With Liberty and Justice for All?????
With Liberty and Justice for All????

Usually I appear where the subject of politics comes up, and you may have seen me at some of the "political" locations on CR's Range. But the justice system in the United States also creates some strong aromas at times which is what has attracted me to this area. As the Pledge of Allegiance concludes, do you not say "...one nation under God with liberty and justice for all."?

Now then, consider the following 2 items:

(1) Andrea S. who is 22 years old will spend 5 to 10 years in state prison for fracturing the skull of her 6-week-old daughter. She had tossed her baby on the couch and her head hit a wooden corner of the furniture. (Reported in November 14, 2001 edition of the Oil City Derrick)

(2) A Blair County (PA) coroner is ruling that the death of a teenager's unborn baby is a homicide as a result of the assault by the girl's boyfriend and a blow to the abdomen which fatally injured the unborn child. The baby boy was delivered stillborn by Caesarian section and was about 25 weeks old. Homicide charges were not yet filed by law enforcement people at the time of the news release. (Reported in Johnstown Tribune-Democrat on February 13, 2001)

Justice is being done, right? Yes, in the case of a six week old baby, and in the case of a 23 week old baby that was still in the womb of his mother there has been an effort to administer justice on behalf of these very young ones whose lives were ended because of acts of violence! BUT, at the same time while this was going on, there were babies who were being violently dismembered in the womb, and some others were just seconds away from being born whose skulls were punctured, and then their brains were sucked out, and they were dead by the time they made their way into this world -- victims of horrendous violent acts! Here's something to think about:

  • there will be no criminal charges filed!
  • in some of these cases it is likely that the parts of the victims will be sold for high sums of money!
  • the main players in these grisly events hold the degree of "M.D." -- but it is more accurate to overlook the degree thing or change it to "Ex.U.H." -- "Executioner of Unborn Humans" -- it is a much more appropriate title!
  • the "executioners" have made lucrative profits from this practice so that they drive their luxury cars, live in mansions, send their kids (those who didn't meet the fate of one pictured below) to Ivy League graduate schools, and vacation at luxurious resorts.

Has justice been served for the 21 week old victim pictured below? Well, not for now, but there will be a day in which God, the Author of all true justice, will set things right on these criminal acts that number into the millions! It will be an awesome scene -- you can get a preview by going into the book of Revelation at chapter 20:11-15!

Life terminated at 21 weeks at the hands of one who holds
the Ex.U.H. Degree! (Executioner of Unborn Humans)
Under present system of U.S. justice, no charges will be filed!

The executioner will have to reckon with a different system of justice
after death! (See Revelation 20:11-15)

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