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So justice is driven back, and righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, honesty cannot enter. Truth is nowhere to be found, and whoever shuns evil becomes a prey. The LORD looked and was displeased that there was no justice.
-- Isaiah 59:14,15 (NIV)

Shall the throne of iniquity, which devises evil by law, have fellowship with You? They gather together against the life of the righteous, and condemn innocent blood.
-- Psalm 94:20,21 (NIV)

"I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said, 'I will not hear.' This has been your manner from your youth, that you did not obey My voice."
-- Jeremiah 22:21 (NKJV)

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Hello, and welcome to the Slick Willie Archives! The Circuit Rider sure has collected a lot of material on El Presidente, and as you have noticed, there have been a lot of comments and letters written over the past few years on what can be described as nothing less than the greatest debacle in United States history in the election of a president! As you move south you will find comments and observations which CR has made over past months and years regarding a situation where the proverbial "inmates have taken over the asylum!"

Before leaving office there is revenge to take, right?

Yes, there has been some time lapse, but keep eyes open folks and look for Willie to deploy his henchmen on a bloodletting vendetta, with Ken Starr as but one of many targets! Don't forget, the "Don" has willing accomplices in the media culture who will go after Starr with a vengeance -- even Monica will make a contribution by casting Starr in a very negative light, and our society's value system being what it is, she will be more "believable" (???) than Starr! But the SLICK ONE will successfully distance himself from this with the distraction of a lot of pious talk about forgiveness and reconciliation -- and that bolstered by some "persons of the cloth", including at least one bishop in the UMC -- unhuh, and like we also believe the moon is made of green cheese too, especially if he says so! And as the media drumbeat continues with its deadening noise, and as time passes, all these previous happenings start to fade away and we will forget, right? But El Presidente's goals will not fade out of existence :-((

Is the Balkan thing really over????

(Written during the conflict, and of course, please remember that the last chapter has yet to be written in the Balkan arena!) A modest suggestion since this "commander in chief" (perhaps the world's most notorious draft dodger) insists on waging war in places such as Kosovo, Yugoslavia etc. -- how about making him the point man in leading the ground troops, which they say are going to be needed eventually -- one condition, however -- make sure all the rest of the troops are at least 1,000 yards or preferably 2,000 yards behind him!

Well things have "settled down" for a bit. However, do you remember when Bill Clinton & Co. were selling us a bill of goods on how evil people in a place called Kosovo were committing high scoring atrocities -- and we just had to blast them with bombs, blah, blah, blah??? Better sit down for this one as reliable new information indicates once AGAIN that Clinton also qualifies for an entry in Guiness Book of Records for more lies told than anyone else in a government leadership position! Just slip on over to The Truth Leaks out about Kosovo!

A quote upon which to reflect (and which may not be as "outdated" as we may think!): "Bosnia -- just one of Clinton's current tar pits -- was supposed to be an in-and-out-and-over one-year commitment. Instead, we're going on four. The Bosnian swamp's already cost over 12 billion bucks and almost ruined three of our best heavy Army divisions, and there's no end in sight....Kosovo promises to be an even hotter and more dangerous mission than Bosnia. The Serbs may defend their sacred homeland ferociously...American blood could really flow." --- Colonel David Hackworth (US Army - Ret., America's most-decorated living soldier).

Response to those senators who sold this country and its citizens down the river by voting for acquittal! No mass mail on this -- each was sent a letter personally -- and there was follow up with faxes.

Dear Senator X:

Congratulations! Your vote of acquittal of President Clinton is yet another contribution to the ethical and moral toboggan slide toward disaster upon which our nation presently finds itself!

You, along with WJC, have sent a message to our citizens, and particularly our children and youth, that it is OK to lie, to cheat, to be immoral, to be arrogant, to manipulate at others expense, and to abuse the powers of one's rank and position without accountability, much less punishment!

The second message you have sent is that there is a hypocritical double standard in our justice system -- one for the powerful and the rich and another for the common person! The "commoner" doing the same things that Clinton did would be slapped behind bars, but presidents walk free, so thanks for making a very sick joke of the American justice system!

You can try to justify your vote all you wish with ratchet jaw double talk (and most all politicians seem to be expert at this), but there is one thing you people haven't seriously considered. And that is the response that Almighty God, Who created this great universe, will make to this latest in a series of mockeries of His truth, justice, and standards for a sane, orderly, just, and peaceful society.

It is guaranteed that none of us will enjoy that response when it comes!

Also, Senator, it may be hard for you to get this through your head, but be assured that you won't be able to vote God down when He implements His judgments on this nation and its irresponsible leadership! It is highly doubtful that you will even be consulted on this one!

And whatever you do, please don't ever raise a concern about the chaotic moral conditions and ethical problems involving our young people! Just remember a certain president's example and influence in that department -- uh, the one you voted to acquit!

Still contending (Jude 3 & 4)
Clayton D. Harriger
Registered Nonaffiliated Voter
Web Site: Circuit Rider's Range located at:

That we have had problems the last few years with William Jefferson Clinton is an understatement! What follows are some letters that have been written as well as comments made on various aspects of this dilemma in which our nation presently finds itself! The White House has been turned upside down and all kind of stuff has fallen out!

September 11, 1998 -- otherwise known as "S - Day" or more appropriately, the dropping of the "S - Bomb!" -- -- yes, I was looking at the Starr report minutes after it was released on the InterNet -- and yes, I am amazed that my 32 RAM computer didn't blow -- feisty little machine! (I have since gotten another much more powerful machine in order to handle the DC stuff!) And yes again, I downloaded 165 pages of this stuff in a size 10 font! What can one say? Clinton stands in a class all by himself -- there is not a word in the dictionary that can adequately define this speciman of humanity -- now it's "crocodile tear" time!

Richard Nixon is an innocent boy scout compared to this character -- Nixon also expressed regret at what he had done, but at least Nixon had a degree of decency that he saw the need to resign (under pressure to be sure), and he did resign!

Another interesting wrinkle in this -- where are all the feminist groups now that it is clear that Clinton manipulated, used, abused, humiliated, and played with Monica as a cat would a mouse? If Newt G. or some other Republican leader had done even a small fraction with a young intern what WJC had done, these women would be screaming for both their heads and their resignations! As of 98/11/06 we were told that Newt was stepping down as Speaker of the House, but even if he had died and had done what WJC did to a young female, that feminist bunch would insist that medical science somehow find a way to resurrect him so they could crucify him! And if you can remember back a ways to a time when those females were more than a little bit beyond themselves over Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill's allegations about a judge who was "off color" in conversation (no pun intended on that)! Ah, maybe they take the position of one woman interviewed in our area about this -- she said, "I think he was set up!" Or the one from CA on a call to a talk show who said, "We know he's (Clinton) a liar but we like him anyway!"

Oh, by the way -- if you should happen to get a phone call from El Presidente, try not to think too much about what may be going on at the other end of the line while you are gabbing -- ok? Cigar, anyone?

Impeachment? Censure? Baloney! Put the guy in a garbage can along with his congressional supporters and fork tongued lawyers and ship the whole bunch out of DC as soon as possible -- just one stipulation -- don't use one of our PA landfills as a dumping ground -- our environmental people haven't developed anything strong enough to handle anything like that! The true fruits of repentance -- that is, if the guy is TRULY repentant, will involve resignation and once out of office, finding other ways to produce those fruits that say loud and clear, "I'm truly sorry -- I really messed it up -- I will spend the rest of my life trying to set things right with the American people and with Almighty God Whom I scorned by my rebellion!"

A Note on the following: At least a few of us tried -- communicated with members of Congress on the gravity of this issue with solid evidence produced as to why Bill Clinton should be removed from office -- I for one sent 2 rounds of letters addressed to each member of Congress by name -- at least I can stand before God and say that I tried! Just remember, the war isn't over yet!

Ok, ok! So we have no provision in the Constitution for the garbage can approach to removal! That's too bad, but there is a way -- Congress can take steps to get this guy out -- here is what was sent to members of Congress as this sorry spectacle unfolded! Copies were sent to every member of the House who listed an email address, and the letter was addressed to them personally -- no mass emailing on this one. And as of 98/12/19 WJC had become the second president in history to be impeached -- then the battle in the Senate and the determination as to whether it is OK for a president to have a different set of standards when it comes to lying under oath etc than those of us who are just "average" citizens!

Dear Senator --: (or Representative --:)

President Clinton has got to go!

This man has no sense of moral, ethical or civic reponsibility! He has sent a message to our youth and children that it is OK to lie, to cheat, to use profanity, to engage in immoral acts, and play the hypocrite by carrying a Bible on Sundays!

He has long demonstrated that he is unfit to hold the office of president. There are at least some citizens who still hold to a Judeo-Christian based value system which he has chosen to totally reject, and these citizens still believe that our national leader should exemplify those values publicly and privately!

The sooner you take action to remove him from office, then the sooner this country may experience a measure of healing which is long overdue!

For more on the Clinton problem visit the Circuit Rider's Range web site at:

Thank you,
Clayton D. Harriger
Belsano PA

At least a few members of the House of Representatives were willing to stand up and be counted on the impeachment matter -- however, we are also plagued with those who would sell their own soul and the country down the drain as well as they stand by the president! And, by the way -- has anyone heard lately how all that counseling between the pres and some preachers has been coming along -- you know, when he attended a prayer breakfast and he was going to be in constant contact to be "counseled" on his "problem"?????? A lot of press coverage, including the religious press, and comments by some men of the cloth about the president and repentance, etc!! Where are those "fruits" of repentance?

Wow! What timing with flawless precision -- set your watch by Willie -- he's more accurate in timing than the famous Atomic Clock! Got to slap those Iraqis down on the eve of the House impeachment debate! Need any more convincing as to why he has earned the dubious title, "Slick Willie?" Remember back in mid Nov.'98 when El Presidente was saber rattling in regard to one named Saddam of Iraq? In that "skirmish" he gloated over the fact that Iraq "backed down" -- unhuh, sure! What about presidential recklessness that bleeds the U.S.A. financially -- what is the cost to a debt ridden nation to rally the military and send everybody and his brother (or sister) into the Middle East to show what a powerful country we are? And that little deal in telling the North Koreans what to do with their nukes -- bet they are really shaking in their shoes as they too remember what uniform he wore back in the 60's!! Isn't it just great to have a Commander in Chief (term used very loosely) who wasn't willing to wear a military uniform himself to play fast and loose with the lives of our young men and women -- so what if we lose some of them, it makes our president look real "tough" doesn't it? It also gets the attention of the world out of Washington, DC, and those embarrassing impeachment proceedings! WJC's willing "partners" in the mass media culture are most cooperative and helpful in this as well. Of course, I admit a weeeney teeney bit of prejudice here, having served in the United States Marine Corps some years ago. Further south of here you will find commentary written a while back when this tough president decided to go against those mean terrorists!

And now the latest seems to be the sending of troops to Kosovo and more involvement in that region of the world that has known nothing but conflict and war for centuries -- and we are going to intervene and bring peace to those ethnic groups that consider war to be a way of life? Tough Willie marches on playing fast and loose with the young men and women of our military!

Concerning attempts to justify the March '99 attacks on people in the former Yugoslavia region of the world the White House occupant said, "Ending this tragedy is a moral imperative...We are upholding our values..." Ah, this guy managed to avoid chewing his tongue in two when he said that -- talking about a "moral imperative" and "values"??????

Further beyond the comment on tough Willie going against the terrorists you will find some remarks about the Paula Jones case when it was thrown out of court some time back when a judge in Arkansas decided to do Willy a favor! It's nice to have friends on the bench isn't it? As of mid November '98 Paula Jones has "settled" with Willy in the amount of $850,000. Now if all those other women with whom Willy has had "dealings" will come forward and insist, through lawyers if necessary, that they would like payment of $850,000 also for his antics and harassment against them! Would Fort Knox have enough gold to compensate them all -- just wondering, folks!

Tough President Goes to War on August 20th!!!!

Oooooh -- I just happened to be eating supper when WJC suddenly appeared on TV (interrupting our serious local news) and announced his decision to wage war against those bad guys known as "terrorists" -- just about lost what I had already eaten -- real strain on the stomach!

Well, I fired off an Email to our local TV station (the one referred to on Range 1) about how this guy is going to war and is going to really take care of the "bad guys!"

Just a couple of questions or so -- first, will we be able to win? The last decisive military victory with unconditional surrender terms that this nation experienced was in 1945!! From then on it was downhill all the way -- stalemates and that sort of stuff -- then that embarrassment in southeast Asia when this nation was kicked out with its tail between its legs! (let's see, what uniform did this war waging president wear at that time?) Hasn't really improved much -- any skirmish seems to always end where we sit down to a table somewhere -- out in the desert or wherever and do some negotiating of a sort -- and the bad guys continue to do their thing! And this "terrorist" group is known for something called "retaliation"!!!!!

Second, more than a few people are wondering at the timing on this thing -- you know, almost perfect distraction -- solemn president -- interrupts vacation -- comes back to White House -- huddles with some people on something called national security??? -- makes another public address -- why sure, Willie, it's bound to work -- American people are among the most gullible on earth -- they'll quit thinking about Monica what's her name -- and all that sexy stuff -- after all, you have a country to run -- and be sure to tack on that pious "God bless ... " whoever stuff -- they'll eat that up too! Slick -- real slick, and it may just work!

Folks, just wait and see when and how this God, Whom WJC so casually and sloppily refers to, choses to act and express His displeasure against the rampant hypocrisy being exhibited from one end of the land to the other!

"I know that rabbit is around here somewhere!"

Open Letter to President Clinton

Dear Mr. President:

With the help of your accomplices in the mass media, you have declared "war" on assault weapons, announcing among other things that you are going to work at keeping our citizens alive and by implication that this will involve getting rid of these horrible "assault" weapons which are not needed to "hunt deer" among other things.

There is no end to the hypocrisy you government people display and you certainly make a grandstand display when you do it! How about a little consistency at least in this issue -- of course an assault weapon can be just about anything -- a knife, a hammer and a hatchet or an axe -- poison -- a ball bat -- a crescent wrench or whatever. If you are going to deal with weapons that take lives, then let's start with the one that really takes a toll on human life -- let's take alcoholic beverages for starters! How does the toll of human life slaughtered by drunken drivers in a year's time stack up against the number killed by assault rifles? Come on Mr. President -- publish the stats on that one!

As a pastor over the years I had to deal much more with the tragedy, the pain, the suffering wrought by alcoholic beverages than by victims of assault rifle fire! This included a funeral of a fine young man who was killed along with his girl friend by a drunken driver driving on a suspended license!

But we all know how such an effort would turn out don't we? There are too many government people who have to have their "drinks" and too many as well in the mass media who not only have to have their own little "nip" now and then, but who reap big bucks in advertising revenue from those who traffic in the manufacture, distribution and sale of one of the most "licensed" deadly weapons released in our society!

Still contending for the faith (Jude 3,4)
Clayton D. Harriger
Methodist Pastor, Retired
Belsano PA

NOTE: Copy of this was sent to President Clinton and copies to a number of members of the U. S. Congress.

Whew! The Circuit Rider sure got wound up on that one, didn't he -- by now you have an idea as to how he feels about the president -- of course, I'll let you in on a little secret -- the Circuit Rider has some guns, including one of those "assault" rifles -- a little Chinese model and that baby really does spit out lead -- and he has a license to carry a handgun for any pupose whatsoever, even protection -- concealed and loaded, if he desires -- but he has never done this, at least yet! Actually the permit is mainly for the purpose of transporting the weapon when he goes target shooting with friends. If you say anything about it he'll simply refer you to a popular bumper sticker some time back which said, "Ted Kennedy's car has killed more people than my gun!" Then he'll probably say, "I rest my case!" By the way, you do remember that Teddy was involved in a fiasco some years back at a place called Chappa.... something or other, don't you? And on the appeal for stats on the booze thing, check out some excellant essays written by some young folks with real convictions on the subject as well as other important info by clicking on Independent Committee on Alcohol & Drugs -- you'll find out where the "big timber" is when it comes to what is ravaging and destroying human lives -- assault rifles fade quickly into the background -- that is, if you are willing to honestly face up to what is really going on and can get past the smoke screen put up by the politicians and the power brokers of our media culture!

By the way, you look like a person who doesn't like to be victimized by propaganda -- want to see something disturbing that shoots the anti-gun propaganda full of holes (no pun intended!). Our media people, politicians, and church leaders are on a roll with "ban the gun" propaganda, and that is precisely what it is! Take a slow and honest look at 10 Myths about Gun Control -- in light of well researched information, a bunch of that crowd just mentioned has egg all over their faces, and rotten ones at that!

Letter to President Clinton Calling for Repentance!

This is a letter that had been sent on a regular basis to the President and copies from time to time to members of the Congress -- you know how it is -- sometimes you have to hit a person on the head with a 2 X 4 to wake him (or her) up!! Note: Go to 1600 PA Avenue to the see the "new edition" of the call to repent letter now being sent regularly!

President William J. Clinton
White House
Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

Almighty God is calling this nation, its leaders and its citizens to repentance. We have become a nation filled with idolatry and abominable practices which will bring upon us the righteous judgment of a holy God unless drastic changes take place quickly. The "gods" we have fashioned for ourselves including money, unhealthy pleasure pursuits, practicing of immorality, and the ongoing slaughter of unborn children are leading us down a certain path to destruction. This constitutes a mockery and a slap in the face of God Himself due to the fact that on coins and some currency we have the inscription, "In God We Trust." To add insult to injury we proclaim, " nation under God..." in our Pledge of Allegiance to the flag!

Your own moral and ethical behavior has come into question. There are many who foolishly and blindly are quick to defend you, declaring that what you do in private is your own business and not that of us citizens so long as you do your job well, which is measured mainly in terms of the economy and $$$$$!!

If you will check in that Bible you are sometimes seen carrying you will find that the Creator of this universe was very much concerned about what King David did in his private life, especially in the matter of Bathsheba and her husband, Uriah! David paid a high price for his lapse in morality. The same moral and ethical laws that applied to him also apply to leaders of all societies even in this United States in 1998. Further, review what happened to one leader and his people when they refused to obey God and His call to repentance in 2 Chronicles 36. It seems the only thing we learn from history is the fact that we do not learn from history!

If there is no repentance and if there is the continued hypocritical claim, "I haven't done anything wrong." then it is simply a matter of time until God will manifest His displeasure more and more with chastising actions and if that does not bring us back to Him in a repentant spirit then finally His wrath and judgment will be poured out upon us, at which time it will be too late to make things right!

Praying for calamity and chaos upon your administration and all affairs within the government, that the whole truth on all questionable matters will be fully revealed and that God will implant a spirit of indignation in the hearts of all those He knows to be truly His (Jer. 15), until there is clear indication that genuine repentance is being pursued seriously, I am

Clayton D. Harriger
Methodist Pastor, Retired and still contending for the faith (Jude 3,4)
P. O.
Belsano PA 15922

Clinton Off the Hook?

Paula Jones case thrown out -- a victory for WJC who lives in a big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C.????? Hardly -- there is one major hurdle yet ahead that he is ill prepared to deal with -- it's simply a matter of time until he (as will each of us) stands before the Creator of this universe. Almighty God, Who is not overly impressed with the powerful office of president of the USA, not open to bribery, nor biased in showing favoritism to the wealthy and the powerful, nor in the practice of being manipulated like a puppet by shyster lawyers, nor an active participant in an endless process of idiotic appeals -- this God, Who is totally just and true in all that He does will render a final decision that is absolute and final! Not even the mighty(??) Supreme Court nor AG Janet Reno will be able to alter it!

A few people make preparation for this moment by taking refuge in Jesus Christ Who paid the penalty completely for their sins on the cross -- but the vast majority, by the "fruit" being produced in their lives, are obviously going to stand before the Almighty with a mountain of sin to account for! Review the awesome scene in Revelation 20:11-15 -- question -- have YOU made proper preparation so that you will not be a part of this crowd?

Very few people can handle power and wealth responsibly! They develop a warped and twisted pragmatic approach wherein arrogance, lying, scheming, manipulating, practiced immorality, cheating and all the traits that make up a polluted chararacter become a part of everyday life! Our society, including leadership at all levels, makes a daily practice of demonstrating the truth of Jeremiah's words,

"..... You have had a harlot's forehead; you refuse to be ashamed........Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? No! They were not at all ashamed, nor did they know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; in the time of their punishment they shall be cast down," says the LORD..... I spoke to you in your prosperity, but you said, 'I will not hear.' This has been your manner from your youth, that you did not obey My voice. The wind shall eat up all your rulers, and your lovers shall go into captivity; surely then you will be ashamed and humiliated for all your wickedness." -- Jer. 3:3b; 8:12; 22:21,22 [NKJV].


Troubled about the moral, ethical and spiritual chaos our society is experiencing? Disturbed as you see life de-valued, the culture unraveling at the seams, and leadership that has no sense of God given values? Visit CR's Prayer Boot Camp for some suggestions on using a "weapon" we fail to use as often as we should! You can return here after you work out at the camp!

Consider this -- -- most of our nation's chaos -- spiritual, political, moral, ethical, cultural, educational, economical, etc. is due to the invasion of alien "deities" which have captured the affection and devotion of millions of Americans -- they just won't admit it, but go to The USA 'gods' on Parade! and see for yourself! It is a further challenge to pray as we have never prayed before!

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