Clinton As Role Model

William Jefferson Clinton As a Role Model!


The Young Are Learning Well from His Example!

With sincere apology to Mr. Pinocchio for using his
outfit on a character whose assault on ethical and
moral decency involved much, much more than lying!

"Please be will take me a bit to download this bit of information!"

Music Title: Alley Cat!
The following article appeared in the Johnstown (PA) Tribune-Democrat on Sunday, November 19, 2000. It was written by Karen S. Peterson of Gannett News Service. While there is much that is disturbing and alarming in what is discussed, notice particularly (near the bottom of the center column) how President William Jefferson Clinton has proved to be a role model to the youth and also how the media folks have played a significant role as well in how the young folk define what "having sex" really is! Further, do you want to speculate as to how this will impact the moral "graveyard spiral" in which this country already finds itself?

Question... Do you suppose all those people who regard Bill Clinton as practically God Almighty Himself, including the media culture devotees who are constantly drooling at the mere mention of his name, would have any concern about their kids following the president's example -- but then again, maybe that moral standard is quite acceptable to them!

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