The Real Truth About Our National Tragedy
The Real Truth About Our National Tragedy!

There is NO human effort or defense that can stop this type of terrorism. When Satan can place such horrific evil and hatred in the hearts of men there is no human solution. Our only hope is to humbly submit to the authority of the God of our fathers over our lives and our nation. We must, with contrite hearts, beg him to forgive us and have mercy on America if we ever wish to regain the feeling of protection, security and peace we once felt in the comfort of his omnipotent presence.

We allowed the Supreme Court to redefine the noun "church" in the first amendment of our constitution as a verb meaning any religious practice in public and we passively let them impose their unconstitutional separation of church and state on our nation. When "We the people" submissively accepted their ruling and did not exercise our right to reject it as the acknowledged supreme authority over the government of this republic we sealed our fate. With our inaction we passively approved their banishment of the God of our fathers from our schools, halls of government and justice, and from every public place. We have taken off and thrown into the garbage the protective Armor of God described in Ephesians 6:10-18 . We have shed the belt of truth, the breastplate of righteousness, the foot cover of the Gospel of peace, the shield of faith, the helmet of salvation ,and the sword of the Spirit so that we could embrace the practices of homosexuality, infanticide, pornography, infidelity and secular humanism. We have chosen to glorify humanity while spitting in the face of the God who had been our nations acknowledged sovereign and protector since the founding of our Republic. At one time the world could clearly see the strength of our impregnable armor and because of it we were invincible. An attack on that impenetrable armor was unthinkable. Now they see a weak, naked, vulnerable nation fully exposed to them without its spiritual armor. We have become naked prey for the wicked.

Every American shares the guilt for the carnage and loss of life in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. The terrorists were only the instrument of a greater evil that we have openly and legally invited into in our nation. The blood of those who were lost is not only on the hands of the terrorists but on mine and yours and even on the hands of the victims themselves. Our national lack of faith and the rejection of the word and will of the God of our fathers has removed his protective hand from our nation. This act, as well as the one in Oklahoma City, are only a preview of what is yet to come if we don't repent. How many catastrophic tragedies will it take before the stiff-necked people of our nation will become people of contrite hearts, repent, forsake their sins and end the banishment of the Almighty God from our nation? Unless the people of America submit to God's authority over their personal lives and start living according to his Will our collective nation can't expect his forgiveness, mercy and mighty protection.

Perhaps we should seek repentance before we consider vengeance and pray that the God that has kept our fathers safe will forgive us, have mercy on us and once again embrace our nation as his own and protect us from our evil enemies. We must continue to do all we can to prevent and punish such evil but it is a fruitless endeavor without God's blessing. We will never succeed without his blessing.

SATAN, NOT GOD, IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED! All God did was turn his head and lift his hand of protection from an ungrateful and rebellious nation for one brief second. The evil was always dangerous and ever-present in the past and it will never diminish or become weaker in the future. Our insolence and self-indulgences bear the real responsibility for what has happened.

There is no agency, army, federal, state or local program powerful enough or strong enough to insure our survival and safety. Until we remove the Armor of God from the national trash heap, polish off the tarnish and proudly wear it again for all of the universe to see we will remain vulnerable, powerless and at the mercy of terrorism. This evil is massive and like a cloud of locusts the plague of terrorism will spread across our land and lead to the destruction of everything we value and hold sacred. It will destroy our peace of mind and security unless we repent, BEG GOD to forgive us, and make a national commitment to restore him as the foundation of our republic. With contrite hearts we must humble ourselves at his feet or the contentment and security of the Republic will be lost forever.

Your Faithful Servant in Christ,
Timothy E. Holloway DMD

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