursue research that could lead to a cure for homosexuality? Today, because of the Gay Lobby, homosexuals must sign a consent form to get help from a therapist. This act labels such therapy atypical and inhibits the patient; it is deleterious to the process of cure. Thus does the Gay Lobby hurt homosexuals. The Gay Lobby is making a huge prison where homosexuals can never escape. I will fight the Gay Lobby and help homosexuals find the life they want, not the life that Big Brother the Gay Lobby wants.

Curing a homosexual of his problem is best done before the biology maturates, that is, a child can more easily be treated. I called up the American Psychological Association and asked if a child could find therapy for homosexuality. They refused to answer. The Gay Lobby not only wants to control the lives of homosexuals, but even the children of heterosexuals. The Gay Lobby denies homosexuals choice, and would deny parents choice in raising their children. This we must fight tooth and nail. The idea that 2 percent of the population can come with violence and intimidate the other 98 percent to lose control of their children has got to stop.

My second argument with the Gay Lobby is, again, an issue that once pertained mostly to the welfare of homosexuals. I refer to the HIV Confidentiality Laws, passed by many Gay Lobby states such as New York, California and Florida. What is the HIV Confidentiality Law?

In the seventies, public health officials realized that a HIV epidemic was brewing, and they began to take steps to prevent it. Anyone infected with HIV who came to a doctor was not only treated, as best as could be done without the new medications, but also the doctor insisted that the patient not spread the disease. All diseases threatening the public are posted on the List of Infectious Diseases in each state. Anyone coming to a doctor with this condition is reported. The state supervises the patient assuring that the patient does not spread the disease. If caught spreading the disease, the person is quarantined, or jailed.

The gays did not want to stop infecting, even if they had HIV, and even if they killed the people they infected. The Gay Lobby then prevailed upon the states of New York, Florida, California, and other places where they had strong influence, to make HIV Confidentiality Laws. These laws took HIV and AIDS off of the List of Infectious Diseases. Can we believe that even today, decades after the disease has spread more and more, especially in New York State, that New York State does not list HIV and AIDS on the List of Infectious Diseases? The first to die from this law were homosexuals, who slept with their partners in the thought that the government protected them against infectious diseases. The Gay Lobby has killed many homosexuals, and is proud of it, just as the Communists and Nazis destroyed millions of people for the "cause." There is no room in America for such fanaticism. Those who rise upon the dead bodies of others must be stopped.

A third reason I fight the Gay Lobby is because they took the medical dollar from all Americans for themselves. As the recently appointed head of the Center of Disease Control said, it is a "no-brainer" to prioritize AIDS over all other diseases, and regards other diseases; we will have to look over what we have already. In other words, the prime direction for the research dollar will go for AIDS. The leftovers and old material will suffice for the vast majority of Americans who suffer from heart disease such as high blood pressure, or mental diseases such as schizophrenia, or from cancer. Here again, the Gay Lobby does things that destroy human life. Sorry, my dear gay, I am not going to die so that you can live your lifestyle. Get in line with everybody else and don't make gays better than others. In the entire country, there are not a million people with HIV or AIDS, but there are many millions with heart disease and cancer. Why give the medical dollar to HIV and AIDS? Must we bow before the Gay Lobby even if we die?

A fourth reason I oppose the Gay Lobby is because it takes huge funding from the government and others claiming that it alone can stop HIV and AIDS. Gay Lobby "education," it claims, will be more effective than quarantine. This huge lie has cost the taxpayer a fortune, and has spread the epidemic. The government gave the gays the cream of medical research, even finding a medicine for HIV that works. Despite this, HIV is not only not defeated, but is actually increasing, by huge amounts. The most recent statistics show that after a medicine was discovered HIV went from 40,000 new cases a year in America to 50,000 new cases a year. All around the country, gays greeted the news of a medicine by "riding bareback," not using condoms, and created a huge epidemic of syphilis and other disease, including HIV. Thus, the more we give the Gay Lobby, the sicker it gets, and the more money we end up losing, not to mention human life. Whatever the Gay Lobby wants is death for millions of people or destructive in some other way. This lobby must be stopped. This again is an example of how the Gay Lobby destroys homosexuals. Its programs have unleashed an unprecedented scourge of disease among homosexuals, who then spread the disease into the inner cities and elsewhere.

A fifth reason I oppose the Gay Lobby is for its power to seize control of the minds of children, such as its "safe schools" initiatives that turns public schools into a homosexual propaganda center. The latest outrage making the rounds is a man who came to tiny tykes in a public school and taught them that that he surgically removed his male organ and became a woman. A father in Massachusetts was sued who taped a session of a lesbian teaching children in Massachusetts about "fisting," or the pleasures of placing such in the other's anus. The lawsuit is years old and drains tens of thousands of dollars. Private and government funding to sue all that she wants support the lesbian. Do we all want to live in fear of legal terrorism if we do not surrender our children to the homosexual program? Do we allow the Gay Lobby to take taxpayer money to build a monster of legal and physical terror?

A sixth reason I oppose the Gay Lobby is because it wants to destroy biblical values, communities and influence. The bible teaches that homosexuality is an "abomination." Those of us who feel this way, because we respect G-d's word in the bible, or because we feel that homosexuality is perverse and unnatural, have a right to our opinions, as it is not formed from prejudice but rather from normal and appropriate sources. The Gay Lobby wants to label us as inciters and haters, and demonize and even criminalize us, and the bible.

Google won't advertise my website because it opposes the Gay Lobby's political agenda. I am considered a "hater." Am I a hater because I want freedom for homosexuals to choose their sexual preference with conversion therapy? Am I a hater for opposing the HIV Confidentiality Laws that destroy homosexuals? Am I a hater for wanting a fair distribution of the medical dollar to benefit all Americans, not just the Gay Lobby? Am I a hater because I oppose the lie that giving money to the Gay Lobby will stop disease, when statistics clearly show that the more money the Gay Lobby gets the more disease spreads? Am I a hater because I don't want the Gay Lobby teaching young children about sex in a manner most Americans consider inappropriate? Am I a hater for opposing the Gay Lobby's attempt to demonize and even criminalize the reading of the bible and the practice of traditional family and religion?

The Gay Lobby has seized upon the issue of homosexuality to gain much money and power. The first to suffer from this are homosexuals. If we don't fight back, the rest of us are next.

Sincerely yours,

David Eidensohn

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