Wanted: Preferably Alive!
Preferably Alive!

Osama bin Laden

For crimes against humanity
in connection with terrorist attacks
on September 11, 2001 in the
United States of America!

Hello there! In case some of you don't know me, I am Theo, CR's Administrative Assistant here on Circuit Rider's Range. If you want to know more about me and my background, you can check that out elsewhere on the Range. I just want you to know that CR struggled a bit with putting this on his web site, just as he has struggled with some other things that are highly controversial. At first he got caught up in the spirit of retaliation and revenge that is quite prominent, and titled the above, "Wanted: Dead or Alive!" But that bothered him over a couple of days, and so it has been changed. Our republic clearly claims to be one of peace and justice, and that those guilty of crime are to be tried in a court of justice with evidence produced which establishes the guilt of the accused.

But more importantly is something called the Christian faith and how it is demonstrated here. Jesus Christ died for Osama bin Laden just as He did for every other human being. In spite of the anger and frustration even Christians feel about this, it may be well to repeat a phrase used at another time and in another context, "There, but for the grace of God, go I!"

And so, CR feels that as we pray over the recent tragedy in many different ways, it would be well to pray for this man and his followers that they may become aware of the truth of God's love in giving His Son for the sins of the whole world, including fanatics such as Osama bin Laden and his terrorist followers. Jesus did say something about praying for one's enemies did He not? However, there may be a very strong temptation to make an exception for Mr. bin Laden and those associated with him in his terrorist projects around the world. Much more could be said here, but for now think about it, OK?

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