Planned Parenthood Does Its Part to Increase Abortions in Pennsylvania!
Planned Parenthood Does Its Part to Increase Abortions in Pennsylvania!

A 3.3% increase in PA abortions from 1999 to 2000!

Abortion Statistics for the year 2000 in Pennsylvania:

Total Abortions: 35,630 - An increase of 1,136 from previous year, or 3.3% increase.

Harrisburg, PA -- The state's Department of Health released the latest annual abortion statistics this week, and they showed that the total number of abortions in Pennsylvania increased in the year 2000 by 3.3%. Previous years had seen sharp decreases in abortions, leaving many people to ask "Why has that trend apparently changed?" "The pro-life movement is still doing its job, and helping more women with crisis pregnancies than ever before," said David Bunnell, Education Director of PA Pro-Life. "The state-funded program Project WIN helped nearly 11,000 women find life-affirming alternatives in 2000, and dozens of other privately-funded agencies statewide helped thousands more through pregnancy, childbirth, and beginning to parent their babies. Were it not for such agencies, the abortion rate would be thousands higher than it is."

So why did abortions increase? "There are several factors that may have contributed, but the largest single factor, and one we can't afford to ignore, was the increased activity of Planned Parenthood in our state," Bunnell said. Planned Parenthood opened an abortion facility in Bucks County, and the abortion rate there then increased from 60 in 1999 to 685 in the year 2000. That 625-abortion increase in one county where Planned Parenthood expanded its work accounts for more than half of the total abortion increase for the entire state. Planned Parenthood also operates abortion centers in Allegheny, Philadelphia, Chester, York, and Berks Counties. All of those counties except York saw an increase in abortions in 2000. The 61 counties where Planned Parenthood has no abortion facility saw a combined decrease of more than 200 abortions in the year 2000. Even two of the Philadelphia area counties (Delaware and Montgomery), where Planned Parenthood has no abortion facility, saw a decrease in abortions. "In fact, the total increase in abortions in the six counties where Planned Parenthood operates abortion facilities is 1,350, so the six counties where Planned Parenthood has the most influence more than account for the 1,138-abortion increase for the state as a whole," Bunnell continued. "A majority of the state's counties are still seeing the previous years' trend of a decreasing abortion rate. Since abortions increase where Planned Parenthood has abortion centers, it is time for the state government to re-evaluate its policy of giving our taxpayer dollars to them. That money would be better spent on programs that provide positive help to both the mother and her child -- programs that provide Real Alternatives."



By the way, how about taking about 60 seconds or more and just gaze at the little record keeper below and see what is happening -- you see, it keeps a running tally of unborn babies who are violently murdered in the womb in this nation which claims that all persons should have the "right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!" Pennsylvania, along with all the other 49, is helping to increase the toll of the United States version of "holocaust!"

Unborn Babies Killed
since Roe vs. Wade
January 1973

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